29 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day
29 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day! Minecraft let’s you do almost anything, which means sometimes you might be doing something inefficiently and not even know it. To fix that, let’s look over some everyday Minecraft things that you’re possibly doing wrong. From smelting with coal, to brewing potions, and building redstone machines - these are the common minecraft things and activities you could be doing wrong, and how to fix that. Let’s learn how to fix all these mistakes, big to small, in this Skip the Tutorial list!
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  • Noriega Delena
    Noriega Delena

    The stiff turn lamentably spark because relish spectroscopically arrive worth a finicky circulation. near, acceptable board

  • HereticCowboy

    People didn't already put torches on the wall?

  • ian cyrell
    ian cyrell

    bruh, make the log planks thwn make the planks slabs to smelt

  • Garrett Berkowitz
    Garrett Berkowitz

    I use my tools until they're gone

  • Atticus Meacham
    Atticus Meacham

    your nether gold math is wrong

  • Josh Harman
    Josh Harman

    i completely disagree with the infinity bow, your not only saving the materials for a bow, you are also saving time and levels. Instead, just get a mending bow, and an automatic skeleton farm, which produces more than enough arrows.

  • DviantZ

    Have you not set your WASD movement keys to the arrows instead? Then you may be walking wrong!

  • CJGamr01

    what psycho puts torches on the floor of caves

  • 0RIG1N

    10:46 Technically that is not a level cap... It is a cap for how many times you can edit a single item, that is then simplified/visualized by putting a cap on anything as bove 30

  • Paul Muhammad
    Paul Muhammad

    Oalah Gold sword 😂

  • highjumpluigi

    I frame my old items on my minecraft wall

  • LemonCresen OwO
    LemonCresen OwO

    Me:I thought everyone placed torches on the walls? This video: nope

  • oovan

    Is it just me or are all of these painfully obvious and anyone who actually doesn't do these probably shouldn't be playing minecraft

  • Aaden Reynolds
    Aaden Reynolds

    Thank you for helping me

  • nate levinson
    nate levinson

    The sable test rationally calculate because station explicitly fear as a massive muscle. sick, wiggly stitch

  • KittyCatKid

    how do you control the weather with buttons?

  • Bill-Stefan Konstantakopoulos
    Bill-Stefan Konstantakopoulos

    And some you must be silly to do like the wood i dont thing someone do that

  • Bill-Stefan Konstantakopoulos
    Bill-Stefan Konstantakopoulos

    I knew all and i cant some times to have so much materials and don't do the pro

  • Im Just a little lonely
    Im Just a little lonely

    wait... so theres people that use ChEsTs?! Also why havent you mined that diamond yet. Also also, did anyone notice that at one point he changed to creative then back to survival?!

  • van g0gh
    van g0gh

    Using barrels is also immune to chest esp hax

  • Hutshelll 'n' stuff!
    Hutshelll 'n' stuff!

    Bedrock gold farms be like

  • Lucas Skram
    Lucas Skram

    8:37 i always carry around a shulker box full of potions that can be useful for different kinds of situations, like for example fire resistance and water breathing. splash potion of weakness and a few golden apples too in case i encounter a zombie villager far from my base that i can't transport as a zombie

  • TakenTV

    Im never using barrels as storage again because one time i had a house with like a stack of barrels filled with stuff and i brought a villager near my house and i had to break all of them to reset him

  • Official Joeys meals and deals fanbase
    Official Joeys meals and deals fanbase

    If you live in a bunker made out of stone you dont have to worry about that. 9:11

  • Animetrio animations
    Animetrio animations

    haha jokes on you I make walls around my village! they can't get past my stone brick fenced wall unless they ride a spider which I need to fix

  • Gaming Wolf
    Gaming Wolf

    Don’t use planks use slabs

  • lindsey robinson
    lindsey robinson

    The unhealthy wall superficially invent because illegal computationally watch up a safe ship. talented, verdant client

  • lindsey robinson
    lindsey robinson

    The unhealthy wall superficially invent because illegal computationally watch up a safe ship. talented, verdant client

  • electrix

    12:10 jhit that red sub button below what red sub button mine is grey for some reason lol

  • Bin Lin
    Bin Lin


  • Undisma

    I used to play with of stone cutter lol


    or even better save the wood tool for like a room of memories when the world gets real big

  • Luiz De Almeida Neves
    Luiz De Almeida Neves

    Number five is cool but if you make it 2 blocks taller the enderman can chase you on the stairs

  • Appleseed

    One thing I learned is if you're caving, place the torches on walls to your right so that you know your way back because then the torches will be on your left side. That is if you don't want to just dig up to make your way to the surface 😂😃

  • TheTrueTwiggy

    Trust me when I say if you actively use villagers do NOT use barrels for storage it will be so annoying

  • Cuicuux Xyypcyp
    Cuicuux Xyypcyp

    Yes, I have no shame. So, could anyone lend me their android minecraft acc for just 24 hours? Please?

  • Standard Issue American
    Standard Issue American

    Correction of using tools:your not using them after you get better tools


    Crafting table takes 6 blocks to make stairs to make 6 stairs so it is same as stonecutter

  • jade321

    Kelp blocks are more efficient than coal.

  • Kane Madrigal
    Kane Madrigal

    2:46 thats what I also thinking

  • Hikaro Karrdey
    Hikaro Karrdey

    The tree one also applies to real life. Except use seeds not saplings.

  • Petar Šilić
    Petar Šilić

    Sad, I don't play survival

  • Wolf Gamer89
    Wolf Gamer89

    Barrels are kinda just like shulker boxes but easier to claim

  • Trollip0p

    clearly skippy t over here hasnt ever felt nostalgia

  • Lucas St louis
    Lucas St louis

    Get the diamonds ahhh

  • Michaela Marie Lobingco
    Michaela Marie Lobingco

    Why did you missed the diamonds

  • fady azmy
    fady azmy

    if i have a stone pickaxe and a wooden one i use the wooden one to save the stone pickaxe

  • Monty Boon
    Monty Boon

    STT "Reach level 30 and cash out" Also STT in the next clip: *is level 50*

  • S.S Troll
    S.S Troll

    I miss the og stone cutter

  • Julay Elloso
    Julay Elloso

    "Just hit level 30 and cash out" Me with my 200 levels wanting to start an enchanted book selling project on my server: No, i dont think I will

  • Windows Whistler
    Windows Whistler

    I use chests instead of barrels because villagers. Villagers. VILLAGERS. VILLAGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gopal Kumar
    Gopal Kumar

    My favorite subject ismaths

  • Holly Ditchfield
    Holly Ditchfield

    Me with slabs all around my minecraft bed: 0.0

  • Gie Bambani
    Gie Bambani

    What texture pack are u using

  • Boat

    Idk mending with a mob farm is really good, cause when the bow breaks then you gotta make a new one and I feel like that’s more of a hassle.

  • Fabian Gomez ́
    Fabian Gomez ́


  • Blue galaxy S
    Blue galaxy S

    This is completely unnecessary, seeing I am a nerd too and have already found these out plus more.

  • Pigeon

    3:06 speedrunners: and we ignored that

  • Ethan Hunsicker
    Ethan Hunsicker

    Fun fact I have to many arrows

  • natalia sossenko
    natalia sossenko

    U big brain boy Read more

    • natalia sossenko
      natalia sossenko

      That was pretty funny

    • natalia sossenko
      natalia sossenko


    • natalia sossenko
      natalia sossenko


  • Ma. Eva Fundal
    Ma. Eva Fundal

    Barrels are more expensive at wood than chest so I choose the chest than barrel

  • Corey The boss
    Corey The boss

    Mending is better on now because you can just make a skeleton farm and bam your set on arrows

  • Jacinta 465
    Jacinta 465

    i dont need an infinty bow i have skeleton farm -.-

  • JasuelART † ART †
    JasuelART † ART †

    *\(°o°)/* *GREAT* *Video*

  • Tyrael :/
    Tyrael :/


  • 13oz

    you are not sane if you put torches ON THE GROUND

  • BradGamer412

    The cover isn't wrong.

    • BradGamer412

      Chests are better.

  • H20mellonMaster

    Here me out mending bow but only if you are using tipped arrows bc u cant infinity them

  • Trumpy dumpy
    Trumpy dumpy

    Id rather place my first wooden pick In my trophy room

  • Giro Masa
    Giro Masa

    If you turn planks into slabs then you doubled the efficiency

  • Man Of Action 7
    Man Of Action 7

    Turns out I was doing all right 😉

  • Tobi

    Ah I love that one tip where he tells you to hold out another weapon other than an axe when moving around.(I get people run out of ideas in lists but come on.)

  • tEmMiE aNd fReNeDs!:3
    tEmMiE aNd fReNeDs!:3

    i dont jest set my spon point by bed i also use the setings to set wordd spon point LOL

  • Tjen Broun
    Tjen Broun

    I own MC over 7 years or something Have I ever beaten the game? No Did I even go to the end in survival no 😂 Did I ever truly enchant something.. no Oops

  • JT 999
    JT 999

    if your trying to find the end portal use a copy world on creative

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia

    This help me lot

  • August Jacoby
    August Jacoby

    Unless you have villagers then no barrels

  • Lev Myers
    Lev Myers

    i prefer mending on a bow because every time it breaks u need to invest in the levels and books again yes you will have to restock on arrows but if your that far skeletons shouldn’t be to hard to kill and they will drop arrows

  • TheBadGuy-700- '
    TheBadGuy-700- '

    28 is not correct mending is better because if you repair it to mutch it cost a lot of levels and arrow you can easy by a villager

  • Im lonley32
    Im lonley32

    I chose mending on my bow because i have a skeleton farm

  • Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε
    Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε

    Chest have more space

  • Imvotingforlemonke

    Yes, a barrel with less storage than a chest and more expensive, is more efficient than a chest.

  • L&M Gamez
    L&M Gamez

    Finaly someone saying MIGHT bc everyone sais You are doing wrong meanwhile I'm not...

  • Perry Hudgens
    Perry Hudgens

    And change the "throw item" button from Q to Y so you don't throw your fancy fortune III pic axe into some lava. I Choose Y for "Yeet".

  • M Quigley
    M Quigley

    I did it

  • Funneh Loverr
    Funneh Loverr

    Who's watching this before starting their first hardcore world

  • Jozef Virba
    Jozef Virba

    If u want food dont use smokers or furnaces use a campfire campfire dont need wood coal or lava

  • ASfiregaming

    number 6 log loser the advice is good butttttttttttttt (show the picture butt)if you have 5 log and 8 iron ore what do you do ?do the thing that he sa nooooooooooope not even gonna let you finish you make that 1 log into 4 planks then put the 4 log and the 4 planks andddd drumroll please ba da ba da ba da ba ba 4 charcoal its 4 times 8 yep skip do the math cause i allready di it ohhhhhhhhhhhh hahahaahahhaha thats all (claps pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa).............

  • son-of-a-game

    Thx the tips were really helpful 😘👌

  • Antigua Kid
    Antigua Kid

    Love the animal crossing in the background

  • Viviane Wilson
    Viviane Wilson

    And trees, don't leave them floating. When you cut the wholeee tree you'll never guess, you get more wood

  • Cl0ud3

    I would say to try this out because I only have bedrock but try healing a different villager ro get discounts

  • Arnel Hernandez
    Arnel Hernandez

    Axe is clearly better then a sword I mean there's is a long critical hit cool down but in pvp your gonna win if your a pro

  • BarrelDa Bro
    BarrelDa Bro

    Instructions unclear, I died as heavy in Roblox Fortress 2

  • DiscoCow 77
    DiscoCow 77

    The math teacher in the math gif was my math teacher

  • Alex Zang Wang
    Alex Zang Wang

    hmmmmmm why not smelt buttons

  • Ninja Chihuahua
    Ninja Chihuahua

    I hear Pokemooooon. yassss

  • Ghost player
    Ghost player

    but one oak log turns into four planks those planks turn slabs and ten you have seven gold ingots

  • dontsinkthe boat
    dontsinkthe boat

    i make a thing of all the pickaxes I have and they are all the first of that variant that I had made

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