Darth Vader Vs Ahsoka - Full Duel (Twilight Of The Apprentice + A World Between Worlds)
Star Wars Rebels: Full duel between Ahsoka and Darth Vader and its conclusion.

  • Leo

    I think what is much overlooked yet very neat is that the music that is playing in the background when Anakin calls Ahsoka is the same music when Ahsoka left the Jedi Order back in the clone wars

  • No One
    No One

    As great as this is, Ashoka surviving is one of the biggest asspulls in star wars history and i'm still not happy about it

  • Sandy Kemp
    Sandy Kemp

    I’ve just noticed that Vader says “Anakin Skywalker was weak so I destroyed him”. Kylo Ren echoes this saying to Han Solo “Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him.” Nice touch that his grandson almost quotes him without realising

  • Kaleb Boghossian
    Kaleb Boghossian

    Imma just come out and say it... WHY TF DO THE LIGHTSABERS IN THIS SHOW LOOK SO. DAMN. THIN?!!!

  • imspidermanxd

    so sad man :(

  • Meme Maker
    Meme Maker

    Ancient sith, the chosen one, most powerful lightsaber user in eons gets beaten by a jedi Knight and a child

  • TheTroll Mastah
    TheTroll Mastah

    What I hate more than anything is that all these survivors face Vader (Kanan, Ezra, Ahsoka, Kal) AND THEY SURVIVE like COME ON HAVE VADER KILL OFF A COUPLE OF THESE PEOPLE

  • Gaz

    Why does that kids lightsaber look like a stapler?


      @Gaz **puts down stapler** good.

    • Gaz

      @EPICNINJAGAMERYT I take your point..


      @Gaz tf u mean? Staplers are BADASS! Getting them to shoot at your least favorite coworker like a machine gun!

    • Gaz

      @EPICNINJAGAMERYT Staplers aren’t cool


      He made them ftom spare parts, both a blaster and a lightsaber. Quite cool honestly

  • joshua lovings
    joshua lovings

    Why does the lightsaber design change so drastically between Clone wars and Rebels?


      Rebels look was based off concept art for the OT

  • M4rionette Alastor
    M4rionette Alastor

    Only Anakin can out extra Anakin

  • Jackson Wang
    Jackson Wang

    Matt Lanters voice mixed with James Earl Jones is pure eargasm. Matt’s voice was PERFECT for Anakin.

  • Potato 🥔
    Potato 🥔

    Anyone: Joins the dark side British Accent: *Our long awaited meeting has come at last*

  • CarAppiehl

    I’m not ready for Hayden Christensen to show his face in Obi-Wan Kenobi 💀

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz

    4:14 his eyebrow definitely needs to be fixed.

  • God

    She literally had the chance to cut his head off and didn't do it. I mean she can't kill him due to him being needed later on in the movies but still she had the opportunity to cut his head off and settled for just cutting the helmet a bit.

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz

    Isnt the suite made to keep anakin in constant pain to feed the dark side.

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    I hate the thin lightsabers so much

  • Jacky boi Teller
    Jacky boi Teller

    So nobody goin talk about how he told Ezra that he would die braver than most like a fucking savage?

  • Steven Reyna
    Steven Reyna


  • Xashe

    4:38 was such a good cut btw

  • SWA 716
    SWA 716

    Now whenever I see any of the films after Attack of the Clones I am always thinking "Why is it no one even mentions Ahsoka?"

  • KuzenIgoryok

    I thinked with 2 lightsabers easy to beat vaider...

  • Masked_Gamer

    Ahhhrrg the animations are the complete opposite of smooth and the light sabers are thinner than an anorexic teen’s waist

  • Spider-Man

    0:22 THERE IT IS

  • Toni Loc
    Toni Loc

    2:41 is this the only time vader used force push?

  • Delicia Murugan
    Delicia Murugan

    How many people were waiting for “snips is it you? “ 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Zach Saris
    Zach Saris

    Dude just imagine if he said “hey there, snips” when he spoke in his real voice, that would have scared the frackalack out of me

  • supreme gamer599
    supreme gamer599

    Is it just me or does the lightsaber blades look thinner then the lightsaber blades in the clone wars

  • comdey_comics offical
    comdey_comics offical

    i like how ezra is all like no no no no

  • James Vakoc
    James Vakoc

    My least favorite part of rebels is how thin the lightsabers are. Idk why it bothers me so much.

  • Nathaniel Bowler
    Nathaniel Bowler

    Is this Star Wars or Tron?

  • Redy


  • joseph gover
    joseph gover

    I about to blow your mind, red and blue equal purple, red and white equal pink

  • Cinnamon Fudge
    Cinnamon Fudge

    this hits so much harder than when Luke realizes Vader was his dad

  • carlos villarreal
    carlos villarreal

    I’m no Jedi ...

  • Warren Alston
    Warren Alston

    God bless James Earl Jones. Legend and a national treasure

  • Fire5139

    Now imagine how it would feel if he had called her "Snips".

    • Thy Collective
      Thy Collective

      Yeah they should’ve made him say her name and than snips. That would’ve been cool asf

  • Nero

    The only good episode In rebels but still made Vader look like a clown half of the time

  • Fulcrum

    Join the Rebellion today! ✴ We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name-and by the authority-of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal;To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings;To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire;To make forever free all beings in the galaxy.To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives. Who will join us?

  • Stitches Great Adventures
    Stitches Great Adventures

    3:42 You can hear anakins cry, knowing that he failed his Padawan

  • Nash Tebelak
    Nash Tebelak

    So saddening that these few moments of dialogue was better than hours of episodes 7, 8, and 9. Just proves how amazing some people are and how bad others are

  • Rik Wilkinson
    Rik Wilkinson

    Powerful scene. I still have a hard time getting passed the redesign of Ashoka. I get she's aged but that looks nothing like the original character. The voice doesn't match whatsoever imo.

  • Dumb Denki
    Dumb Denki

    Why are lightsabers floppy multicolored dogs in this show?

  • ljqueen McAwsome
    ljqueen McAwsome

    Unpopular opinion: as much as I love ahsoka, I do think she should have died in that temple

    • Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal
      Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal

      @Michael Tran technically he did, otherwise it wouldn't have been necessary to go back in time to rescue her.

    • Michael Tran
      Michael Tran

      I completely agree, Vader would have kicked her ass any day of the week.

    • ljqueen McAwsome
      ljqueen McAwsome

      @Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal ta very much

    • Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal
      Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal

      Should have*

  • Zephyr6083

    “Then you will die.” Ahsoka’s Jedi training would’ve helped her control her emotions at that moment. But I can’t help but think that after all the years and adventures they had together, that she must’ve just for a split second felt tremendous anguish at where their choices and paths led master and student and all the hopes and dreams that were lost for a better life

  • YaManKenshi774

    Idk why but the small saber duel between Ezra and Vader is just so awkward.

  • Jennie Judas
    Jennie Judas

    Having been a teacher, I could only imagine fucking up so bad that I think I need to kill my student.

  • Zachary Riley
    Zachary Riley

    I like to think that when Vader pauses then says then you will die it’s anakin trying to fight off Vader but Vader is just to strong

  • steven jackson
    steven jackson

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  • Sh4d0wz_

    i wish i lived in a parallel universe where bad guys can actually win

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Y’all are cute. This is not cannon.

    • Super Fry
      Super Fry

      No problem bob

    • Bob Saget
      Bob Saget

      @Super Fry Thanks!!! 😄

    • Super Fry
      Super Fry

      you are a dumbass

    • Bob Saget
      Bob Saget

      @Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal exactly

    • Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal
      Jorge Sebastian Ortega Monreal

      Still a really cool fan fic.

  • Toto Ak
    Toto Ak

    4:23 He sounds so younger

  • The_AllBran_Man

    Having watched it carefully, that stroke Vader used as Ahsoka was pulled out by Ezra... that would have killed her. I have feelings now which I don't quite understand.

  • David Wachira
    David Wachira

    3:51 & 3:59

  • Madman1503

    Potion to making a series (similar to to the clone wars) about the war between the rebels and the empire set between the empire strikes back and return of the Jedi

  • cactus roadie
    cactus roadie

    i think what's beautiful, is that vader never would have called someone by their first name, certainly not his enemy. "Ahsoka" was a call for help

  • Ronin Dragoon
    Ronin Dragoon

    "Then you will die braver than the most" so its vader word


    "Then you will die braver than most." Damn, even animated Vader is a badass.

  • Anakin Vader
    Anakin Vader

    So technically vader did kill her

    • Anakin Vader
      Anakin Vader

      @Super Fry Yeah I get that, but tbh Vader wouldve killed her. I consider that a "technical" victory you know what I mean?

    • Super Fry
      Super Fry

      No Ezra went back in time and saved her

  • Raymond MacDonald
    Raymond MacDonald

    can someone give me the name of the soundtrack that briefly starts when Ashoka ignites her lightsabers the very first time???

  • LordVader1094

    So how Ahsoka originally died before Ezra saved her was sacrificing herself to save Anakin from the Temple collapsing? Damn.

  • Trystan BAlderston
    Trystan BAlderston

    “Then you will die” not even said like a threat, just what he saw as the reality of the situation. Crazy moment

  • iamsmort

    You know your op If vader has to use 2 hands to duel with you

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith

    I was honestly terrified here If Ahsoka took one second longer Ezra would be dead We all know Vader's feelings towards children

  • John McGowan
    John McGowan

    He's awfully nimble for a dude with prosthetics. I haven't watched a whole lot of the animated shows. I did read The Rise of Vader novel though and seem to remember that Vader had trouble walking with his robotic limbs. I wonder if this was ever referenced in the animated shows.

  • Javier Maltzan
    Javier Maltzan

    1:33 The pain on her face when he said he destroyed Anakin says it all for this scene 😭😭💔

  • Spacegeek1000

    Can someone explain the white lightsabers?

    • mixed sandnigga
      mixed sandnigga

      She purified a kyber Crystal

  • hyrsk1552

    So we gonna act like we don't see the green spark when their sabers connect lol last time I checked red and white don't make green

  • Mirage Main
    Mirage Main

    no matter how evil he has become i cant help but feel bad for anakin, its good to know he was light once again just before he died

  • IIIAnchani

    few can boast to have fought Darth Vader and lived.

  • Otávio INSCOPSI
    Otávio INSCOPSI

    the encounter with Ahsoka rocked Anakin visibly, but not enough to free him from the dark side.

  • Sriram L
    Sriram L

    Ahsoka:I won't leave you! Vader/Anakin:Then you will die! Luke: I won't leave you! Vader/Anakin:Then I will die!

  • You Are Entitled to End your life
    You Are Entitled to End your life

    Now looks who is the master

  • Corey Tevis
    Corey Tevis

    Evrey great fight in Star Wars involves Anakin (excluding the best one from the Phantom Menace). He truly is the best lightsaber duelist ever

  • Reaper McAwesome
    Reaper McAwesome

    Trash, attempting to gain legitimacy by abusing, and inserting itself into established lore. Pathetic.

  • James Boond 007
    James Boond 007

    The Maske is Brocken and he don‘t die

  • Ryan Glo
    Ryan Glo

    0:31 the way he swung I can see anakin

  • Kasino Marxs
    Kasino Marxs

    3:51 - 4:01 Mannn, if you didn't feel that moment... That was intense. So many 'what ifs' can be made from that part of the scene.

  • Flacco Ohno
    Flacco Ohno

    Wth is going on with the Sabers? They put all that work into animation but couldn't properly animate a light saber that would drive me

  • Juliette Phoenix
    Juliette Phoenix

    1:50 3:37 why des she run like that? so weird and funny and alike naruto....

  • Nero

    Why did they make Anakin look like a clown in this ? I mean at least he still looks like Anakin under the mask.

  • Kenneth Castelino
    Kenneth Castelino

    So , you're telling me we had Maul AND Vader in the same episode , but they didn't duel EACH OTHER? ??? Disney didn't realise how good an opportunity they had.

    • Wut?? ಠ_ಠ
      Wut?? ಠ_ಠ

      They're probably gonna fight in the Kenobi series.

    • Zamen

      bgfix.info/done/qNCuoWdr0aGXh6g/video.html how about this

  • M. G.
    M. G.

    I LOVE the way Ezra says: “no no no no no no no” lol 😆. Gets me every time! 3:20

  • Justin

    “I’m no Jedi.” It’s ironic when she is one who held closest to the true emotion and meaning of what it meant to be a Jedi, along with others like Cal and Luke. At this point, though, no doubt calling her a Jedi in the context of the fallen order would be an insult to her.

  • Heidi Morris
    Heidi Morris

    I can imagine a conversation like this in the upcoming Ahsoka show when she is looking for Ezra and talking to someone A character: “ he must mean something to you as you’ve been looking for him for so long” Ahsoka: “He’s a good friend and I owe him my life plus I made a promise to find him” A character: “ if you don’t mind me asking, what did he save you from?” Ahsoka: “ -sigh- my past.....”

  • Vince Millz
    Vince Millz

    Ezra fought vader better than cal did 😂

  • Jefry 678
    Jefry 678

    My pa-dawan We see each other plain Ashoka tano You'll wear a difrent chain

  • QuirkyKev

    4:32 blop

  • Reuben Carter
    Reuben Carter

    Love to see a real version of this scene in the upcoming Ahsoka series. Perhaps a nightmare sequence.

  • Bodes Bodes
    Bodes Bodes

    A shame the people choreographing this fight didn't get Vader at all. He was always coolest as an impervious lumbering frankenstein's monster that swatted aside attacks and struck back with staggering force.

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    Why are the lightsabers pencil thing?

  • Mitchell Steegwijk
    Mitchell Steegwijk

    Rebels as a show is pretty awful but this was pretty good

  • Harley Miller
    Harley Miller

    God this show was shit

  • Never_Ending

    Vader should’ve cut Ezra down while Ashoka was talking and Ezra should’ve Force Pushed him while Vader’s back was towards him.

  • Gangsta Pat
    Gangsta Pat

    would've been better if it were maul vs Vader

  • Matías Rodriguez
    Matías Rodriguez

    Ahsoka is the best character of star wars

  • Dylan Undead
    Dylan Undead

    After watching Ahsoka grow in Clone Wars and bond with Anakin, watching this hurt.

  • No Info Needed
    No Info Needed

    This show was a massive disappointment for me compared to clone wars.

  • Logical Dude
    Logical Dude

    This can't be canon, Vader still has his eyebrows.

  • Hriscu Bogdan
    Hriscu Bogdan

    Is it just me or Vader's eyes lose a little of their yellow shade when he looks down at 4:17 ?

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