I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 4 & 5
Ryan Trahan
7 days. 1 penny. day 4 and 5. 0 fricks left to give.
learn more about CTFB ► www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/​
watch my gaming channel ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_RSg...
support Front Steps ► frontsteps.org/​

  • Iris Rosales
    Iris Rosales

    Omg that’s me!

    • Mélida Baca
      Mélida Baca

      IRIS! What’s your Instagram?

    • Angie Finnerty
      Angie Finnerty

      love you iris!!!!!

    • YasYasTR2009

      HELOO IRIS!!!

    • Iker Medina
      Iker Medina


    • Dr Dim
      Dr Dim


  • zombieee


  • jaedengamergirl Erickson
    jaedengamergirl Erickson

    but.... the party at the park from 8 to 1 you... forgot.

  • Stíofán Spealáin
    Stíofán Spealáin

    Getting into a hotel bed is the best feeling in the world haha

  • Thomas Sun
    Thomas Sun

    wait a minute........... why do you sound like omnious nebula

  • Melanie Valdez-Brown
    Melanie Valdez-Brown

    Happy birthday jayla

  • stupid-hands hi
    stupid-hands hi

    Whats that place at and call

  • Skyler Dunaway
    Skyler Dunaway

    now you know what to do if you become homeless and poor lol

  • Trent Animations
    Trent Animations

    That shotgun 😂

  • Saucy Cactus
    Saucy Cactus

    Wait did he ever go to the quince

  • The Poolside Hangout 3
    The Poolside Hangout 3

    who agrees the first episode was the best

  • Fowlan Allen
    Fowlan Allen

    How funny! My kids found this on BGfix and that's me and my dog!

  • Deb Gillitzer
    Deb Gillitzer

    Happy birthday Jayla !!!!!!

  • G-Bone

    I love you.

  • Joseph Nunez
    Joseph Nunez

    I thought he was actually going to go to that girl’s quinceria😔

  • Trevor Dane Daniels
    Trevor Dane Daniels

    Yo that was awesome when you came out of the McDonald’s good job man keep it up.

  • Brody Stanley
    Brody Stanley

    Two words let’s get it that’s 3

  • Wyatt Beals
    Wyatt Beals

    That camera is insane 😂 Watch out for cougars 😆

  • Ken127

    7:32 It says $2 for 3 not 2 for $3 haha

  • Ella Alcorn
    Ella Alcorn

    we love you iris

  • gummybe4rr

    what is the background music called in the intro?


    Helo ryan trahan make more this is cool becuse this thing will make us survive in a city or something XD but cool thing and good idea

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYLA We wish you happy birthday

  • Doggo Needle
    Doggo Needle

    He cheated he used his phone to work for Uber eats which he didn’t buy with the money that came from the penny

  • 22 Muhammad Andromeda Nur Firdaus
    22 Muhammad Andromeda Nur Firdaus

    I beg you all of american people please save us in gaza palestine, iam 10 years old and i have sister, please save my sister and my mom please,may god bless you

  • Gisella Yoshimi
    Gisella Yoshimi

    Happy Bday Jayla

  • Yeeyee

    Bro better show up to her quince🤨

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J

    Attention starved and lack of creativity is this "influencers" main problem.

  • Gina Finch
    Gina Finch

    "The amount of lactic acid in my buttocks right now is SCIENTIFIC dude" 😂

  • [Pug Rider]
    [Pug Rider]

    2 more days so excited!

  • Natnael Demelash
    Natnael Demelash

    I am worried for your health eating McDonalds for 1 week isn't good.

  • K Moore
    K Moore

    Has he had water

  • Splop

    Him: makes $1,000,000 in a day Me: why don’t all homeless people do this?

  • That gamer Demon
    That gamer Demon

    Happy birthday jaly

  • Brady Hughes
    Brady Hughes

    I love how day 4 is 14 minutes but day 5 is 4 minutes long

  • Mateo Hecimovic
    Mateo Hecimovic

    McDonalds is probably thinking “when did this guy come in town?”

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man


  • JB Man
    JB Man

    Wait why was he in his house when he was talking about how much money he raised

  • GGbot

    "below 50degrees" bruh fifty degrees is the highest ive ever had in canada

  • Kawaii Bby
    Kawaii Bby

    Can we talk about the kind high schoolers tho :’)

  • The Marshall Boys
    The Marshall Boys

    Hey Ryan, my family started a nonprofit called families 4 families and it is a nonprofit that feeds families in need all around the country now. I know u probably won’t see this but I was just wondering if next episode you could donate to my families charity.

  • aiden bell
    aiden bell

    Happy bday jayla

  • Saffronduck gaming
    Saffronduck gaming

    It’s iris

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin

    Who gives a FACK.

  • gio sison
    gio sison

    1:49 do I just see CO2 coming out from the back right

  • Sophie Playz
    Sophie Playz

    Have you lost weight from making trips like that? ( this is no hate and absolutely not saying you were fat.)

  • gio sison
    gio sison

    1:33 you mean 3 words

  • abduster

    Wow number 3 on trending

  • Nicholas Leacock
    Nicholas Leacock

    Live of a penny for a month

  • Grace.E Williams-Smith
    Grace.E Williams-Smith

    We respect u

  • Siimply Sweet
    Siimply Sweet

    ruben and quin...

  • Brayton Waters
    Brayton Waters

    The Mc chicken should be renamed as the mc chemicals, same with all their burgers there literally just made of chemicals and like 2% meat.

  • Josef Borow
    Josef Borow

    Did anyone else notice this? "Thank you very much" "No problem" "You Too" 16:49

  • Averi leigh
    Averi leigh

    It was three words lol 🤣

  • Rylee Playz
    Rylee Playz

    What about that girls birthday party

  • Ben Invest
    Ben Invest

    *5 things to quit right now:* *1. Overthinking* *2. Trying to make everyone happy* *3. Living in the past* *4. Worrying* *5. Doubting yourself*

  • Ellie Sadeghi
    Ellie Sadeghi


  • LukeVX


  • tristan esparza
    tristan esparza


  • B77

    dude pls continue to share these videos I looooove it!💙😂

  • Ap0lloO

    You should totally do a lemonade stand lmao. Bring back the good old days of childhood.

  • Christian Jackson
    Christian Jackson


  • pinecsne

    guys you should totally check out his other serieseseses they're pretty good too 😎

  • Showna

    ngl but i feel like being an uber driver is a cop out from profiting from the original penny. kind of runniness it :/

  • Keagan Taylor
    Keagan Taylor

    I wish I could donate, but alas...I'm only a mere child. 😥

  • Dodo Dude
    Dodo Dude


  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming

    Where is the kid that give you 20 bucks

  • Jhonny Tenezaca
    Jhonny Tenezaca

    Guys the fundraiser hit $10k

  • Ovakai


  • Jane Dough
    Jane Dough

    Watching you shotgun that soda for $8 reminds me of when I'd pay my brother $3 to shoot nerf darts up his nose.

  • BH Equipment Enterprises
    BH Equipment Enterprises

    Your in Fredericksburg that’s we’re im from recognized the buildings

    • starshapedstar


  • (S)-Elsie Nelson-Walling
    (S)-Elsie Nelson-Walling

    lol where is is he when he said 8,000 in a house ???????? lier


    Cool and all but please show me one serious guy who asked

  • Professor Noob
    Professor Noob

    Ruben and Quinn, what legends

  • YeahImNick

    Ayy number 3 on trending

  • Stephen the creeper
    Stephen the creeper

    Well I no now what I will do when I’m homeless

  • Oscar Gamer Roblox And fortnite
    Oscar Gamer Roblox And fortnite

    bruh i live in houston

  • Aaron Iverson
    Aaron Iverson

    Hey Ryan I dare you to try and find a different restaurant other than one in town

  • NvEaRfΨ

    I wanna see more vids like this

  • Livi Vlogs and Stuff
    Livi Vlogs and Stuff

    Omg I was in this video

  • Braincells

    the 1.7k dislikes are from people with less than 4 IQ.

  • ————

    You never went to the Jayla’s party 😂

  • Dekker Runyan
    Dekker Runyan

    wait didn't he try to sell his bike?

  • Ivan Gemmill
    Ivan Gemmill

    I thought I was the only one that listened to that song 0:26

  • tylerfuller09

    it 's pop

  • TheBlaise123

    The only reason this works is because he is an attractive person that people will notice and well be attracted to.

    • TheBlaise123

      @Jennifer Jiang it’s sad but it’s a looks based world

    • Jennifer Jiang
      Jennifer Jiang


  • Eva Ronnan
    Eva Ronnan

    13:32 ~ iM a sLeEpY bOi

  • Bryce Muse
    Bryce Muse

    I became a big fan in 1 video

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    BGfix is cancer

  • Brian Miskanin
    Brian Miskanin


  • NolanTheLegend

    NO THAT IS NOT ILEAGLE he's just giving to the poor

  • ————

    I was curious why you weren’t uploading

  • Reborn! Mommy!
    Reborn! Mommy!

    11:47 Dangggggg that was so swag 🤡🤡

  • Kenadee Alexander
    Kenadee Alexander

    OMG i am a huge fan of you iris

  • Nirup Charan
    Nirup Charan

    When are you again see guinn

  • Goonie Nanko
    Goonie Nanko

    To the 1% people who see this have a good day and stay safe❤️

  • Z

    I started with a thumb tac, and traded my way to a telescope. But in a way, the most vauable thing here wasnt the telescope at all. No, it was the packet of beans, and I traded the telescope for it, and I can just go buy another telescope.

  • Collin Jordan
    Collin Jordan

    We’re is Chris and the food truck:(

  • vexX 254
    vexX 254

    Quinn carried the series

  • Marcus Stoor
    Marcus Stoor

    happy bday jayla

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