Yoda Reveals His Greatest Fear About Mace Windu - Star Wars Explained
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  • TheRanger


  • the hillbilly gamer !
    the hillbilly gamer !

    Yeah but why didn't mace window teach Anakin vapad then maybe and it can wouldn't have turned if he would have learned Mace windu's form

  • Galex Sanches
    Galex Sanches

    Hey that's shaft

  • Juan Clark
    Juan Clark

    windu should takin ani under his wing and taught him

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright

    He feared Master Windu because he was secretly a racist.

  • random guy
    random guy

    Bruh I refuse to believe windu died by that... maul was cut in half and feel into a fucking deep thing😂😂😂

  • Emilio Playz YT
    Emilio Playz YT

    If Mace Windu turned to Dark Side Yoda or Plo Koon can handle it cauz Plo Koon is great at Lightsaber

  • Neon Wolf
    Neon Wolf

    Mace windu looks like the avatar and the sepritis (i don’t know how to spell it) are the fire nation

  • jimmy hoffa
    jimmy hoffa

    The Jedi were paranoid as fuck over every jedi. Yoda probably thought Jocasta Nu would turn to the dark side because she read too many books.

  • Light Fall On The Head
    Light Fall On The Head

    jedi didnot trust literally anyone they were just a hugely closed minded which is why the younglings had to die

  • Zes


  • Вячеслав Гончаров
    Вячеслав Гончаров

    The true reason is because Mace said once: I HATE THESE MAZAFAKING SITHS IN THIS MAZAFAKING GALAXY!

  • Osuna.24

    If you want one of the best actors, offer them a purple lightsaber 😂

  • Allan V
    Allan V

    I really enjoyed this character, he should have have his own movie

  • Altitude Loki
    Altitude Loki

    I really hope he didn’t die, and we can maybe see him in some sort of show

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon

    Be honest to yourself. What side would you become. The light side or dark side of force?

  • Nelson Gil
    Nelson Gil

    The more I watch these videos the more I realize that the Jedi really were a bunch of hypocritical dicks that didn’t trust each other. At least the sith were straightforward

    • Arron Frazier
      Arron Frazier

      Straight forward! Really! The Sith pre Rule of Two era turned on each other to gain power like breathing. The rule of two tenants was a master to embodied the power and an apprentice to crave the power. The setup was for the apprentice to eventually kill his master and to become the master when they deemed themselves stronger than their master. Bane wanted it to be in a battle! Sidious killed Plaguies after he was drunk and Sidious had a total advantage.

  • Rowsbud72

    Just in case if anyone does not want spoilers for the show “Vader” If you are fine with spoilers click read more Mace windu comes back in Vader, he has a blind eye and a scar, also a robotic hand. He also looks WAYYY more intimidating

  • teoscar 1988
    teoscar 1988

    They feared him. I mean, fear leads to the dark side. I start to belive that the jedi are a shitty order 😂

  • Rhett Hahn
    Rhett Hahn

    Windy should’ve been in Battlefront 2, Republic Era *Change My Mind*

  • Neo-X

    stuffed up ur intro

  • ryan patteson
    ryan patteson

    id say it doesnt change my veiw of how mace veiwed anakin. windu never really had faith in the boy even telling yoda and obiwan that he didnt think the boy could handle it. i think mace understanding what anikin was facing had a better understanding of how to overcome the challenges and saw that anakin wasnt overcoming them

  • ComradeVishar

    Why does this dude talk like such a fucking asshole? I had to stop the video before the 1 min mark. Fuck you bro, talk normal

  • Dan Gamer
    Dan Gamer

    They should have been concerned about him giving Anakkin the final push towards the dark side.

  • Ezequiel N Miranda
    Ezequiel N Miranda

    Mace windu : “ We give u the N word pass. Anakin : “ this is unfair. Outrageous “ Mace windu : “ We do not grant u the N word “

  • generalyido

    They were afraid that he would say the n word... (as he naturally has the pass)

  • Clifford V
    Clifford V

    Windu seemed more of a Sith character to me than a Jedi. As for Lucas, he sold out to Disney and has no say about Star Wars anymore.

  • The Mafia Fl
    The Mafia Fl

    woawo i love purpawle

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell

    So they gave the only black Jedi a PURPLE lightsaber........what a crazy time to be alive

  • Selamettin Gençöz
    Selamettin Gençöz

    Jedis are such pussies

  • Jazzy G
    Jazzy G

    We need a solo Windu story! Please let it be in Disney +

  • I am *sarcasm*
    I am *sarcasm*

    You know what sometimes i wonder why the hero or the heroine would not just kill the villain they would just give them an essay and when they trued to kill the villain something interrupts them and they’re confused

  • Orlando Wells
    Orlando Wells

    And at the end of the day Master Jedi Windu died for what is right in a Jedi Master under the hands of a Jedi Master who betrayed his beliefs😞

  • Clayton Trujillo
    Clayton Trujillo

    Mace is still alive

  • E Perm
    E Perm

    Mace Windu: *Has purple lightsaber and is close to turning to the Dark side Revan: This mf spittin

  • Whitney Duffer
    Whitney Duffer

    I'm scared

  • C T
    C T

    Remember= ost/Many thought Mace Windu was the Choosen one.. Theory is tha this is why he didn’t like Anakin.....

  • Anon Sidious
    Anon Sidious

    The Novel Shatterpoint goes into this form in great depth. He teeters on the edges of of the darkside to achieve saber supremacy.

  • ABruun64

    Wasn't he the one that says fear is a path to the dark side? :))

  • bruh boi
    bruh boi

    So windu is what anakin would have become if anakin killed palpatine

  • Funnyman1175

    Ah yes vaypad learn to pronounce it next time

  • HipHop TV
    HipHop TV

    What's your sources?

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    No. I don't think this makes his relationship with anakin better. If anything I just think it shows a little bit of jealousy from windu's part

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson

    Who cares about this ST00PID science fiction star wars BULLSHIT.

  • arcanesage

    Black Jedis Matter

    • Miloisjesus


  • Artemis Jones
    Artemis Jones

    I guess this is what affirmative action looks like in a galaxy far away

  • Billy Ray Valentine
    Billy Ray Valentine

    Mace Windu: You guys are worried about the wrong force user...

  • Jaded-Li'l Monster
    Jaded-Li'l Monster

    Windu was too prideful, and naive. He needed Anakin. Had he allowed Anakin to help him in the capture of Palpatine, a lot of what happened could have been avoided! I'm not saying it's his fault, but he definitely contributed to the demise of the Jedi order. One of my least favorite SW characters.

    • Arron Frazier
      Arron Frazier

      Wrong! Anakin was the prideful and very naïve. The man who admits to you, he is the Sith Lord the Jedi had been looking for over 10 years, he is the same man that tried to kill your wife Padme multiple times but you choose him over the Jedi who weren't trying to kill Padme along million if not billions other people. If Anakin would have allowed Windu to do his job, Padme would still be alive and the galaxy wouldn't have suffered the 20 plus years of death, destruction and chaos up under Palpatine and the Empire.

  • Willy Befurt
    Willy Befurt

    Windu- he’s to dangerous to be kept alive Anakin- trick or yeet Windu- yeet? Palpatean- yeet it is

  • sameer thakur
    sameer thakur

    Why do you fear Master Windu? Looks like Samuel Jackson, he does. Really Badass Jackson is. So could Windu be.

  • Gilburt Torsiello
    Gilburt Torsiello

    The moldy mimosa sequentially confess because stop observationally face minus a third environment. orange, squeamish t-shirt

  • Mr. Kai
    Mr. Kai

    This is probably a dumb question but I’ve never watched this channel before - is this fan fiction or is everything he’s saying actually based on canon/comics/legends/etc ❓❓

  • taabish ali
    taabish ali

    They just hating on him coz he's black

  • Jacob

    no thats just samuel l. jackson

  • Randy Ott
    Randy Ott

    Why did the emperor not go for mace windo

  • Tee Rumbott
    Tee Rumbott

    Mandalorian... the should bring mace into the Frey. They brought maul back and he was fuckin cut in half.


    My nigga Windu

  • Will AV
    Will AV

    Yoda is just force sensitive Master Shifu. Change my mind.

  • Seberino

    man i'm coming to this late but could you imagine if windu went on the same path as revan? Now that would be nuts

  • Mace Hindu
    Mace Hindu

    I have become more powerful than any jedi

  • MrDanielgerard

    The only man in the galaxy to say the n word and give it out freely during the councils time

  • Gamer Plaz
    Gamer Plaz

    I feel Iike when Mace Windu was thrown through a window by Anakin Windu survived the fall from the tall building because he is such a strong Jedi. Not only that but if Palpation got yeeted into the core of a planet destroying space ship and survived then why couldn’t Windu survive falling from a large building?

  • Matija Simeunović
    Matija Simeunović

    For me, Mace is a manifestation of everything that is wrong with the Jedi order in the time of the Clone Wars, an arrogant institution that puts itself above everyone else. He never showed compassion and understanding to Anakin and always patronising him every step of his way. From the first moment, they were set out to prove that they were right about him and pushed him away, isolated him and kept calling him out on every mistake he made. They were jealous of his power and it is the most obvious with Mace. Anakin was manipulated, he was too attached, he made grave mistakes.. But had he trusted in who should have been his teachers, had he known without doubt that they wouldn't judge him for his temptations and struggles, he would have asked for help openly. It was Anakin who failed at the end but I am not entirely sure that if Windu had killed Palpatine and everything turned out OK, that the Jedi order wouldn't have taken control of the Republic and become a tyrannical institution. Mace Windu certainly looks like a guy who could have fallen.

    • Matija Simeunović
      Matija Simeunović

      @Arron Frazier I'm not making a case that the Sith are good at all. Just that Mace Windu was an arrogant prick and a pretty big chunk of the Jedi Council was kinda shitty. Yoda, Qui Gon and Obi Wan really followed the Force and stood up for what the Jedi were supposed to be and they are excluded from that. But the downfall of the Jedi Order and the fact that Palpatine could manipulate them like he did was much a result of the arrogance of many of the Jedi is all I'm sayin'.

    • Arron Frazier
      Arron Frazier

      @Matija Simeunović A course you would say that! The Jedi were not perfect but once the the Sith and the Empire took over, the galaxy experience death, destruction and chaos on scale that hadn't been seen in over 10000 years.

    • Matija Simeunović
      Matija Simeunović

      @Arron Frazier Yeah, I wasn't really talking about that, you just repeated the series of events from the movie lol

    • Arron Frazier
      Arron Frazier

      Wrong! If Windu had killed Palpatine billions would have not suffered over 20 year under the Empire. Also, Padme would have not died in child birth because of a broken heart. She lost the will to live after learning Anakin turned to darkside, killed younglings, planned to become the emperor himself and etc. Anakin planned actions after turning to the darkside went against everything Padme stood for. She wasn't going to be able to follow him. This is what Anakin's visions of Padme dying in child birth never showed him. He never saw in his vision leading up to her death in child birth. His own actions led to her death with a broken heart and non will to live.

  • glenn houston
    glenn houston

    Mace windu, the only jedi master from the westside of the force🤣🍻

  • Rain_Portal 202
    Rain_Portal 202

    Hes got black magic

  • SecretPlayzz

    Yoda is too fast for Mace Windu to catch or beat.

  • Barbara Sweet
    Barbara Sweet


  • vengeur50

    Windu was powerful because he had the n word pass

  • Taba Lyagio
    Taba Lyagio

    Two reasons 1. He had the n-word pass 2.He can just say “MOTHERFUCKER “to any jedi at any given time

  • SSJson Chieflot
    SSJson Chieflot

    I just got Mace Windus lightsaber at Disney World. So clean.

  • Menace

    The Jedi actually needed someone like Windu. Yes, their needs to be a balance of peace but also a balance when it comes to war situations or combat. He’s what keeps them on their toes I guess. Idfk.

  • koolkokujin7015

    Sounds like a good story for in "Alternate Universe".

  • LucasGamer TV
    LucasGamer TV

    My favourite jedi

  • LucasGamer TV
    LucasGamer TV

    I literally got a Lego Star Wars ad before this video

  • Timothy ventura
    Timothy ventura

    I’d love to see windu just tear into Rey and Kylo about their jedi Angst and inexperience

  • shawn mitic
    shawn mitic

    How was Windu so great when it was an equivalent to Dooku but Anakin made Dooku his b!tch.

    • Arron Frazier
      Arron Frazier

      You mean Dooku wasn't equivalent to Windu! If you look at the Jedi from ROTS back 30 years the Sith Plaguies and Sidious want as apprentice but never accept would be Windu. His nature was just like Anakin. Windu was extremely powerful and warrior juggernaut. If you look at all the apprentices of Maul, Dooku and Anakin, they were all easily manipulated and controlled by Sidious. That would have never worked with WIndu. Mace never trusted Palpatine just like he never trusted Anakin but he was right about both. Plaguies and Sidious could never trust Windu. The moment he became an apprentice, he would be looking to kill them. That is the Sith way.

  • don felony
    don felony

    yoda racist on God!! didn't hear none that on young Vader lol

  • Mrlavs

    Anakin should have been Mace Windus Padawan instead of Obi Wans. Anakin got the master he wanted instead of needed.

  • Christopher Kidwell
    Christopher Kidwell

    Remember: They said EVERYTHING is a 'step down the dark path' if they disagree with what someone does. Not a surprise that Luke Skywalker said "Nope!" to the dogma of the Old Republic Jedi Order.

  • Paul Hunter
    Paul Hunter

    I'm pretty sure Anikan was a much better saber dueler then Windu

  • Oh Frick It's Phil
    Oh Frick It's Phil

    I think they should have explored this connection more in the movies. Some of Windu's dialogue should have been changed accordingly as well. Sentences like "I don't trust him" in regards to Anakin could have been sentences like "People doubted me and I proved them wrong. And myself. He must do the same." I don't know. Just thinking really.

  • ered203

    I'm not here to talk about my coffee. I'm here to discuss the dead sith in my garage. When you came in here, did you notice a sign on my house that said "Dead Sith Storage"? DID YOU NOTICE A SIGN IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE THAT SAID "DEAD SITH STORAGE"? Do you know why you didn't notice it, because it ain't there, because storing dead sith is not my fucking business, that's why.

  • Scott da Newt truth
    Scott da Newt truth

    The clinical , pure attacking way Mace takes out Jango is amazing and no other Jedi bar Anakin could have been as emphatically ruthless .

  • ThisIsMetv

    Would’ve loved to have seen Windu v Anakin.

  • ZL7207

    Windu could’ve just been going through an extremely long dark side phase due to his youth.

  • Hayden Johnson
    Hayden Johnson

    I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure one of the perks of having a purple lightsaber is having control over your emotions, meaning he probably would give in to the dark side, unless he really wanted to, also a purple lightsaber means harnessing the darkness too sooooooo I hadent watched the full video when I put that, so some of what I said was in the video,

  • Millennial 1990
    Millennial 1990

    Bruh, if he became a sith...now that's a thought.

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad

    Windu is the only character that I can be okay with killing Jango. Anybody else and I'd be pissed that Jango died

  • jar jar binks
    jar jar binks

    Frick mace fell out the windu again crap

  • Ryan Kohls
    Ryan Kohls

    Imagine how much better if Morgan Freeman played Mace Windu. So much better.

  • Taka Thousand Birds
    Taka Thousand Birds

    Jedi are the galaxies biggest pussies. They fear everything they don't understand and end up making things worse for themselves

  • Joel Quinn
    Joel Quinn

    And the one time he should not have hesitated and hold back - he allowed the greatest fall and greatest tragedy to come. If he is still alive i would not blame him for a different path.

  • alex simpson
    alex simpson

    I think because he realises his "faults" as a jedi, being between light and dark side he wouldn't have ever turned fully to the dark side, but he understands the strength of the dark side, but only uses the dark side in desperate times. Like when he force chokes. I don't think he's ever used lightening though, correct me if im wrong.

  • Kihembo Nobert
    Kihembo Nobert

    Wouldnt mind some references for this info

  • Mikhail Dc
    Mikhail Dc

    Windu hated all white people cause what they did to his ancestors..

  • Elton Harper
    Elton Harper

    This is the exact reason why he should’ve trained aniken vs his brother obi

  • ben boucher
    ben boucher

    fuck anakin

  • Tomken8d2

    Every man of peace must also have violence in his heart as well. Peacemaking is a battle.

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza

    Yoda: purple outfit you cannot have Mace: *stares motherfuckeraly* Yoda: perhaps an exception i can make

  • Abu Shahadah
    Abu Shahadah

    only the black jedi is aggressive give me a break