Obi-Wan KENOBI Disney+ (2022): A Star Wars Story - Teaser Trailer Mashup/Concept | Star Wars Series
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On August 23, 2019, at the D23 Expo, Lucasfilm officially announced the as-yet untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+, with McGregor confirmed to return as Kenobi. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy stated that the show's scripts had been completed and that shooting would begin in 2020. It is set eight years after the events of Revenge of the Sith, or 11 years before A New Hope.
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Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Series refers to a potential Disney+ TV series following the story of the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi, with the prequel trilogy actor Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Kenobi. Following the news about Disney Channel being in talks with McGregor, the subject became a trending topic of memes among the Star Wars fans.
On August 15th, Cinelinx reported that Disney Channel and actor Ewan McGregor were in talks about the actor's potential reprisal of his role as Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi for an unnamed TV series for Disney+ digital subscription service. the rise of skywalker, the rise of skywalker trailer 2, the rise of skywalker trailer In the following hours, multiple television and cinema news outlets confirmed the report. As of August 16th, 2019, no further details had been made available.
Lucusfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy made it official to fans that an Obi-Wan series is coming to Disney+. The rise of skywalker trailer reaction, kenobi series trailer,kenobi movie trailer,kenobi teaser trailer.She brought Ewan McGregor on stage, who begged the question to the room: “Ask me if I’m going to play Obi-Wan,” a question he has received backstage at awards shows and from reporter phone calls. Kenobi 2020, obi-wan kenobi disney+,obi-wan trailer,obi-wan series, darth sidious episode 9, darth sidious the rise of skywalker. “We have all the scripts written, and we’re ready to go next year, we can’t wait to start production,” said Kennedy. The rise of skywalker anakin, the emperor the rise of skywalker, palpatine the rise of skywalker, obi wan series trailer. McGregor was the surprise (not-so?) appearance at the end of Disney+’s D23 Star Wars streaming presentation today.
Prior to Solo: A Star Wars Story bombing at the box office, the first of what was going to be a number of classic Star Wars character spin-off movies, there was buzz of an Obi-Wan movie, with three-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stephen Daldry attached. Kenobi official trailer,obi-wan kenobi official trailer,official kenobi series trailer,new kenobi series,disney plus the rise of skywalker trailer music, kenobi announcement, kenobi,kenobi disney plus,kenobi disney+,kenobi movie. No word if he’s still involved here. There was news that broke when Solo released that Disney was reviving a Boba Fett movie, with James Mangold helming, but those plans were sidelined when Jon Favreau’s streaming series Mandalorian came into fruition.

  • Teaser PRO
    Teaser PRO

    Hey Guys! I hope this series will meets our expectations. So what do you think about my trailer and that upcoming series at all?

    • God Gamer
      God Gamer

      If Darth Mual does return it would connect with the star wars rebels series becuase obi-wan killed Darth Mual in that series.

    • Sammy Murphy
      Sammy Murphy

      This film....has the high ground

    • Kaike Santos
      Kaike Santos


    • call a spade a spade
      call a spade a spade

      Yeah, um.... That clip is from star wars movies, yes. But; the clips with obi wan is from the movie were he played Jesus. Come on man! Had all excited and shit. Thumbs down.

  • American Mapping
    American Mapping

    I’m so fucking excited, it will start production next month

  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul

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  • Ioulechka Ioulia
    Ioulechka Ioulia

    Poor Kenobi..

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul


  • Miquel LLAMAS MOYÀ
    Miquel LLAMAS MOYÀ

    is this real

  • xThalion

    mans predicted the future

  • Ubirter

    Hello there!

  • Yog Sothoth
    Yog Sothoth

    He's actually exercising for this role, so we should actually see some good swordplay again...! Not to say that clone wars doesn't have some good scenes.. just the new is trilogy particularly bad.

  • Allen Ashworth
    Allen Ashworth

    Be great if they brought bendu in this one.

  • willzy75 Rivero Ranger
    willzy75 Rivero Ranger

    Darth Maul zombie lol.

  • LEGO STAR WARS и не только
    LEGO STAR WARS и не только


  • Mark Goulding
    Mark Goulding

    Hope Liam Neeson is in it❤️

  • Daniil Gusarov
    Daniil Gusarov

    ЖДЕМ!) 😎😄

  • Ray Thompson
    Ray Thompson

    Another pathetic wannabe. Can't create original material, so they rip off other people's work. The trailer sucks and is a piece of trash.

  • Steve's Classic Rock Covers
    Steve's Classic Rock Covers

    I am so looking forward to this one.

    • Ollie Cohen
      Ollie Cohen

      Same can’t wait for another appearance from maul either !

  • MythrilMusketeer

    lol ik where this clips came from

  • itzCasio -_-
    itzCasio -_-




  • Sam Schmelzer
    Sam Schmelzer

    I support Gina! Shame on our Hollywood hypocrisy.

  • RightPushBack

    star wars is dead - kk

  • Otokichi786

    As expected, Jedi regard Death as a quaint/superstitious concept.;)

  • Enrique R. O.
    Enrique R. O.

    Anybody knows where this being shot?

  • ninjarooneil 78
    ninjarooneil 78

    Kennedy is involved it will be shit. I've forseen it.

  • Gissel

    Se parece a san pedro de atacama , norte de chile 😨❤

  • Fromatrexxx_ mmm
    Fromatrexxx_ mmm

    Как мне жалко Оби Вана без энакина

  • Миша Иванов
    Миша Иванов


  • mark gresty
    mark gresty

    wait why does kenobi look like a street rat ..........he is a trained disiplained jedi master and they made him look like more of a street rat then REY the actual street rat! wtf is wrong with disney seriously.

  • Bryan Boys
    Bryan Boys

    Sorry- no Disney garbage for me anymore

  • Mike Dervos
    Mike Dervos

    Release in 2022? Ohh fuck come on...

  • Hernán Pedroza
    Hernán Pedroza


  • mark nickel
    mark nickel

    as long as it passes LGBTQ regulations it should be fine. since they are the ones tv and movies are made for now.

  • Rafael Santamaría
    Rafael Santamaría

    Yo ho, yo ho!

  • dueldr

    I'll never watch another Star Wars film so long as Disney is holding the cards. The villains at Disney won't get another dime from me

    • john alsop
      john alsop

      I'm back on board now that they fired the trump worshipping Gina.

    • Leafs Forever
      Leafs Forever

      Couldn’t agree more w regards to the last 3 instalments - they were horrendous !

  • Daniel Dacio Art
    Daniel Dacio Art

    Qué estupidez!

  • Lorenzo Gasperoni
    Lorenzo Gasperoni

    He's gone on tatooine to defend luke for only one reason. S A N D

  • Cihu Cat
    Cihu Cat

    Is this real movie trailer

  • Ted Ebayer
    Ted Ebayer

    may the

  • Bobbi Burk
    Bobbi Burk

    Oh yeah!!! Obi one Kenobi is one of my faves. Young and old. Can't wait to watch!!!

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    A lot of rogue one shots in this.

  • BenjiDDragon

    Thumbnail looks like Jesus Kenobi

  • Cain Tindal
    Cain Tindal

    Obi wan's ground hog day.

  • Ymy Symy
    Ymy Symy


  • Vernon Frampton
    Vernon Frampton

    Screw you disney. I don't care anymore. You ruined starwars.

  • Максим Стоялов
    Максим Стоялов

    Поддерживаю информационно.

  • Rich

    We saw him kill darth Maul already in the series ,why is Maul in it again,im annoyed if the story centres around this snd not lukes training ,it will be another opotunity missed

    • tripex

      Its a teaser trailer this is not the real one

  • Mr Sinister
    Mr Sinister

    Another cash crop using tbe star wars name. God i hate disney

  • OneHit Wonder
    OneHit Wonder


  • Sergei Keler
    Sergei Keler

    В общем, фуфел. Будет два часа какой-то мудак бродить по пустыне, горам и бессмысленно страдать.

  • Rederick Froders
    Rederick Froders

    Lets be honest. He is and remains the main dude for alot of star wars fans

  • Steven Ahlberg
    Steven Ahlberg

    Star Wars sucks Disney ruined it for me I will never pay for another Star Wars thing in my life

  • carlos ricardez
    carlos ricardez


  • David Domino
    David Domino

    Oh yeah !!!

  • Daizuke

    Que gran historia la que se viene... (emocionado) 😎. Me gustara ver, después del ascenso de los sith como Obi Wan se mantuvo firme en medio del dominio del imperio galáctico.

  • Libros Cristianos
    Libros Cristianos

    Kenobiiiiiiii. Obi-wan kenobi vs Darth maul 😍

  • Ellisboi21

    The protecting someone is darth maul

  • hjemis

    This is really bad

  • Serenity

    Ewan McGregor....?

  • VIictor Shapkin
    VIictor Shapkin

    Hello there

  • Serge

    nothing new, old bad guy will be defeated again.

  • creeper58272

    I'd rather see this as a movie

  • mike f
    mike f

    Take my money!

  • Ilia Krestinskii
    Ilia Krestinskii

    Please be a good movie

  • Alex Rock HounD
    Alex Rock HounD

    No se rick...

  • Дори Кор
    Дори Кор

    Кайф ребят. Эта сага бесконечна, как и вселенная!

  • Tima krut :O
    Tima krut :O


  • Alejandro Gonzalez Quiros
    Alejandro Gonzalez Quiros

    Don kenobi que en paz descanse

  • alzathoth

    if kennedy and jj do this. they will destroy it.

  • Александр Белый
    Александр Белый

    Оби Ван ведь располовинил Дарта Мола...!!!?

    • Александр Белый
      Александр Белый

      @Костя прохождение и обзор игр понял, спасибо

    • Костя прохождение и обзор игр
      Костя прохождение и обзор игр

      Посмотри мультсериалы "войны клонов" и "повстанцы", в кратце его раса может жить без нижней половины тела, о в конце 4 сезона войн клонов вернулся , ему поставили протез на пол тела , ну и вот так как-то

  • Gustavo Figueroa
    Gustavo Figueroa

    se supone que hay deberia encontrarse con ezra tambien hay no ?

  • Сергей Пархоменко
    Сергей Пархоменко


  • maguro harami
    maguro harami


  • Bucha Bucha
    Bucha Bucha

    Ебучий пылесос,это чё такое,будут новые фильмы?

    • rytp SYS
      rytp SYS

      Ебать копать

  • redhathat

    Where the fuck is this movie....waiting forever, if not want ja ja bunks story before he met jedi

  • 김대광

    스타워즈야 광야의40일이야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅇㅋ

  • Habeeb Rahman
    Habeeb Rahman

    We want the bgms of the first three chapters

  • даниил назаркин
    даниил назаркин

    Кто шо думает?

    • Костя прохождение и обзор игр
      Костя прохождение и обзор игр

      Думаю будет норм

  • Canine

    przeciez to jest lotr 1 same ujecia

  • DankEZ

    as long as ewan mcgregor is obi-wan, im happy

  • Gummygoo2

    dude this is actually such a good trailer omg

  • Bart - The Brick Builder
    Bart - The Brick Builder


  • Ernesto Zarate
    Ernesto Zarate

    Si hacen de la antigua república películas trilogía haganla legendaria muchos siths muchos jedis demasiadas peleas épicas con sables eso queremos los fans recuperen el legado Star wars quedihamos todos wuaoooo de peleas épicas con sables un caos de peleas de sables

  • Fred LAGG
    Fred LAGG

    Duel of fates!! :"0

  • Chihuahua Friend
    Chihuahua Friend

    Is it going to be a series or a movie? Because Rouge One a Star Wars Series and Han Solo a Star Wars Series were also Movies

  • Kel Kun
    Kel Kun

    I hope they put the part he fucked Padme while sedated by his mindtrick. It would show the world the real reason why Anakin turned to the dark side...

    • Kel Kun
      Kel Kun

      -You turned her against me! -She was sedated Anakin, I had done my mind trick on her, SHE'S WEAK! -LIAR! -Don't let your personal emotions get in the way of the Force! -LIAR! I HATE YOU!

  • Rostislav Mutovski
    Rostislav Mutovski

    It really looks boring or it just me?

  • Sam Matthews
    Sam Matthews

    Is this true

  • • Almaz •
    • Almaz •


  • 煉獄杏寿郎

    this move will excellent‼︎ in addition The boy who was preparing for the lightsaber that appeared in 8 is also worrisome!

  • SotnEC

    QuiGon really was the greatest of the Jedi, hopefully this series will bring out a lot more of his character

  • Diego Flores Ascencio
    Diego Flores Ascencio

    Esto es parte de otras películas y trailers

  • Doutor Au Au
    Doutor Au Au

    Kenobi, the loyal Jedi

  • Geri Al
    Geri Al

    kenobi ? (roguen one ) nıce trailer

  • M M
    M M

    How can there be three sith....

  • Dan Gameplay
    Dan Gameplay

    Top Kenobi

  • Blake McMahan
    Blake McMahan


  • Селим Джанджаков
    Селим Джанджаков

    Будет пиздатее чем мандалорец

  • sega_ buga
    sega_ buga

    Какого ху@ там этот черт? Его же кеноби разрезал, потом сочинять типа роботом был и выжил

    • Нурдаулет Жайнак
      Нурдаулет Жайнак

      @sega_ buga и это канон

    • Нурдаулет Жайнак
      Нурдаулет Жайнак

      @sega_ buga он не умер, после того как обиван разрезал его пополам он выжил и как то попал на планету похожую на свалку, там он делает себе новые конечности и сходит с ума из-за мести к Обивану. Там потом надо уже посмотреть тебе Звёздные Войны войны клонов, там он часто появлялся и потом уже посмотри Повстанцы

    • sega_ buga
      sega_ buga

      @Нурдаулет Жайнак объясни в двух словах, как он появился на татуине если его убили в 1 части

    • Нурдаулет Жайнак
      Нурдаулет Жайнак

      Посмотри Повстанцы, там он появился и Кеноби его убил, и там все объяснили

  • Satanás de Bermuda
    Satanás de Bermuda

    The best Star Wars Vilain: J.J. Abrams

  • Milo X
    Milo X

    I just don't trust Disney to make this. The spend too much time on placing Easter Eggs to cover up the lack of a well developed story.

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