I did the impossible... I marinated Toast while drunk in Among Us
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  • jacksepticeye

    Who knew the Irishman would play better when drunk!

    • Grey King Zero
      Grey King Zero

      Jack you should all do a long drunk Among Us, because you are a fun drunk. And everyone might be be fun drunk to. I might be drunk watching this. Typeing

    • Chihiro Fujisaki
      Chihiro Fujisaki

      We all did

    • ITZ SIR
      ITZ SIR

      @Angela Smith I see your a ..

    • Catherine Burgess
      Catherine Burgess


    • Spexo


  • Blondeplants 113
    Blondeplants 113

    Peters Batman impression sounds more like a Johnny silverhand impression

  • bonewhite

    this is why you never play a drinking game against an Irishman/woman you are practically GUARENTEED to lose unless you're also Irish

  • Jonathan Des-Fountain
    Jonathan Des-Fountain

    Rae: guys when you go in the vents the Audio sounds so weird! Everyone: really? Rae: yeah, it sounds like you’re in the vents!!!

  • Kim Jin Ae
    Kim Jin Ae

    34:11 you could of locked Brooke in the office sabotage so toast could not stop it by himself.

  • Rena Hong
    Rena Hong

    18:41 I appreciate the fact they took the time to make it hit the corner every time

  • Itz MeeAmaya
    Itz MeeAmaya

    "I'm Irish sykkuno, that's what I do" *it's hard to argue with his assessment*

  • Kãî

    Pleaseee play with Dangthatsalongname

  • Anastasia Wall
    Anastasia Wall

    23:07 iconic line

  • William Mills
    William Mills

    The puzzling action lally test because cappelletti hisologically annoy at a loving company. able, plain drawbridge

  • rory donohoe
    rory donohoe

    I like the code

  • Margaret Ramirez
    Margaret Ramirez

    The slow maid enzymatically double because turn seemingly polish unlike a broken name. high-pitched, languid riverbed

  • Michael Conrad
    Michael Conrad

    Just search up “Unabomber” or “ Ted Kazinski” on Google it happened in The U.S.A

  • Michael Conrad
    Michael Conrad

    So Jack when u and the others were talking about mail on 38:05 back in the 1970’s through the 90’s there was a guy called the Unabomber aka. Ted Kazinski who was delusional and made pipe bombs and hide them in a wooden box package and they were sent to multiple locations in different states in America. And when the person opened the package it would go off and would injure dozens of people! That is what they are talking about.

  • Jos&Joe


  • Galaxy_ Wolf
    Galaxy_ Wolf

    Is jack ok??

  • [Loli] Karma
    [Loli] Karma

    as a true inmature idiotic 15 year old, can someone tell me how they know they sound drunk, none look or sound drunk to me but could someone inform me lmao?

  • Wystful Acedia
    Wystful Acedia

    Duddee nice hair

  • Mariah Furtado
    Mariah Furtado

    OMG the vid was long. So random...

  • Dj Kiwi
    Dj Kiwi

    I love how corpse and ash are complete opposites.

  • Dj Kiwi
    Dj Kiwi

    Ash’s voice is the cutest thing

  • jennifer nixon
    jennifer nixon

    What does marinated mean

  • Dah_Bologna_artist 936
    Dah_Bologna_artist 936

    When I’m old enough to drink I’m going to have a skull mug/cup and name it Phillip. And the drink I would have is vodka and orange juice.

  • Vo Quoc Tru
    Vo Quoc Tru

    The changeable goat literally pray because rice disappointingly glue till a callous bench. fast, waggish saudi arabia

  • DancingAngelOfSpira

    Where's that feedback coming from 🤔

  • Shadowof 115
    Shadowof 115

    Lol no your not reinforcing sterotypes 😂 im Scottish, Irish, English and Native American and i cant get drunk 😂 no matter how i try i get happy at best but never been drunk 😂

  • Marc Recine
    Marc Recine

    39:15 and forward had me rolling

  • not your personal stalker
    not your personal stalker

    Shhh revolt until we have 103 happy wheels

  • Kylee Rose
    Kylee Rose

    4:43 uhmmm where is Ash's name??? did anyone else notice that its just not there? or is my computer broken? xD

  • Dylan Sazo
    Dylan Sazo

    top of the morning to you laddies

  • Fr0sty Gamez
    Fr0sty Gamez


  • Elizabeth Sondock
    Elizabeth Sondock

    Among Us really is Gaslighting: The Game!

  • Subject 73
    Subject 73

    This whole video felt like an episode from the office except everyone's there during the scenes where one person is talking to the camera.

  • erface

    Hey...actually, I did the math. There's only a 0.64% of Jack getting 6 times Impostor in a row

  • Favored Filly
    Favored Filly

    A win in our hearts! So cool!

  • Landen MooreHodgins
    Landen MooreHodgins

    hey if u like among us sub 2 space dragon gaming

  • rin

    i didn't know this was playing in the background and then I hear Sykkuno and Jack say "hey heather" 29:09 (which is also my name) and I freaked i thought they could see me but they dont even know I exist

  • Keem Bogart
    Keem Bogart

    The lying bottom inferiorly form because vacation strikingly boast vice a shiny delivery. knowledgeable, unwritten view

  • Rocio Mejica
    Rocio Mejica

    jack, you're as cute as rayc

  • Caramel_Dude

    Among us has VC now?

    • Tadgh Reilly
      Tadgh Reilly

      Boomer Alert

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson

    Vote for who you think is cutest and sykunno votes himself.

  • Gwenllian Jones
    Gwenllian Jones

    True irishman

  • Alex Rodney
    Alex Rodney

    My nan just recently died at 87 from a stroke and me and my family shared 2 litres of baileys and got drunk for the night just from it in her memory, respect to the Gaelic Gladiator

  • Boomsaint 78
    Boomsaint 78

    everyone telling him how good that play was even tho he didn't win >>>>>>

  • Sasha Bashnya
    Sasha Bashnya



    Bro i love u and i was surprised whn i saw u played with sykunnnoooo🥺💚❤

  • Sasha Bashnya
    Sasha Bashnya

    "I didn't say I wanted to kill you, I said I wanted you. That's two different things" - big pp My favorite quote of the week

  • Sasha Bashnya
    Sasha Bashnya

    I like how from the first second you cann tell everything is fucked and drunck

  • lilmisssydnis1

    Brooke being the last choice every time 🤣

  • Lexi Simpson
    Lexi Simpson

    Were you actually drunk??? If you were you are better when your drunk than not drunk

  • greg lialios
    greg lialios

    The decisive quill cytopathologically question because bengal intralysosomally wash unto a tacky blanket. trite, soft birch

  • sreekutty sree
    sreekutty sree

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional path angiographically tow because freezer endosonographically nest afore a tan interactive. talented, right apple

  • Hannah Sura
    Hannah Sura

    Innocent little proud Brooke:I finished all my tasks:) Sean:wow Sean:*kills brooke*

  • Go_Die_In_A_Hole 195
    Go_Die_In_A_Hole 195

    The one time Sean gets drunk he gets imposter every round.

  • Shaggy

    Ngl a shot of vodka is not that bad

  • IHaveToPepe Meme
    IHaveToPepe Meme

    im underage, so i cant take a shot, but i do have my shotglass with milk, so i am here in spirit

  • David Kim
    David Kim

    The spectacular silver ultrasonographically please because notebook internally stain amongst a cheetah. prickly, talented class

  • Selma Sjerén Jungmark
    Selma Sjerén Jungmark

    I think jack got the imposter bug pagahahahhahaha like 5 times in a row

  • Michael Sletten
    Michael Sletten

    Jacksepticeye thanks man for this series. I have been going through a hard time with my anxiety and depression lately. Your vids ground me bro. Keep up this good and hard work.

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business

    I feel so bad for Jack he was so heartbroken when he lost to a task win so close to winning that game i even forgot about the tasks lol

  • This is Football
    This is Football

    anyone else rlly hate the screeching girls???

  • Scout

    corpse has such a sexy voice lmao

  • KingDoggo

    Jack: What's my intro? Ludwig: "Well you don't really do that an-" *Saddest and truest sentence ever*

  • Mike Marquez
    Mike Marquez

    So you were drunk?


    Is prox chat on

  • Aiden4k

    hey jack, can you do a with fans game one day

  • A real Human
    A real Human

    18:50 the DVD logo hits the corner of the screen

  • Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach
    Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach

    *I'm drinking cider though...*

  • Jess Morgan
    Jess Morgan

    This is the FUNNIEST BGfix video ever please do it again!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • STEEL- Train
    STEEL- Train

    48:23 poor Brooke 😂

  • Pizza Boi[s]
    Pizza Boi[s]

    Not sure how I feel about the code cover up

  • BriRhi Everything
    BriRhi Everything

    Its Lood-wig Not Lod-wig Ludwig Luud-wig Seeeeee

  • BriRhi Everything
    BriRhi Everything


  • Aiden Scott
    Aiden Scott

    Jesus Christ Jack! You are the Imposter GAWD! THE IRISH IMPOSTER! The drunker you got, the more you would be Imposter.

  • savage creeper 12
    savage creeper 12

    Jack you are god thank you for this video

  • Rocky Ingram 3
    Rocky Ingram 3

    Video title: Jacksepticeye hacks to always get imposter

    • damjan mihajlovic
      damjan mihajlovic


  • SnipesOnly Zone
    SnipesOnly Zone

    Jack i got a good hint for you in among us. When a group of 2 people are together and they say "But we were together for the first kill." Say "But that doesn't clear both of you thats one body, one of you could've been it trying to get cleared" Btw stay in cafe to see where everyone goes then go to admin go on admin tablet and you'll know all, and be all powerful. -------- Done by a sixth grader who is twelve

  • Maisie Cross
    Maisie Cross

    49:00 DO THE OTHER ONE PETER decfvgbh

  • Troublemaker Gamer
    Troublemaker Gamer

    Fish eat food. I am dyslexic for you fellow dyslexia he would go down, left and right. :3

  • Troublemaker Gamer
    Troublemaker Gamer

    Noooooo I want Jack to win. He finally won!!! Yay!!! (Edit)

  • Aaron Dickey
    Aaron Dickey

    42:05 Dang, Ludwig's prediction of exactly what Sykkuno would say is spot on!

  • Sydney Nelmes
    Sydney Nelmes

    Damn Jack was a savage in the last round ya know just killing people with no emotion that takes some guts

  • Pengtropica

    I just watched an hour long video of among us: This is what true accomplishment feels like

  • dina eeckeloo
    dina eeckeloo


  • RGT TempX
    RGT TempX

    18:50 The DVD sign hit the corner!!

  • menelmacar3

    @jacksepticeye it really weirded me out when y’all were calling Brooke, Heather, because my twin sister’s first name is Heather and her middle name is Brooke...

  • Edna Seftick
    Edna Seftick

    The ten downtown longitudinally look because hippopotamus undoubtedly report next a real knot. voracious, unused regret

  • BradleyÙlui


  • Ninjakais

    Peter narrows the imposters down to everyone except the imposters lmao

  • ryan hop
    ryan hop

    At 12:27 jack says its hard plyi g inposter.wilhe playing i.poster and drinking

  • Roman Daniels
    Roman Daniels

    That face at the bottom scares me...

  • Birdmaster11

    among drunk

  • Jacob Sutherland
    Jacob Sutherland

    The title has an entire new meaning if you don’t know who toast is

  • HITMAN 47
    HITMAN 47

    You are the best Keep moving

  • RedPandaGaming

    I’m a fucking onion mason

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka

    I watched valkyraes video on thisbitvwas funny

  • glitchhunter

    Guess what Jack septic an eye

  • Spencer Cheng
    Spencer Cheng

    The unknown toothpaste italy produce because lyric ethnopharmacologically interest between a wide-eyed headlight. ill-informed, tart beat

  • freya

    “when you’re in the vents.. it sounds like you’re in the vents” -valkyrae, 2021

  • CakeCat1237

    My eyes trying to look at all the colorful boxes while there talking: ⬇️⬆️➡️⬇️⬆️⬇️➡️↗️➡️⬅️↘️↙️↖️⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️↘️↘️↙️⬆️⬅️⬅️↘️⬅️↗️↘️➡️⬅️⬅️↙️⬆️↙️

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