Marilyn Manson The Pale Emperor (Full Album) 2015

01 - Killing Strangers - 00:00
02 - Deep Six - 05:36
03 - Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge - 10:39
04 - The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles - 15:06
05 - Warship My Wreck - 20:05
06 - Slave Only Dreams To Be King - 26:00
07 - The Devil Beneath My Feet - 31:21
08 - Birds Of Hell Awaiting - 35:37
09 - Cupid Carries A Gun - 40:42
10 - Odds Of Even - 45:43
11 - Day 3 (Acoustic version of Third Day of a Seven Day Binge) - 53:35
12 - Fated, Faithful, Fatal (Acoustic version of The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles) - 57:49
13 - Fall Of The House Of Death - 01:02:32


    10:36 2 150 505 просмотров👋 💔 🌗 ❄ ⭐ 🔊 🎱 🏪 🎰 ♏ 🔝 ♠ ♣ ♠ ✔ ⬛ 🔻

  • Wizard Dark
    Wizard Dark


  • M OI
    M OI

    Excellent, il est vrai!! Très bon album😍


    Look at the amount of ads in this video. You piece of garbage.

  • FENIX Edition
    FENIX Edition


  • Papa Gun
    Papa Gun

    dla mnie chujowo, naciągane 6/10

  • Raquel Ruiz
    Raquel Ruiz

    Malo...malo... de lo peor que he oído.... obviamente.

    • shaggy rogers
      shaggy rogers

      A que se refiere doña?

  • Dustin Steckler
    Dustin Steckler

    To me he just seems like he just tried to come up with edgy lyrics. Have no clue why people like this. He was awesome in the 90s but he really has no singing talent. It's like a whole record of cool riffs, but anyone else could sing these songs better

  • Tommy P
    Tommy P

    I didn't like this album until I hit rock bottom. Now it speaks to me.

  • Rober To
    Rober To

    He vuelto a manson por esta obra maestra!! Pedazo de álbum!! No puedo parar de escucharlo

  • Karyn TownsendL
    Karyn TownsendL


  • Sergo Reshetnikov
    Sergo Reshetnikov

    2021 💥💣

  • alexander narvasa
    alexander narvasa

    To many ads

  • alexander narvasa
    alexander narvasa

    One song one ads

  • Jose Luis Prieto Zapico
    Jose Luis Prieto Zapico


  • Wim Delvaux
    Wim Delvaux


  • Wim Delvaux
    Wim Delvaux


  • Wim Delvaux
    Wim Delvaux

    Nooit live gehoord.



  • Maria k
    Maria k


  • Xavier Casta
    Xavier Casta

    Mr Manson, tjrs parfait

  • DJ Pulse
    DJ Pulse

    Дубина , халявщик

  • Кристина Rain
    Кристина Rain

    Потужний музон 😍 З любов'ю з України!

    • Sergo Reshetnikov
      Sergo Reshetnikov

      Чекаємо дядька Менсона знову в Києві)

  • C.C Green
    C.C Green

    A masterpiece, it never goes out of style.

  • Leo Carreras
    Leo Carreras

    The guitar playing in the background is wildly crazy \m/


    Killing strangers did for John Wick, what Q Lazarus goodbye horses did for.... Silence of the lambs. #editedduetopretext #AllLivesMatter

  • Alex Ewanchuk
    Alex Ewanchuk

    Empire of domestic abuse and manipulation.

  • Algirdas Bartosevicius
    Algirdas Bartosevicius

    The BEST album !!!

  • Владимир Панов
    Владимир Панов

    Very cool album!

  • Сергей М
    Сергей М


  • Matthew Grove-Jones
    Matthew Grove-Jones

    Does anyone know if He really killed some kittens on stage or were they just rumerz?🙀🔨

    • xermai9

      he get animals from the spca put in a bag and throw in the crowd or hang up them up and dump them on the crowd

    • Frankie Namosaki
      Frankie Namosaki

      Absolute poppycock! Viscious rumours! It was puppies...

  • Paul Shingarev
    Paul Shingarev


  • David Colorado Vega
    David Colorado Vega

    Why this álbum is not in his homepage or official channel?

  • Junior Viana
    Junior Viana

    InsanE Old Fenix Baby ❤❤❤

  • Vincent DS
    Vincent DS

    just fuck avc t pub tocard

  • putopaulinho

    Class 👌

  • Junior Viana
    Junior Viana

    Warship My Wreck ❤❤❤

  • jose antonio
    jose antonio


  • Arjhun A
    Arjhun A

    El puto amo!!!

  • D D
    D D

    I feel stoned and alone

  • MO NYY
    MO NYY

    Por el amor de dios! Que buen álbum 😁

  • DLV

    Masterpiece of an album , good from start-to-finish. Incredible

  • Lilit Loayza
    Lilit Loayza

    Me encantan las canciones de marlyn mansión ;-)😊

  • pawel rzonca
    pawel rzonca

    Great music!

  • José Guadalupe López García
    José Guadalupe López García


  • Tamara Chalut
    Tamara Chalut

    I know right

  • Viridiana Durán Sánchez
    Viridiana Durán Sánchez


  • Ka-Lee Rough
    Ka-Lee Rough

    So much Pink Floyd influence in there, wow!

  • Алекс Лукаш
    Алекс Лукаш

    Не хера не понимаю на ихнем но музло нравится !

  • Carine Capdeville
    Carine Capdeville

    La meuf ki vient d'publier ! Si ça va mieux dans les hôpitaux ! Aux États-Unis !

  • Carine Capdeville
    Carine Capdeville

    Pour Manic Street Preacher !

    • Carine Capdeville
      Carine Capdeville

      Y en a ils auront compris pour le Gris ! Motorcycle Emptiness !

  • solem avraam
    solem avraam

    Emperor . there is 1 .....he can be kild befor 39 years old .. if not he will be Emperor "Purple"

  • Vinicius Solgon
    Vinicius Solgon

    I have no words to acoustic songs in this album

  • carlos molina
    carlos molina

    Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge amo esa cancion

  • Petko Kassabov
    Petko Kassabov

    mm the mostst hated and loved personality the one that sets you lwhere u belong

  • Cristina MRP
    Cristina MRP

    I just love MM

  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira

    "I'm aggressive regressive The past is over And passive scenes so pathetic"

  • Beatrïce L
    Beatrïce L

    Best album ever dude. Keep doing it!

  • Peter Vanroy
    Peter Vanroy

    Size 32 i 32w Nice 34 34w good therapie sorry eve tribed outdear

  • Peter Vanroy
    Peter Vanroy

    Indoor marinated barby cube good bad love my bed offcourse embedded

  • Peter Vanroy
    Peter Vanroy

    Coop is niet jacky wanted geflambeerd i tell him wachs your son wont help him act off good manicure gemanipuleerd burnd on King you told him to wachs yourself dawmd david Cameron no cam.

  • Sergio Martinez Salazar
    Sergio Martinez Salazar

    probably, marilyn will not agree, to thank Trent Reznor, (Sean Beavan, Dave Ogilvie) for the production of the band, back in 1996 my first album; superstar antichrist, I was stationed since then, from when it was a pleasure to open the bucklet and enjoy the art and the smell of new, the best of life, the famous old school

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    Il mio album preferito🖤🖤🖤

  • Francesco Bruno
    Francesco Bruno


  • serg free
    serg free

  • txitxinota

    I think "The pale emperor" is the best añbum from him.

  • sezoo193

    /give bed


    i love this album and all the people who listen to it

    • DestinationLyra

      He tried something new and i *love* it.

  • Charles Fraunhofer
    Charles Fraunhofer

    I know my individual character: I look freaky, has anyone seen me in the dark, this is me as a rare person. Rare- extraordinary, far beyond what is normal. Given this definition which is just my fleeting opinion, it's scary how there's very few of me (does anyone know why people think I'm weird yet?), that is, just one person in the entire multiverse who acts like me: it's me, myself, and I. The result in my dress is that I'm wearing a brightly coloured robe, dark blue shirt, green long sleeve flannel shirt with two top front pockets, corduroy pants, a Scottish tartan scarf (brown), a vegan beanie, socks and sandals and no underwear. As for Marilyn Manson he looks too new, too modified with makeup, and wears odd clothes and looks good, wearing red lipstick. I've noticed he's calm in interviews, he's not aggressive. And what an extraordinary person Marilyn Manson is.

  • Jacobo Marquez
    Jacobo Marquez

    nombre del albun

  • Taha K
    Taha K

    I never liked his music but this album is sick

  • Thierry Ehrmann
    Thierry Ehrmann

    Not the darkest album i listened from him,but a great album even :)

  • Vanina Metsu
    Vanina Metsu

    good very good. Nina

  • Marcos Daniel Ruiz
    Marcos Daniel Ruiz

    john wick rules!!

  • Dr. Merlot
    Dr. Merlot

    God damn.... Manson is so good.

  • Максим Левченко
    Максим Левченко

    лучший альбом сцука

  • pan pum
    pan pum

    ...One of the Most Gratest Dark Iluminated Vanguard Authentic Artist in History of World Music & Performnce a LIVE !!!

  • pan pum
    pan pum

    ...Just Awesome 4 a Campaign against Trump Reelection musical Theme...specially went it says...We don't Kill the Ones that We Love.. !!!

  • Pablo Laprevote
    Pablo Laprevote

    He ido the substance...snow Winters un montevideo. Tooooo

  • Pablo Laprevote
    Pablo Laprevote

    Ask ti nother uruguayne

  • Pablo Laprevote
    Pablo Laprevote

    Taxes free...i'm nota jolomg

  • Pablo Laprevote
    Pablo Laprevote

    Marilyn Manson Stiller rock they crew .vení al Ángel arena... Todo a un homenaje al anticristos ,dope .. uno de Depeche modelo , sweet sueños ....como carajo quieras...the bestial violeta red Winehouse un the errht Uruguay, stadium idem NBA Bean new the sol sell 10 mil tickets , hionehondersbucks Close to Argentina Youn Freakshare people andes olds guys like me. FB: Pablo Daniel laprevote

    • TOXSK


  • Robert Bidochon
    Robert Bidochon


  • Arthur Vasconcellos
    Arthur Vasconcellos

    best of

  • Krasen Kostadinov
    Krasen Kostadinov

    32:50 - 33:00 BEST VIBE I EVER HEARD :)

  • El Dimitrova
    El Dimitrova

    i love Manson

  • Ruben Mamani Catunta
    Ruben Mamani Catunta

    Me salio un anuncio de Maroyu.. ajajaja que asco

  • carlos Campos
    carlos Campos

    I love this album is so great and perfect for my weekend

  • Caro Irazábal
    Caro Irazábal

    I'm cleaning my house with that'll music ,is very very cool and I'feeling mutch energy.

  • Caro Irazábal
    Caro Irazábal

    My favorite album yeaah

  • Ian

    Pale Emperor was the comeback that Born Villain failed to accomplish

  • Mikaela Helsing
    Mikaela Helsing

    Beautiful. ❣

  • Subterranean

    This is the second week of an endless binge on this album

  • bowser515

    This is a really good album! Well done Mr Mason.

  • Monica Cabrera
    Monica Cabrera

    Is love marylin manson

  • Tsingchan

    iTunes hasn't update this album which is a pity. Where i can download this ?

  • Leszek Stępniewski
    Leszek Stępniewski

    Best part 0:00-1:07:02

  • enzolandia valentinalandia
    enzolandia valentinalandia

    Thanks for sharing! 🤩💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Pamela Diaz
    Pamela Diaz

    Perversamente maravilloso....🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • GoProJoe

    This first song doesn't make sense. Lyrically shallow 75% chorus. Musically & vocally very well made. Wouldn't say it captures PTSD well, but not bad. Overall impressive musically, which is probably enough for most.

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