Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser
Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.
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  • Predyz

    Oh yeah! The real mandarin is gonna show up! Finally Iron Man will have his true villain and... oh wait...

  • Surendra Naidu
    Surendra Naidu

    wuhan hero

  • Henzu.

    bruh i saw in california where they filmed the bus ramming into a bunch of different cars AND the bmw, that is no cgi thats fully handmade, nice

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Lancebear

    Let's just pretend this is the live action Mulan movie and that guy is just a woman in disguise.

  • hassan Khan
    hassan Khan

    Heard this movie is gonna be banned in China. More reason to watch lol

  • TheGaming Zeus
    TheGaming Zeus

    To be honest i thought that is Qpark

  • Viet Le
    Viet Le

    white people have been trying to make asian movies for years and each one sucked

  • BEST Scenes
    BEST Scenes

    love marvel

  • Geekfreak

    Iron Fist and Daredevil should cross over there. That's my dream

  • cat hooman
    cat hooman

    I don't care and will see this movie

  • Jonny Bhai
    Jonny Bhai

    👎👎👎 marvel is not the same now😞

  • Barun pait
    Barun pait

    The giant lion

  • Alazul Gaming
    Alazul Gaming

    where's the Chinese rap representation

  • Maniac Komplex
    Maniac Komplex

    Marvel bout to take over China

  • James Morcilla
    James Morcilla

    Jung Kim!

  • Apurv

    Finally a movie trailer which was beyond my expectations. Can't wait to watch.

  • sabeeha banu
    sabeeha banu

    Oh that's so relatable being an Asian

  • _Nuray_ Amirova_
    _Nuray_ Amirova_

    OMG i heard Jackson Wang aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Letícia Host
    Letícia Host

    I don't know if it's my impression, but it seems that whoever is singing in the background of this trailer is Jackson Wang!

  • the şeyda
    the şeyda

    Jackson Wang (╥﹏╥)

  • RepeatedAxe Gaming
    RepeatedAxe Gaming

    I'm already kinda starting to see a similarity between this and Invincible

  • Mahesh Mandapalli
    Mahesh Mandapalli

    awesome background score though

  • DIV DIV Assassin
    DIV DIV Assassin

    I showed this trailer to a baby panda, now it's the dragon warrior.

  • Heng Mike Liu
    Heng Mike Liu

    This trailer is insanely well made. It gives me goosebumps.

  • Adrian Estrada Bernal
    Adrian Estrada Bernal

    is it the girl who plays in Jumanji the next level?

  • I am Kartik
    I am Kartik

    When will we see indian superhero in marvel or an Indian superhero based movie like this by marvel

  • Hakim Jikra
    Hakim Jikra

    who are you?? im jackie chan watahhh

  • B M Aryaveer Gowda
    B M Aryaveer Gowda

    Dude the BGM is sick!

  • Out Standing
    Out Standing

    Well, I am late, but I'm finally here : N times better than Mortal Kombat, which they ruined it, mainly with that humorous Kano.

  • Beauty Arandhara
    Beauty Arandhara


  • Phantom Free Fire
    Phantom Free Fire

    What's the release date??

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      September 3, 2021 (9/3/21).

  • Fh Yuyu
    Fh Yuyu

    How I wish my father was the infamous legendary Fu Manchu 👲🏻

  • Jansi. A
    Jansi. A

    Let the action begin dude...

  • Nasaba Bora
    Nasaba Bora

    Between Bucky and Shang Chi who would win in a knife fight? Like for Bucky & comment for Shang Chi.

  • 나는아빠다

    이건.. 중국용 작품? 유감이다. 지금 중국과 미국의 관계가 그리 좋지 못해서..

  • Vedant Sreenivasan
    Vedant Sreenivasan

    Someone tell me the name of this soundtrack

  • Mayon Go
    Mayon Go

    Plot twist She's a dragon....... Get it?

  • ie2 adm
    ie2 adm

    Oh boy this one sucks.

  • Kathan Prajapati
    Kathan Prajapati

    Marvel never disappoints 😄♥️

  • Bañdána Bonèß
    Bañdána Bonèß

    I was honestly waiting for him to say ' I'm batman'

  • priyatham yalla
    priyatham yalla

    chinese movie😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Abu sayed Sumon
    Abu sayed Sumon


  • Luca Cortese
    Luca Cortese

    I remember when this guy was in Kim's Convenience

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  • Dude Perfectly
    Dude Perfectly

    Asians should learn the fighting arts to protect themselves in Dem controlled cities/states.

    • Dude Perfectly
      Dude Perfectly

      @Jennifer Green I guess you could put out some 'Asian attack-free zone' signs

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      Or maybe people shouldn't be attacking Asian people in the first place? You're victim blaming, essentially instead of blaming the attackers.

  • KpopNoodle

    Anyone know the name of the soundtrack?

  • Potato SIR MEOW
    Potato SIR MEOW

    *this is how my Asian grandparents told how they walked to school*

  • Jay Waghela
    Jay Waghela

    Asain speaks very nice English than English itself

  • Thakniki Advice
    Thakniki Advice

    Where are the rings???

  • He is a anti-hero.

  • herbras _comments
    herbras _comments

    i hope janet in there..

  • GameBlock

    That pose looks similar to Goku.

  • Amissah Adwobiah
    Amissah Adwobiah

    Marvel na baba

  • Rog Gamer
    Rog Gamer

    Anyone remember the makluan rings from ironman the same rings made by aliens maybe that has to do with the ten rings in the title

  • Hrishabh Joshi
    Hrishabh Joshi

    You woke up the dragon Inspired from Bruce Lee

  • cat hooman
    cat hooman

    Marvel can you add this man a super powers

  • Xyndeff Sonn Taneo
    Xyndeff Sonn Taneo


  • James Arlington
    James Arlington

    1:52 I like that old white lady holding on to shang for dear life lol

  • King Edward The second
    King Edward The second

    Marvels mortal kombat

  • Salamalikom

    Marvel and mortal kombat they got a kid together, and grew up with karate kid.

  • Fabian Cruz
    Fabian Cruz

    Is that movie gonna be on Disney+?

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      @Fabian Cruz Obviously not. It would take a long time for that to happen, if it ever can happen. The US and Canada are having a tough time of trying to control the virus.

    • Fabian Cruz
      Fabian Cruz

      Like you mean the virus will be gone?

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      It probably will be depending on how the virus situation goes and how many movie theaters are open.

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      If I'm not mistaken, only MARVEL Studios' Black Widow will be released on movie theaters & Disney+ (with Premier Access). That said, expect MS' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to be released only in theaters.

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh

    Who don't know wat it the legends of ten ring ( if you remember in iron man part 1 the terrorist who kidnap Tony stark there gang name is ten ring)

  • Razul Edza
    Razul Edza

    This Might Be Spiderman Partner In The MCU.

  • em



    Phase 4 Begin

  • Rohan Rathor
    Rohan Rathor

    Corona - Chinese

    • Oliver JACKSON
      Oliver JACKSON

      @Rohan Rathor what does that even mean

    • Rohan Rathor
      Rohan Rathor

      @Oliver JACKSON You are not corona yet, that's why you are saying like this

    • Oliver JACKSON
      Oliver JACKSON

      you - racist

  • yab snow
    yab snow

    Jung after being kicked out from the convenience store definitely looks different

  • Arnav Shukla
    Arnav Shukla

    Best part is, a huge part of the earnings from this movie will go towards enslavement of Tibet and Uyghurs, oppression of Hongkong, attack on Taiwan, bullying of Phillipines, Vietnam and India. So be sure to contribute towards this Marvel Avarice.

    • Jeff Rahmon
      Jeff Rahmon

      Oh shoot really? If that’s true that’s amazing, and weird coming from disney with the whole Mulan thing

  • Thala pathy
    Thala pathy

    Marvel Entertainment PLZZ.....PLZ.....You must watch the Theatre reaction of Tamilnadu fans to get Goosebumps........And use it to your videos ...😁😁

  • 黄翔宇

    Who R U? I....AM......BATMAN!

  • Luvythicus

    Funny how that white BMW turned orange...

  • xorkatoss

    me seeing 9.3.2021 thinking this was released March 9 2021.... . . . . . f*cking america

  • Triple Chaos Pictures Outtakes
    Triple Chaos Pictures Outtakes

    Mortal kombat fans: Shang Tsung or Quan Chi? Marvel:

  • Ajitesh Badri
    Ajitesh Badri

    Pls there be kun-lun


    Meanwhile the jackie chan of other universe.

  • CuteKitten 43
    CuteKitten 43

    This looks so cool! cannot flipping wait!

  • Ivan Malau
    Ivan Malau

    why people mad at this movie it looks awesome

  • Kunal Saini
    Kunal Saini

    Who are you? 😠🤟🤙✌️🖕🤟🖖🤙🖖🤘🖖👆👈👉🖕🤘

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed

    9.3.2021 really you wrote wrong 3.9.2021 this is correct

    • Oliver JACKSON
      Oliver JACKSON

      its just its an american video there way of calendar dates are weird

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      They wrote it properly.


    Who came here searching like sinchan 😂😂😂😂

  • AmeliaBuns

    oh I thought he's like doctor strange for some reason. i was expecting magic. sounds cool anyways

  • Azhanur Rahman
    Azhanur Rahman

    Asian Parents: Why literally every second person here in this comment section is mentioning us?🤔

  • NEUTRON free fire
    NEUTRON free fire

    The moment when lion roars😍

  • mridul rathod
    mridul rathod

    Chinese people responsible for covid 19 and satellite falling on earth and marvel is making them heros 😂. CKMKB

    • Jennifer Green
      Jennifer Green

      @mridul rathod If you live in India, then your government dropped the ball on dealing with the virus and now tons of people are paying the ultimate price. Like I said, don't act like your country is full of saints.

    • Oliver JACKSON
      Oliver JACKSON

      @Jennifer Green yup

    • Oliver JACKSON
      Oliver JACKSON

      @Lee Tze En excrtly

    • mridul rathod
      mridul rathod

      @Lee Tze En you know the reason dear. Nothing happens without reason. You guys and your government is responsible for millions of innocent deaths

    • Lee Tze En
      Lee Tze En

      You Indians really just hate Chinese huh

  • Vintage Keeper
    Vintage Keeper

    Anyone else besides me saw this trailer like 30 times?

  • Fh Yuyu
    Fh Yuyu

    I want Marvel to make a movie on the youthful years of the legendary Fu Manchu instead 👲🏻

  • No Name
    No Name

    Is that ming from jumanji:the next level?

    • _



    Thank you for 199 270 karwadejiye ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love you more Thank you everyone


    marvel should add goku

    • 1 1
      1 1

      But goku is not a marvel character

  • Lvl10

    1:53 imagine if that there was actually a person or two in one of those cars

  • Arnav Ram
    Arnav Ram

    The sync of the music at full volume and trailer at 0:35 gave me the chills and I love it😆

  • Poon You Xian
    Poon You Xian

    Almost forgot to watch this today

  • elvire aude
    elvire aude

    Is it me or iam hearing 👂 🤔 jackson wang

  • Damilola Oshifowora
    Damilola Oshifowora

    Is that Jackson on the soundtrack???? 😳 😳 😳 😳 YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!

    • Maroua tebbani
      Maroua tebbani

      Yes it is

  • stanley ruto
    stanley ruto

    shang chi and venom in september i'm watching both not less than 15 times to recover for 2020

  • G

    China tells Marvel Studio & Hollywood: You can have Chinese Protagonist (Mandarin) - Shang Chi You can not have Tibetan Teacher (Ancient One) - Dr Strange You can have Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong - all other movies You can not have Taiwanese & Japanese flag on American Fighter pilot - Top Gun 2

  • RONI

    *_Im waiting ❤🇮🇳_*

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs

    I think this movie is related to the iron man 3 mandarin because the line ten rings are connected from him in comics

  • Aditya Soreng
    Aditya Soreng

    There is always a Asian No weapon martial arts guy. Like why

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