Nessa Barrett - la di die (feat. jxdn) [Official Music Video]
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xoxo, nessa

Director: Andrew Sandler
Producer: Connor Gould
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Executive Producers: Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin
DOP: Eric Vera
Prod Designer: Wes Dogan
Editor: Jordan Orme
Color: Kinan Chabani
AD: Mike Roque
VFX: Kawika Banis

1st AC: Matias Wajner
2nd AC: Chakarra Johnson
Steadicam: Jose Espinoza
Gaffer: Taylor Huddleson
BBE: Matthew Tokuno
Key Grip: Tigran Tsolakyan
Grip: Jesse Guzman
Art Director: Will Havertape
PA: John Avila
PA: Malachi Barnes
PA: Adrien Hinijos
CCO: Clayton Johnson

does it rain in california
only dream i’ve ever known
will they love you when ur famous
where you'll never be alone
hope someday i’ll find nirvana
i’ll be looking down below
ill be dead at 27
only 9 more years go
i got a bully in my head
fake love, fake friends
i was broken when you left
now you hear me everywhere you go
la da di oh la di da
gonna be a superstar
be the girl you used to know
playin on the radio
la da di oh la di die
loving me is suicide
i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
la da di run for your life
ya jxdn ya jxdn
said i’m going to be a rockstar ya (x3)
told her i don’t wanna war ya (x3)
i don’t see me going far ya (x3)
that’s what happens when i fall apart
all of me wants all of you
but i’m far away and i can’t choose
i got lot of lessons that i need to learn
got a lot of lessons
my depression and misconceptions
and all the mistakes that lead to lessons
my depression it makes me question
my depression it makes me question
la da di oh la di da
gonna be a superstar
be the girl you used to know
playin on the radio
la da di oh la di die
loving me is suicide
i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
la da di run for your life
does it rain in california
where the angels cry for me
want the drugs that taste like candy
and blood diamonds in my teeth
la da di oh la di da
gonna be a superstar
be the girl you used to know
playin on the radio
la da di oh la di die
loving me is suicide
i’m a dreamer, i’m on fire
la da di run for your life
ya i’m gonna be a superstar
#NessaBarrett #jxdn #ladidie

  • Sama Abd elaziz
    Sama Abd elaziz

    Is it just me or this is so underrated

  • Manal


  • Melia Gonzalez
    Melia Gonzalez

    I hate them but this shit slaps tbh

  • Tayara Almeida
    Tayara Almeida

    algum br?

  • Cyber4ngel

    nightcore version is better :))

  • Skyler Bailey
    Skyler Bailey

    Idc about the drama this song is amazing

  • Alex Marrone
    Alex Marrone


  • Paule Julie Lyn Kalabang Djilo
    Paule Julie Lyn Kalabang Djilo

    they dont know to singggggggg🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😫

  • Enrique Zurbriggen
    Enrique Zurbriggen

    I want a Nessa and Payton song

  • Rianny Garcia
    Rianny Garcia

    Alguien en español?❌🤙

  • Becca Rose
    Becca Rose

    This is really good! I can see you making music like how evanescence is. 🔥🔥


    nice somg

  • Lexi Marsh
    Lexi Marsh

    Sounds like Tate mcree

  • n0 !
    n0 !

    it was so good then he decided to ruin it ssbshshb

  • roblox game kiwi
    roblox game kiwi

    '' fake friends fake love "coming from you wow you said that then the words consern josh and mads haha ​​go out with his ex's best friend or ex best friend haha

  • Bryan Barahona
    Bryan Barahona


  • Olivia Nichole
    Olivia Nichole

    Isn't she a tiktok girl? This is like really good

  • x203_gabby

    She joined the 27 club?💀

    • Bibiana Mokheseng
      Bibiana Mokheseng

      She's referring to the bpd life span because she has bpd

  • Jayla :0
    Jayla :0


    • Ky - lie
      Ky - lie

      @Jayla :0 my dad, a bts anti just now literally vibing to this song down stairs.

    • Jayla :0
      Jayla :0

      @Ky - lie BANGTAN son increíbles no solo como idols sino como seres humanos, nos enseñan que no debemos de rendirnos por que donde hay esperanza habra un poco de oscuridad, no importa tu edad podrás cumplir por lo que te haz esforzado, ellos siguieron con la cabeza en alto y ahora los que los criticaban desearian ser como ellos. 95

    • Ky - lie
      Ky - lie

      @Jayla :0 BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY ? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY ? BABY WHY YOU sonna ni GO WAY ?

    • Ky - lie
      Ky - lie

      @Jayla :0 Aitainda Aishitainda Sono ai ga mou ima mitainda Aitainda Aishitainda Ima kassarau SO WATCH OUT NOW !

    • Jayla :0
      Jayla :0

      @Ky - lie 2013- No More Dream : La la la la 2013- Attack on Bangtan : La la la la 2014- Spine Breaker :La la la la 2015- War of Hormone : La la la la 2015- Ma City : La la la la 2016- Fire : La la la la 2016- Interlude : La la la lap 2017- Go Go :yolo yolo yolo 2017- DNA : La la la la 2018- Anpanman : ye ye ye 2018- IDOL : oh oh oh oh 2019- Mikrokosmos : na na na na 2019- Home : La la la la 2019- Boy with luv : Oh my my my 2020- Black Śwan : Na na na 2020- ON : Hey na na na 2020 - Dynamite: Dynnnananana 2021 - Film 0ut : la la la la

  • Kaushik Viswanathan
    Kaushik Viswanathan

    I had no idea this was even a TikToker group. I hate TikTok culture for how gateway it can be to having kids live overly dramatic lives. I came here off a Jordan Orne video (he's a video editor for music producers, he edited this one too), and I had no thoughts about them beyond being properly sounding artists. From the haunting vocals to the riffs to the message to how it all connects, this rocks and goes hard in rocking

  • ripliia

    this song>>

  • Ruby White
    Ruby White

    jayden is so ugly but in this video hes so attractive omg...

  • terence.

    wait i didn’t expect to like this- the only part i didnt care for was when he was singing his own name like..

  • Rachel Anya
    Rachel Anya

    wish she wasn't problematic as fuck, i would've liked her

  • Kayy x
    Kayy x

    ik ya'll hate her, but u cant lie this song hits hard -

  • octooo

    This song is good tbh and she has a good voice but... dating her bf’s bestfriend? 😐

  • badbunny 666
    badbunny 666

    This remember me evanescense

  • JJBum

    The song is really catchy and good. Not a fan of her, but I can admit this is a nice song. I enjoyed Jadens part more, her voice is just sort of average, and if she wants to build her career she really needs to stop doing really awful things. She needs to step up her game. I guess listen to rock music, and other metal artists their voices make hers look like absolute shit and hard to enjoy so I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Shreyosi Sarkar
    Shreyosi Sarkar

    worst song everrrrrrrr

  • lovely20k

    yall its better than addison rae PLSS😭😭🖐🏾

  • Seherzada Muminovic
    Seherzada Muminovic

    I loooooooveeee it. This song is everything❤️🥵

  • Teodor Tsvetkov
    Teodor Tsvetkov

    it feels like late 2000s

  • Montse Farias
    Montse Farias

    So obsessed w this song🔥

  • layfredonestya

    so fire i love this like ong

  • AutumnIs TheBoss
    AutumnIs TheBoss

    ion like it no offense

    • Keynesha Chance
      Keynesha Chance

      @spacelapis thank you queen

    • spacelapis

      @Keynesha Chance hmmm ur right🌚

    • Keynesha Chance
      Keynesha Chance

      @spacelapis so and hers is trash 😌

    • Gigi Sanroman
      Gigi Sanroman

      It don’t matter thank you for the views

    • spacelapis

      @Keynesha Chance ummm people have different taste in music😬

  • Britt De bruyn
    Britt De bruyn

    Love the songgg :)

  • Jeeremy Disla
    Jeeremy Disla

    Ngl this is good even tho I hate them over what they did

  • f

    i LOVE this. jxdn and nessa are such a good mix together

  • Ella Nobles
    Ella Nobles

    this is incredible!!!❤️

  • Emerson Cox
    Emerson Cox

    who cares if jxdn likes nessa. love whoever the fuck you want and dont let it hurt other people. this bullshit drama is getting in the way of both of these amazing musicians. love whoever. this is 2021 mfs.

    • Keynesha Chance
      Keynesha Chance


  • Reshaan Pieters
    Reshaan Pieters

    Yeah I'm not straight LMAO💀

  • Khushii Bhagwat
    Khushii Bhagwat

    They both have the same vibe

  • Reagan’s and lilys slime world
    Reagan’s and lilys slime world


  • Ariana Edit
    Ariana Edit

    Y’all it’s so good 🤍☁️

  • Shianne J
    Shianne J

    I honestly thought she said “I got a bully in my attic” 💀I was like... Um..

  • noirya

    waitttt this go hard

  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop

    in this situation i'm going to separate the music from the artist, and pretend like this girl doesn't need therapy.

  • Joanna Nfps
    Joanna Nfps

    Guys let’s appreciate the music. If u don’t like her, idk what u doing here.. suffering from borderline pd and bipolar type II is no easy task lemme tell u. She’s 18 or 19 years old. We all fuck up and I wish we could all control our feelings

  • Maria Daniela Brito Peña
    Maria Daniela Brito Peña

    i loved :)

  • Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop

    ooofff why do the meanist and problematicist people have SUCH GOOD MUSIC WHYYYYYYYYY

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    For this being a 2021 one song this is pretty badass gives me early 2000s rock vibes 🔥✨🤟🏼

    • Ccalate


  • ツHunnyBunny_PlaysZ ツ
    ツHunnyBunny_PlaysZ ツ

    Is is just me or does she look like one of the Olsen twins

  • Vivian Marie
    Vivian Marie

    I didn’t forget your islamophobic behavior

    • Gigi Sanroman
      Gigi Sanroman

      don’t care

    • ur dad
      ur dad

      that she ALREADY apologized and addressed

  • ja fli
    ja fli

    I don't have an idea who these singers are. But the song is so good and catchy. It suddenly gives me "bring me to life" vibes

  • jade POETRY
    jade POETRY

    Dead at 27 📣⚰️

  • Gogogog Gogoggo
    Gogogog Gogoggo

    When Talent actually lead the way to know NESSA🤣 Not aware of tiktokers popularity nor care about them , thought they were over hyped . I only know 2 names Adisson and Charlie and I don’t even know the name NESSA nor even care about any of them🤣 but one day this song was in my RECOMMENDED and DAMN THIS GURL IS GOOD , SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING 🔥 AND THIS SONG IS LITERRALY BOP SO ,,,, WAY TO GO NESSA’S AND JD TALENTS ❤️✨

  • nvm jxdn
    nvm jxdn

    the ''okay'' at the beggining

  • Little Froggi
    Little Froggi


  • Leticia Escobar
    Leticia Escobar

    love the song hate the people

  • Leticia Escobar
    Leticia Escobar

    Oh JXdn Oh jxDn the song is a bop but that part.. *it scares me*

  • Bibiana Mokheseng
    Bibiana Mokheseng

    Why y'all haters on her fucking page you're getting her money💀tf if you don't like her get off her page y'all need something better to do w your life.

  • Letícia Alexandre
    Letícia Alexandre


    • Bibiana Mokheseng
      Bibiana Mokheseng

      7 secs

  • Brenin Watson
    Brenin Watson

    Was anybody else shocked this was actually pretty solid? 😅🤣

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos

    Essa música vai fazer muito sucesso, eu creio!

  • Preanna Ramkhelawon
    Preanna Ramkhelawon

    Who's here after the drama that went down😑


    DOTA 2

  • Humay Isgandarli
    Humay Isgandarli

    She is so beautiful damn-

  • neko nyan
    neko nyan

    jaden ruined it tbh ://

    • Ccalate

      Yeah why the hell does he wear mascara is he fruity or sum?

  • Kaylanny Porto
    Kaylanny Porto

    isn't bad like that

  • Giselle Gadet
    Giselle Gadet

    THIS SONG IS ON THE RADIO (moscow russia)

  • boogiewitdahootie

    Drama aside, this song is a BOP!!!!

  • Yasmine M. Sangcopan
    Yasmine M. Sangcopan


    • Bibiana Mokheseng
      Bibiana Mokheseng


  • Yasmine M. Sangcopan
    Yasmine M. Sangcopan

    This is fireeee

  • Yasmine M. Sangcopan
    Yasmine M. Sangcopan

    Idc what yall say this song slaps

  • Murphthesmurf69

    Getting Juice Wrld vibes

  • Aswathy suresh
    Aswathy suresh

    i know they are problematic and stuff but this is the only song by tiktokers that actually sounds like a song

  • Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore

    Anyone that listens to these two artist can clearly hear how much they have in common and that's what life is about at their age finding who fits in your world and who doesn't. Close minded people never live Congrats to you both on your success and happiness ❤

  • tiani purville
    tiani purville

    i love this song sm they did so good


    The engineer did his vocals so dope 🔥

  • Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀
    Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    😖 the lyrics, the screaming, the video, it’s all cringe

  • Uswah Ahmad
    Uswah Ahmad

    Who cares if Addison isn't the best singer atleast I don't get disscusted by her like I do from Nessa

    • Uswah Ahmad
      Uswah Ahmad

      @Bibiana Mokheseng wdym

    • Bibiana Mokheseng
      Bibiana Mokheseng

      Why u on her page💀

  • zsxfia

    finally a tiktoker that can actually sing

  • flynlulus

    Seems to possibly be about Amy Winehouse and her boyfriend...?

  • Altea Agushi
    Altea Agushi

    Love this song 💙 ❤️

  • Rubaiya Zahin
    Rubaiya Zahin

    This is really good, I mean seriously it's good & love the line "Be the girl you used to know playing on the radio" one of my best favorite lines🤘

  • lonely

    'fake love fake friends‘ Do you think Josh's love for you is fake? how could u

  • M FoyzZ
    M FoyzZ

    2.17 : BANGLADESH flag 😂😳

  • Jule Otten
    Jule Otten

    He looks like the Dude from Coraline. Wybie?!

  • Carson Greer
    Carson Greer

    She bad af

  • Larona Carter
    Larona Carter

    Sound like juice world a while ago i had double check

  • j2323j

    Same copy and paste girl song

  • Tasia Morin
    Tasia Morin

    Love it!!!

  • pixar

    Selena Gomez lookalike

  • Wolferine

    This shit is terrible. If only the young generations could tell the difference between what’s real and fake. This is nothing but autotune.

    • ur dad
      ur dad

      bro what? You do realize we don’t care if it’s auto tune or not 😐 If we like the song and that’s what matters to us.

    • j2323j

      Lol all the kids do their hair like that

  • pp

    what's up with jaden and the word rockstar tho

  • Indah

    Reminds me abit of avril

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen

    Nessa: “i got a bully in my head” I heard:“ I got a boy in my attic”


    She looks like she is 12. Not to mention this is terrible...shows what you can do just with some followers. Guessing talent doesn't matter anymore?

    • ur dad
      ur dad

      someone’s mad- 😭

    • Bibiana Mokheseng
      Bibiana Mokheseng

      Get off her page then tf💀

    • Madi Lee
      Madi Lee

      Search for apostle Gino Jennings if you really want to be close to Jesus Christ

  • Samfoxx

    YOOOOO WHAT HAPPEN TO MUSIC.. SAME SHIT...ALL WANNA BE LIKE THE 90'S... I NEVER HEARD OF YALL TILL NOW...NOT IMPRESS...CANDY AND diamonds in ur mouth...Lorde saying.. noooo orginal anymore... Best Candy in Hollywood called Tictas..I pop one then I be Flex and talking shit like Kanye West is.. LMAO America is FALLING OFF THE EDGE



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