Edward Waters vs Jackson State Highlights | 2021 Spring FCS College Football Highlights
Edward Waters vs Jackson State Highlights (Jackson Statevs Edward Waters) College Football Highlights 2.21.21
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  • Julian Price
    Julian Price

    Is this college or high school

  • Steven & Tracey Jiles
    Steven & Tracey Jiles

    It's like watching 5 or 6A highschool football

  • J D
    J D

    Jackson State keep putting up 50 plus they really got something special

  • Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
    Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    As a former kicker, 11:10-11:18 was *perfect*

  • Trap In 4K
    Trap In 4K


  • lorenzo world
    lorenzo world

    Deion Sandler: I'm doing this for the HBCU Culture 🥴 ⭐⭐⭐ and ⭐⭐⭐⭐ AND transfers only going to JSU 🙄🙄🙄 the Focus is only on JSU 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Don't say this for the HBCU Culture because it's really not

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown


  • James Byrd
    James Byrd

    Nat Glover and the City of Jacksonville have been dogging EWC for years. They don't have their own field and the school is about a block big. My boy Kauzie is one of a few to get recognition out of the school. FSSCJ could beat EWC. Their players are the last of the crop of athletes who couldn't get scholarships from JU. UNF has a bigger campus and no football team.

  • Top5NoQuestions

    If y'all can go to the Southern vs Jackson State game in the Fall go. That game is always fun.

  • Rudy J
    Rudy J

    You must start somewhere. "Prime" got you here looking 🥾💥🏈🤣😅😅

  • Flows

    Deion is better than Adam gase already

  • Totally not Depressed
    Totally not Depressed

    Sorry Deion, but there's only one JSU that's allowed to rep red, and y'all ain't it.

    • itsvenise S
      itsvenise S

      @Top5NoQuestions NCAT is not going to UCLA I think it’s NCCU.

    • itsvenise S
      itsvenise S

      @Totally not Depressed However, NCAT pulled up and beat Jacksonville State and didn’t even bring their band.

    • Top5NoQuestions

      @Totally not Depressed HBCUs are trying to get our players exposure so we can send more players to the NFL in turn making more kids consider HBCUs as a vehicle to still get to the NFL. Playing schools that won't get TV time is pointless.

    • Top5NoQuestions

      @Totally not Depressed They are a popular school who gets tv time. Never said they were good.

    • Totally not Depressed
      Totally not Depressed

      @Top5NoQuestions When has UCLA ever been relevant in football? If you want to build a proper brand, play USC or Georgia or even Cincinatti. Playing a perennial sub .500 team doesn't cut it anymore.

  • Charles Jones
    Charles Jones

    This game doesnt say much. Thats not even an NCAA opponent...


    they literally have offbrand deshaun watson and lamar jackson as their qbs

    • TR3Yz _
      TR3Yz _

      Yo Frl

  • zane1x

    the qb look like deshuan jackson

  • Asha Verse
    Asha Verse

    👀👀AT TIME 0:46 The Commentator need To Get It together lol that was Kymani Clarke a.k.a Kimo therapy the Running back#23 btw Clarke is a kid to watch he's interesting ✔

  • Alyssa Saunders
    Alyssa Saunders

    Wait so if Jackson state go undefeated will they be in the same playoffs as NDSU ?? ( Serious Question )

    • jollyomeatLA

      @Falcon 1 what????? Every college minus NAIA is under NCAA authority. This lack of knowledge is beyond football with you. Holy shit.

    • Falcon 1
      Falcon 1

      @Top5NoQuestions I watch other schools and I had no idea that JSU was ncaa. I even thought costal Carolina wasn’t ncaa. I didn’t even know Newbury wasn’t either. Thanks for telling me bro, but yes, I do watch other schools outside of P5. I’m new to watching college ball though.

    • Top5NoQuestions

      @Falcon 1 They are NCAA what are you talking about? They are D1 FCS and yes they can go to the FCS playoffs if the committee selects them. Some of y'all truly no nothing about college sports outside P5 schools I see. Start watching other schools

    • Falcon 1
      Falcon 1

      I don’t think so considering they aren’t exactly NCAA. I say that because ESPN would have made a much bigger deal about it.

  • Abby IK
    Abby IK


  • JLaw

    Deion's players aren't even playing 💀these the dudes from the fall lmao

    • Top5NoQuestions

      Yeah a lot of these guys are trying to make the Fall team. Got to find out who getting the scholarships.

    • kvng ty04
      kvng ty04

      They don't start

  • Larri Lindsey
    Larri Lindsey

    This is awesome! Could you please upload more HBCU games throughout the year?

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez

    How is EW going to be celebrating, shit talking, and showboating while getting their asses whipped? 😂 They should probably be playing high schools if they can't get so much as a field goal against Jackson State in week 1. And even then, a number of Florida high schools would destroy them on the field. (Not joking).

    • henryjw15

      I doubt that, a NAIA school is somewhere between d2-d3 in quality of play, Jackson state is a division 1 school. You expect Jackson state to blow them out.

  • Franklin Thompson
    Franklin Thompson

    Look like high school players

  • Just Marcus Allen Rembert
    Just Marcus Allen Rembert


  • Tom From myspace
    Tom From myspace

    If they put 50 on every opponent then we got something here

  • Lamont Shanklin
    Lamont Shanklin

    Should do more hbcu games honestly..

    • Yae

      no choice as of now it’s the only football we got 😂

  • OG Prime
    OG Prime

    This looks like a High School game

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis


  • hounddog2952

    Deion bout to make JSU a problem for college football !!!! LET'S GET IT BABY 💪

    • jollyomeatLA

      @hounddog2952 I'll put up a grand that says they definitely won't go undefeated.

    • hounddog2952

      @TR3Yz _ Fk it . . Let's do it !!! I'm behind them winning 100% 😎

    • TR3Yz _
      TR3Yz _

      @hounddog2952 you saying they winning a championship this season too?

    • hounddog2952

      @Ziggy 2 Timez 1000 cash says JSU will go undefeated this year . Go head and save this to ! You want my cash ap now or later 😊

    • Ziggy 2 Timez
      Ziggy 2 Timez

      @hounddog2952 *bookmarked for later* lol

  • Wizz

    I knew the team was shit when they were celebrating a pass breakup while down by 37😂😂

    • Myrtle Wilks
      Myrtle Wilks

      @henryjw15 CAP

    • henryjw15

      @Top5NoQuestions well James waters is a naia school, and Jackson state is a division 1 program.

    • TR3Yz _
      TR3Yz _

      That’s what I’m saying there always be players like that lmao

    • Top5NoQuestions

      I don't get that. At the end of the game when we were up 53-0 the were still celebrating incomplete passes.

  • Alex Milensky
    Alex Milensky

    Is Edward Waters even d1? ...what do you mean they aren’t even NCAA?

    • Thomas Varnell
      Thomas Varnell

      @jollyomeatLA yes. NAIA division 1

    • jollyomeatLA

      @Thomas Varnell no they aren't. They're NAIA

    • Thomas Varnell
      Thomas Varnell

      Technically they are D1 right now

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S

      @Alex Milensky if u think there bad Florida Memorial is worse

    • Alex Milensky
      Alex Milensky

      @Brandon S not with that kind of play they aren’t

  • Mc.BaconStrips

    Man this a good win for jackson state if you dont know edward waters blew out alabama by fifty its just the cameras werent on.

    • RaginCajun311

      Yea Alabama High

    • Ziggy 2 Timez
      Ziggy 2 Timez


  • Johnathan hall
    Johnathan hall

    Deion’s son didn’t start ?

    • Top5NoQuestions

      Technically still a high school student. He just did early enrollment because he was done with high school already.

    • HR

      He's not a eligible to play yet.

    • BigDons Gaming
      BigDons Gaming

      He didn’t play

  • James Ratri
    James Ratri

    Wtf was that kick at 10:15 😭

    • Fanatic Productions
      Fanatic Productions

      @RockiG smh

    • RockiG

      They got Sarah Fuller kicking for them now or what?

  • {feitan}

    Jackson state looks nice👍

  • Rell Antoine
    Rell Antoine

    This looks like trash everyone look like the running 4.6 out there.

    • Otw. Eli_
      Otw. Eli_

      4.6 good😭😭

    • James Boyd
      James Boyd

      cuz said 4.6 like that shit is slow 😂

    • Parker Douglas
      Parker Douglas

      And you are fat

    • liljay Brovo
      liljay Brovo

      And u run a 5.3😂 so stfu u ain’t nun different

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    What is this juco?

    • D22 H22
      D22 H22

      Wouldn’t be a high scoring game.

    • Mark Whitley
      Mark Whitley

      Also limited fans

    • Mark Whitley
      Mark Whitley


    • Deimarkus Sewel
      Deimarkus Sewel


  • Hype Benjamin
    Hype Benjamin

    #23 Clarke is the truth

    • professor X
      professor X

      *at pass blocking

  • ElevenFour

    Not impressive. EWC is dog shit and a NAIA program at that. Let’s wait and see what they look like when they play Grambling, Southern and Alcorn. That’ll be a testament to how good they really are.

    • Cody 1k
      Cody 1k

      How they look now lmao

    • ElevenFour

      @Jeffrey Woods Yeah go look at that video. I gave them props. Lol

    • Jeffrey Woods
      Jeffrey Woods

      @ElevenFour jackson state won against grambling. you bought in yet?

    • itsvenise S
      itsvenise S

      @Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie not unless the celebration bowl changes their rule. Currently, it has a contract with just MEAC and SWAC. It is okay; it is time for NCAT to move on they won the celebration bowl every time they went. It only been available for 5 years and NCAT won 4 out of the 5.

    • Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
      Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

      @itsvenise S That pretty much eliminates them from playing in Celebration Bowl

  • Court

    Tarleton State vs New Mexico State??

    • Victors Valiant
      Victors Valiant

      I don't have access to Flo Football. I have a couple sources for games but its not on there yet. I will keep and eye out for the game though.

  • RJ Banks
    RJ Banks


  • Cook & Co
    Cook & Co

    It’s really promising what they’re building I. Jackson, MS.

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis

      @st82dapoint I gotchu now, its bowl series and championship series

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis

      @st82dapoint why did they change it?

    • st82dapoint

      @Michael Lewis We are already D1. There's no such thing as 1AA anymore. It's FBS and FCS now.

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis

      @Laniack123 that would be amazing if HBCUs went from D1AA to D1A

    • st82dapoint

      @Laniack123 We are already D1

  • M G
    M G


  • Jett Capson
    Jett Capson

    They could beat power 5 schools

    • Courtney Sutherlin
      Courtney Sutherlin

      @J Money how much you want to bet that they can beat Alabama. Bet what you make in a year and imz giving you 30 points. Alabama would beat jackson state by 50 or 100 if they tried. Second and third string teams would win

    • st82dapoint

      @jollyomeatLA right you too. Which is why you're here.

    • jollyomeatLA

      @st82dapoint oh a fan. Makes since. Got it

    • st82dapoint

      @jollyomeatLA I'm only expecting what I see. And as of right now nobody knows if they are top 25 or not is what I'm saying. The first huge test is this weekend. As of today we currently have a better staff and better talent than we did so I like our chances.

    • jollyomeatLA

      @st82dapoint preseason sets off the rankings for the rest of the season. Of course it means something. I'm not saying anything bad about JSU I'm just being a realist. Some of yall expecting too much too soon.

  • jaquann bryant
    jaquann bryant

    football started bac

  • Chris_ Underrated
    Chris_ Underrated

    Looked good