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  • James Xenophon
    James Xenophon

    Oh for God's sake, when he finds out Palpatine is a Sith, he's ready to kill him. And then THAT EVENING he murders fifty children. It's bullshit. The Empire was modelled on Nazi Germany, so there's plenty of material there showing how a man can go from an honourable soldier to a murderer of children in a few years. The prequels should have started when he was 16, and we should have watched the gradual decline of his moral compass over three movies, through a compromise here and there. It should have been like Breaking Bad in space.

  • Milton Mumfrey
    Milton Mumfrey

    I remember this is partly why there was such a backlash against Phantom Menace when it first came out. Midichlorians was a really upsetting concept for us older fans - it suggested that the Force wasn't available to everyone who worked to tap into it, but a genetic anomaly only present in certain people. In effect you had to be born to power, you couldn't earn it. George really should have explained it better.

  • Tyler Newman
    Tyler Newman

    I love the "Making Of" series. Where can I get these books ?

  • Just Turn Sune
    Just Turn Sune

    George in past: Vader would destroy Yoda Yeah right

  • Mega Man X
    Mega Man X

    Hope Callous makes more appearances. The man has some interesting points of view

  • Nick

    Nixon an evil emperor...? Thats a huge inflation

  • Solipsist Steve
    Solipsist Steve

    The concept of The Force was taken from The Aether, Karma, and the Akashic Record.

  • Elizabeth Goree
    Elizabeth Goree

    Love your videos! I think that it makes sense that force users are those that have more potential for it but I don't think that anyone can use it right off the bat. Yoda and Obi-Wan said that the force resides in all living things.

  • Sully Crossman
    Sully Crossman

    Isn’t Vader’s suit extremely sensitive to lightning

  • surdeep c
    surdeep c

    God I wish josh would stfu about rian Johnson

  • Narev

    Please don't let the round headed simpleton near Star Wars again.

  • c.liz.155

    THANK YOU!!! I have been arguing for years that anyone can use the force ...the whole "chosen one" plot is so frustrating! If I want to be a Jedi, I can be a Jedi.

  • Lol Time
    Lol Time

    4:57 anakin looks like a karen lol

  • surdeep c
    surdeep c

    Rian Johnson directed an episode would be amazing

  • AndreNitro X1000
    AndreNitro X1000

    The force isn’t like a superpower. Everybody has potential to use it so that was never in question

  • Matt Maze
    Matt Maze

    In a written interview he mentioned the OBI WAN hut scene as written with them watching Leia’s message first and then just sitting around talking about the FORCE and old times. He said it was stupid and cut it the other way so they see the message and rush off with a sense of urgency.

  • Diego S
    Diego S

    I like this Concept, basically Jedi and Sith, or whatwe call Force users, have a easier way to use the Force than other people, but everyone can do it! Cool!

  • Nelanhta Riley
    Nelanhta Riley

    Watching Obi-wan and Anakin tip toe around the relationship he CLEARY has with Padme is like watching that horror movie scene where everybody just had some spooky shit happen to them but no one decides to bring up and later half them gets eaten, possessed, or thrown into the farther.

  • Matt Maze
    Matt Maze

    53:10 Meyer didn’t direct the 4th STAR TREK...Nimoy did

  • pat finch
    pat finch

    What this livestream tells me is how horribly mismanaged Star Wars is right now under Disney. We should not be arguing on merits of the Sequels or the High Republic in the Disney Canon. But from the very start under Disney’s leadership CEO Bob Iger thought 💭 Star Wars would do the same as Marvel that was not the case. Kennedy knew nothing of what the market wanted and hired the top directors Abrams, Johnson and Trevarow . There was no consistency with all 3 movies and Trevarow left as a result of the different visions and Duel of faiths is a better script then what we got. Abrams was pissed 😡 at Johnson so in my view his Rise of Skywalker was a middle finger to Johnson. Gina firing shows how mismanaged Lucas Film is and how there are 2 separate factions. We need to continue Legends Canon because Legends ended in many cliff hangers in different book series and I want know more about the Rakata Infinite Empire and Naomi Sunrider. Sawyeurism I know you don’t want to continue Legends but the fact you are so concerned 😟 about KOTOR being down by Disney shows you how mismanaged this franchise is being run right now we need to continue Legends.

  • Brennen Ivy
    Brennen Ivy

    Dude stop your pathetic voices!

  • bh h
    bh h

    This open for that Han Solo could be a padawan who didnt complete his training.

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke

    Two more words to help piece it together...Darth Vader!

  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke

    U need to C exactly what the concequences of Anakin's actions were and how he is what he is.

  • Skippy

    long story short, disney is shit, maul scary, kid no like scary, disney lazy and doesnt want to make good fight scene

  • OBI- -WAN
    OBI- -WAN

    When Are you Watching Avatar The Last Airbender Episode 2?????

  • OBI- -WAN
    OBI- -WAN


  • OBI- -WAN
    OBI- -WAN


  • OBI- -WAN
    OBI- -WAN


  • Daniel Cooke
    Daniel Cooke

    Didn't need to cut the fact it needs to be there!

  • Nelanhta Riley
    Nelanhta Riley

    I think in the end Vader is responsible for carrying through the events that would lead up to the death of Padme and that would culminate with her dying. I don't think he physically killed her though. The Droids said that they didn't know why she was dying and said that she simply loss the will to live. What mother looses the will to live when she just gave birth to two newborn infants. She was never presented as this weak willed person in the movies before so why would she be suddenly become that in the moment. Yes, losing the love of your life and father of your children is devastating, but she still had her children to live for. Sidious had been pulling the strings of the galaxy long before Anakin or Padme were born and even played a role in Anakin's conception. Everything that happened Sidious put into motion. Yoda said the future is always evolving, but Sidious had manipulated things some much that it left wriggle room for loose ends to pop up and he was able to clip them as needed. Sidious was never going to allow Anakin to keep his family. Padme and her children were loose ends. Her death was more practical for Sidious because it allowed him to shape Anakin into the slave he needed. I'm pretty sure Sidious killed Padme with the dark side of the Force. Perhaps Luke and Leia's combined Force sensitivity saved them from having their life forces drained away, but Padme couldn't because she wasn't Force sensitive and giving birth weakened her body even further.

  • darth wint
    darth wint

    2 of my 3 kids aren't biologically mine, but i've raised them for last 15yrs since they were 1 & 3 they have taken my name & in my eye's are my kids. But I'll never buy that rey is a Skywalker just because she took Lukes name, he didn't play a part in raising her, she only knew him for about 1 week, ffs unkar plutt had more of a hand in raising her..

  • aerosnail

    I didn't like ep 4 of Falcon and Winter neither. I f'ing love that show so far!

  • Ariz Aiman
    Ariz Aiman


  • I am Bob
    I am Bob

    If anyone can use The Force, then what is a Force Sensitive person? Not saying that your definition is wrong, but there is huge inconsistency between this and the Star Wars Wiki if this is the case.

  • Gibby D
    Gibby D

    I so bad want to see George Lucas version of 7,8 and 9 before I get old and die in my death bed. Why!!!! Disney! Why!!!!!! I don’t really care for the Star Wars series Disney is showing but I’m not saying I won’t watch them. But damn I’m going grow up being a grumpy old man. 😅 Btw love your narrative on George Lucas Star Wars and I learned a lot! Thank you Star Wars Theory!

  • Master Stevo
    Master Stevo

    I havent Been on in a while I feel like I’ve missed so much masts theory hope you keep kicking butt!

  • TacoMonsterNick

    To touch on what Choco was saying about Rey becoming a "Skywalker" at the end of the trilogy... I really didn't like it when she said she was Rey Skywalker. I was hoping she'd own up to her "actual" lineage and say Rey Palpatine or just say Rey, like a mysterious one name thing. She wasn't THAT close to Luke or Leia. They didn't take Rey in, like sure she was "taught" by Luke and was part of the Rebellion/New Republic which Leia was in command, but they weren't any sort of "family" to Rey. So to take their family name made no sense and was just weird imo. If she was written to have been a descendant from a clone of Anakin instead of Palpatine, then sure... no problems with that.

  • Charlie Michaelian
    Charlie Michaelian

    Wait me too?

  • pacer1705

    The Broom Boy in The Last Jedi movie pays homage to Star Wars Lore.

  • flower_ girl
    flower_ girl

    its upsetting how vile the star wars community can be sometimes. they give Hayden shit. I don't understand why

  • Matthew Thomson
    Matthew Thomson

    The Jedi also find and take in children that have a stronger connection to the force. That's why it is mostly just Jedi that ever use the force. Its cool to think that there must be so many people out there that have the potential, that weren't trained by the Jedi, and can use the force to a very limited degree. This also basically proves that Rey wasn't a Jedi because she was taught by Leia, who gave up being a Jedi, but was still a force user. Not all force users are Jedi and you have to be sworn into the Order to become a Jedi. Just because someone claims they are something, doesn't mean they are what they claim to be. She's also not a Skywalker by that same definition. This also proves that Disney don't understand Star Wars. Rey should never be able to use the force or wield a lightsaber like she does because she has no training before TROS. What a tragedy Disney have done with the ST. And idiots actually defend it, and Disney.

  • Jaden Vroor
    Jaden Vroor

    Just imagine Thrawn being a force sentitive. Dammm. Unlimited power

  • Ricky

    I don't know, I still hate the idea of midichlorians. Because I know that genetically inferior me would never become a jedi padawan :( I wish they made it so that practice and training would increase your midichlorian count

  • Sully Crossman
    Sully Crossman

    I love how he says been like bean

  • athan336

    I thought u have to be force sensitive

  • 狮城YTL有你有我

    Life itself is an epitome of the Force

  • MetalHeartEagle

    This makes sense, but how do you explain the Clone Wars canon of Palpatine and the Jedi fighting over "force-sensative" children? What what was the point?

  • Linda Dawson
    Linda Dawson


  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin

    It's fucking stupid that Lucasfilm are only releasing one new show on May 4th!! They are slacking

  • Matthew Thomson
    Matthew Thomson

    Shame Disney never knew any of that when writing the ST

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    I see Darth Jules tv show with Isaac Hayes's "Shaft" like theme song ...... " Mace is one bad mutha... shut your mouth"

  • Phillip Galloway
    Phillip Galloway

    Thanks for the video.

  • Autumn Anxiety
    Autumn Anxiety

    *Me:* **raises hand up towards phone and then cries in disappointment.**

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    I think what I have thought from the beginning. George has said he had this sage in his head from the start but its obvious he did not have all the detail and finer things figured out. Clearly some of this lore was made up as he went along. George was just better at it than Disney. Also i totally disagree with you on the force. The movies and expanded universe clearly made it such that only those “strong” in the force could do the things Jedi and Sith do. While the force flows through and connects all living things not every living thing could manipulate it with their own will. This is why Jedi would seek out children and babies “strong” in the force to be raised as Jedi otherwise any baby or child could have been chosen. You can’t say everyone can use the force if they just trained hard enough. This is NOT true in the real world either. Everyone has limitations and everyones limitations are not the same. I could never run faster than Usain Bolt no matter how hard I train. I just don’t have the physical ability. I was born that way. Its no different in the star wars universe. Some are strong in the force others are not. Even if it flows in everything some can manipulate it and most can not. The reality is its not only about being trained, the one being trained MUST have a strong aptitude. Another fact that supports this is the fact that not all who train to become Jedi actually make it through the trials. Some are sent to agriculture corps and medical corps because they just don’t have what it takes to be a Jedi. Like in the real world everyone who trains to become a navy seal does not make it. Its just the truth. So George clearly changes his mind about EVERYONE being able to use the force at some point along the way as he was working out the continuity and details.

  • Lewis

    I like to think as midichlorians being a naturally occurring thing in people and force users but not having any impact on the ability or potential ability of someone per se, just a good way to gauge who may be naturally talented with the force. I kind of hate the idea of magic bacteria give you super powers, the force is better when it is non-physical.

  • PFT Burchell
    PFT Burchell

    I do t think anyone thought the Force was locked off. Some are born with more abilities but training is required for everyone.

  • Salty Bulldog
    Salty Bulldog

    So none of this matters? Not only is it not cannon, it was done before the prequels, where he brought in the midi-chlorians.

  • Howdy Partner
    Howdy Partner

    Every time a person gets lucky in the Star Wars universe you could consider it the will of the force. Maybe that explains why stormtroopers are so clumzy and unlucky with their aim, they have the lowest force potential 😂

  • Gamer pro Morrison
    Gamer pro Morrison

    Do I hear a mandalorian remix in the background. I know it had to be remixed cause then it would get copyrighted

  • darth wint
    darth wint

    I'd like Book of Boba Fett to be about him building his crime empire while settling some old scores with classic bounty hunters like Cad Bane, Bossk, Dengar etc with some new one's like Valance & Black Krrsantan . Other crime lord that Boba & Hammerhead reportedly go up against should be Cad Bane, they could retcon there fight from unfinished TCW.

  • Davegames55

    Yeah Jeff, this is how you look when u get burned not white with black hair, red with NO hair

  • burito hoover
    burito hoover

    Theory: his suit can handle anything so doesn't really matter Me: well it can but Palpatine made it so that it is sensitive to lightning for some reason

  • Mercenary Gundam
    Mercenary Gundam

    Time Paradox!

  • Peginsenspad

    Sith Seeker

  • Ty Cane
    Ty Cane

    Give him an episode of acolyte

  • 林朱啟


  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    This is garbage

  • Justine Harper
    Justine Harper

    I feel like this lends more credence to the theory that my man Han Solo was force sensitive. He’s WAY to lucky to not be tapping into something

  • Ryan Mullen
    Ryan Mullen

    If rian fucking johnson directs the mandalorian that show will be dead to me faster than the final two seasons of game of thrones

  • yuckabuck

    No. No. It's not true! I was reliably told that it was Master Rian Johnson who democratized the Force and took it away from just being something certain families like the Skywalkers have. We are all Stable-Force-Broom kid. The Force wasn't for everyone until Master Johnson set it free.

  • Haitian Refugee
    Haitian Refugee

    I tried to Force & only farted :(

    • Jesse Rice
      Jesse Rice

      Be thankful that was ONLY a fart.

  • Brad Clark
    Brad Clark

    Vader wasn't planned to be Luke's Father at one point either. I think the only big issue here is Kathleen lying

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Saying karate like that is so cringe

  • darth wint
    darth wint

    I agree with Josh, if he's only directing & Faverau Filoni have chains on him what damage could he do, but just by having RJ name directing ep of Mandalorian is like playing Russian roulette with every cylinder having a shell in it. Its a no win situation, it could be best ep of season until end credits tell who directed it.. Like most ive my issue's with TLJ, but I've gotta say I liked how Luke sacrificed himself so resistance can escape, it's like Obi Wans sacrife in ANH so Skywalker twins can escape with DS1 plans only jacked up on steroids. It's everything else around it that pissed me off, especially worst moment in all Star Wars the fucking unforgivable tossing of Lightsaber.

  • Riclmnopp

    "When you wish upon a star it makes no difference who you are anyone can be a Jedi master now"

  • James

    never will watch ruin Johnson on anything he does again on star wars

  • TacoMonsterNick

    Ooo... I like this thought... What if midichlorian count was how easily that being could use the force. Kinda similar to talent like you said, but more on the spectrum of how easily using the force came to beings with more midichlorian counts than those with lower. It doesn't mean low m-count means you can't, it just means you have to "try" much harder or practice a lot more. (I know, I know... Master Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try.")

  • IntrovertedTroy

    This is nothing new to me. I always thought this was the case. It doesn’t make you a Jedi of course.

  • Dennis Dehlin
    Dennis Dehlin

    i will subscribe