How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251
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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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    • Dylan K
      Dylan K

      I thought he was going to say the headphones button Is so cool because they pause the music and turn up the outside noise to hear people better, not just to pause music like my $40cdn Poms that are a knockoff of Airbuds that are a knockoff of airpods lol but good enough.

    • Dylan K
      Dylan K

      I wonder If Cavemen unintentionally actually made oxygen with fire. Lol

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      Quinn Sams


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      Boa !


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      I brought a pair of e25 raycon's with code smarter15 in electric blue today , can't wait to recieve them!

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    Jesus died for your sins, repent and turn to him

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    Dominic Tõnisson

    i have a method of my own: *w i n d o w*

  • Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life
    Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life

    Submarines are engineering marvels. Change my mind.

  • Bill El
    Bill El

    Always so very interesting and informative. Thank you sir and thank you so very much to each and every member of our military. Bless you for keeping us safe.

  • Booskop

    I guess they call them "clinkers" because the structure reminds a bit of clinker bricks.

  • LandedDownfalls

    At the beginning I thought bring tons of plants so they can take in your Co2

  • Gustavo Flores
    Gustavo Flores

    Those guys are just trying to go past them lol

  • Dante Vahez Leicaf
    Dante Vahez Leicaf

    I’m worried before COVID Bill gates Ted video was suggested frequently . And now this one :(

  • Ally Snipes
    Ally Snipes

    They should plant trees in the sub 😂

  • Jan Steven van Dokkum
    Jan Steven van Dokkum

    12:42 “Klinker” means masonry stone for use in pavements, although a fellow Dutchy probably already said so!

  • Little Siddharth
    Little Siddharth

    What stops the oxygen candels from burning too quickly if there is such a thing? and is there an actual flame inside the container?

  • Clint

    hahahahaha they don't burn candles! hahahahaha those are for emergency situations! the environmental systems on the subs are MORE than capable of producing all the oxygen (and hydrogen) needed for the coners and the engine room.... i'll just leave it at that... if you're lighting those candles for real.... you're probably in a REAL BAD situation...

  • War Webdjilissina
    War Webdjilissina

    I'm not going to watch the video but just wanted to say that if you run an electrical current threw water from point a to point b you get oxygen bubbles in the center. Now leave this technology to the imagination & you can invent many things to help a human breath under water. You can even create a rebreather under water is done correctly and safely.

  • Ramadhan Achmad Fajar
    Ramadhan Achmad Fajar

    I might never need this, but I watched it anyway.

  • Giuseppe Piccinni
    Giuseppe Piccinni

    Not to be dramatic but i would die for Princess Booper Snoot.

  • Derp Ataur
    Derp Ataur

    I was really hoping you were gonna say that Subs had gills, not gonna lie.

  • Play with Junk
    Play with Junk

    23:40 The misterious preheater is most likely a heat exchanger. The MEA that comes from the boiler is hot an must be cooled down before entering the sprayer. That heat is transferred to the rich MEA before entering the boiler.

  • Gustavo Cortiço
    Gustavo Cortiço

    "So you're gonna light it?" "No, you are." That's why you do not conceal enthusiasm. So then good people can let you have fun.

  • Herr Burns
    Herr Burns

    26:29 what are these wristband remote thingies called? I think i could use something like that.

  • kenzy Sostuuupid
    kenzy Sostuuupid

    Where all my submariners at!

  • Ponder Rous
    Ponder Rous

    They are using commercial off the shelf leak detection. That's smart. I have a different brand but I have a Bachmann for my system gas analyzer.

  • [Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist
    [Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist

    ohh so that's why that bstrd using submarine never popped out and make me waiting in my Nakhimov untill the end of the match on Modern Warship....

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino

    Great job man

  • Rertner Furtheng
    Rertner Furtheng

    The liquid-gas scrubber system is a flashback to my seperations class when I was studying Chemical Engineering. Cool to see there is so much chemical systems stuff going on in a sub!

  • Brendan Jordaan
    Brendan Jordaan

    And the byproduct of the candle is pure table salt. That is so smart. Just add your dinner am i right? Ignore the rust pls xD

  • 432 369
    432 369

    I'm a lot more curious how this worked during WW2. Very complicated machine. A lot more goes into these than a shell and fuel. Very cool

  • Keatrith Amakiir
    Keatrith Amakiir

    Never ceases to amaze me how knowledgeable all these people are!

  • straight sav
    straight sav

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  • Harry

    Fascinating! Excellent video.

  • Chris Tashik
    Chris Tashik

    Awesome video as always!

  • Davide Chigliaro
    Davide Chigliaro

    Austin Evans?

  • Feitan Karusane
    Feitan Karusane

    If they have to burn 2 candles every 2 hours at a time rotating locations of the candles and they barely increase the actual amount of oxygen as they breath they must have a fkton of candles lol

  • 20somthingrealestate

    They're using Bacharach H pros on a world class submarine. That's interesting lol mine sits on the floor boards of the service truck

  • Catnip entertainment
    Catnip entertainment

    I learned something new today, thanks 🙏

  • Joyce De Witt
    Joyce De Witt

    Why does your voice sound different in the sub ? ( lower in pitch )

  • SmashDog

    Is there a TLDR? Dont feel like watching a 30minute video for the answer.

  • albert chavez
    albert chavez

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  • iulian calin
    iulian calin

    this is so cool

  • marom ginsberg-fletcher
    marom ginsberg-fletcher

    The subs I know breath through a membrane..

  • Stashu Stashu
    Stashu Stashu

    Destin!! Can you do an analysis of why a Moon Halo forms? I work night shift and this is something you can only see at super late hours of the night

    • Stashu Stashu
      Stashu Stashu

      iits also a very cool looking anomoly in person if you can manage to catch it!!

  • Guy Sensei
    Guy Sensei

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  • normdoty

    well !! "back in the day" as they say , when I was stationed on an "F.B.M. submarine we were told that this subject was classified . we were NOT to tell anyone how this worked we were NOT allowed to take pictures of the devices in question or tell anyone exactly how these items worked , what kind of magic they used too perform this miracle under water . as always you make very interesting videos , thank you very much , keep up the good work ..

  • vampritt

    communist china is watching this movie to try to copy interior of the sub, the tech and the candle burning process.. (lol.. it might be made in china anyway)

  • Nathaniel Rodriguez
    Nathaniel Rodriguez

    Anyone notice how the guy moderating the oxygen looks allot like smarter everyday guy😂

  • Bubble Gamer
    Bubble Gamer

    But why i always run out of oxygen?

  • Somojit Thounaoja
    Somojit Thounaoja

    I learned more chemistry in this video than my whole high school class

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    Hacks 4Cash

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    Robert Kinslow

    What if i farted by the intake? Would everyone still get a good wiff?

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    didnt this guy have a kid ?

  • WarpRulez

    Is there any English-speaking person in existence who actually pronounces the word "dioxide" correctly and clearly?

    • Hoppp

      how do you pronounce it?

  • Marius Ninjai
    Marius Ninjai

    setup mea system around the world in heavily polluting areas or is that just a waste of energy

  • William E
    William E

    Yes that young man was very very smart and nice guy. Blessings to them all

  • Curious Kid
    Curious Kid

    Hey Destin, please adopt me! I'm serious about this!

  • William E
    William E

    Wow kinda over my head but amazing how stuff is done. Very very cool

  • SheepFreak2

    Or just bring tons of plants? :D

  • aiden young
    aiden young

    that black and orange smart watch screen -what were you listening to ? i thought this was a clean channel

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    Nealson Foster

    Thank you so much Destin!

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    William Chen

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    Jule Palmero

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  • Dillon Ewing
    Dillon Ewing

    "Please consider SUBscribing." I see what you did there.

  • Joseph Aldrich
    Joseph Aldrich

    I would go nuts if I was to stay in that boat for a day...

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    Awesome! Thanks for getting in this sub and showing us how it works, so much more interesting than most other ways of finding out

  • Dirk Strauss
    Dirk Strauss

    Fantastic video! Fantastic... can't wait to share this with my kids.

  • G.L.B


  • Tyler Lunke
    Tyler Lunke

    “CAN I SEE ONE?”

  • Mars Rover
    Mars Rover

    Air slowly recycle itself. Yes the experts lie for what ever reason. Just try being in a car with all the air ducts closed for a couple of hours. Even the whole day. It will get moist and uncomfortable but you wont die. Even in a pickup. In a 30 cubic room you can stay until youre 100. You would probably grow mushrooms from head to toe but you'll live..

  • Samuel Trajano
    Samuel Trajano

    Maybe a bioreactor with co2 consuming bacteria would be a thing?

  • alyssa capizola
    alyssa capizola

    He teaches better than some of my college professors lol

  • Samuel Trajano
    Samuel Trajano

    I feel smart that i knew that running electrolisis through sea water would create chlorine gas. So im guessing they had to condense it first. Lets see if im right

  • hmm

    Why dont we plant trees onboard lmao

  • Enjoy Enjoy
    Enjoy Enjoy

    That was very interesting. I once was lucky to get a tour on one of the submarines of our navy. But never thought about this... Is the o2 system in a commercial aircraft the same?

  • Akabane Kills
    Akabane Kills

    Why do subs don't run out of air? Me who didn't even thought they would run out of air:

  • HHK Wandrer,Explorer
    HHK Wandrer,Explorer

    Amazing and very informative video

  • Thomas Verschoof
    Thomas Verschoof

    Klinkers? Sounds pretty Dutch to me :P

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark

    If teachers dont get there act straight, I think it would be amazing if youtubers like this replaced them. Thank you for caring about education and the future of our youth.

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    Taavi Reimann


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    Lucifer isgay

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  • John

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    permanently banned

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  • Jade.

    This is the first SmarterEveryDay video I’ve ever watched, and the thought I kept having every minute or so was “this is so cool!” Really impressed with the access given on the submarine and with the visual explanations of processes. Shoot, I’m *super* impressed with this video! Thanks for this really cool learning experience :)

  • Jonty Levine
    Jonty Levine

    Submarines are one of those sci-fi-seeming ideas that, if they didn't already exist in the real world, I wouldn't think it remotely plausible that they could have built one the size of a large building over a century ago.

  • raz zan
    raz zan

    "cool man so what do you do up here"

  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce

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    Roice Economos

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    Paul David Gray

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    Ernest Boston

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  • Fly Robin
    Fly Robin

    It's awesome to get unanswered questions answered. This was a very interesting video. Thank you 🌅

  • Quixorotica

    Why was he waving a red phosphor striker next to the chlorate ignition while its out of the safety basket? Like you know... on a submarine where they would all die...

  • Sovereign Knight
    Sovereign Knight

    This is extremely interesting and educational. I never knew this!

  • matthew abbott
    matthew abbott

    the MEA is turned into a carbonate salt would be my guess. they would probably preheat the carbonate salt to keep it liquid when they put it under pressure so they get a smooth crack of the carbonate back to freebase amine. many amines form carbonate salts that are mostly solid with often low melting points hence the need for preheating so they can be pumped and pressurized. when ethanolamine carbonate is heated to the right temp it will crack the salt allowing the carbon dioxide to leave. this could be over the boiling point of ethanolamine hence the need for the pressure. I would say the ethanolamine was there choice in the least toxic amine to use as some of the other options are not too friendly :) the great thing about using a base like an amine to capture CO2 is that it is a simple acid base reaction to remove the amine from the breathable air that is expelled so I would say the scrubbers are just acid tanks. many amines that are small like this one smell of ammonia in there freebase state but as a salt have a fishy smell,. this fishy smell would be the smell that the sailors would be talking of I think. im going to make me one of those oxygen candles now :) I have never heard of them before but can think of some great uses for them. as always thanx for a great channel and another great video.

  • David Fossi
    David Fossi

    NIN if you heard it

  • Johnny Bumpous
    Johnny Bumpous

    that's some complicated stuff. I just don't think I would like being on that