Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen - Full Edit - All Parts
Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator:
Astartes Channel
Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community
Download link for this edit:

  • TheChach

    Edit: The original creator has been hired on by GW to continue the project and contribute to others. As such the originals are no longer available on BGfix, the project is now on Warhammer Community. Links have been updated. I'm not sure how this news will affect the future of the project, but I find myself feeling pessimistic. I hope I am wrong. Either way, this video will remain up as long as I am allowed to and I have added a mega link for this edit at the bottom of this comment and the description. Parts 1 - 5 of the Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen, edited into one video for convenience. I played no part in the making of this film. All credit goes to the creator: Astartes Channel Astartes Animation on Warhammer Community Download link for this edit:

    • Maximum Bacon
      Maximum Bacon

      @Aethenthebored All true. But not applicable as I understand it? This is still an orginal work. As such it enjoys copy right protection. Weather that work has been commercialized is immaterial. This has been part of international copy right law precident for over a century. License to distribute and trade mark are separate issues. And that's up to GW to pursue or as is the case, not. Of course copy right protection is also up to the creator to pursue. So this is all clearly a moot point at this stage. Even so, I think you raise some interesting legal arguments and I could very well be mistaken. I shall research more. Thank for the insightful comment.

    • Aethenthebored

      @Maximum Bacon "fair use doesn't cover it." But the license it was released under does. Creative commons license allows redistribution. Further, compilations have long been protected under fair use, specifically in cases like this where neither the original nor compilation were commercial products.

    • Maximum Bacon
      Maximum Bacon

      @SteampunkNord Truth. Things changed. Obviously. More importantly the Astartes channel doesn't care. That's the main thing. I get we WANT this. My argument was never that it wasn't amazing. My argument was that wanting something doesn't give you right to it and that fair use doesn't cover it. But hey, we got it. Author doesn't care and GW hasn't put a strike on it. Win, win, win.

    • SteampunkNord

      @Maximum Bacon This super cut is the only way I can watch this, aside from the ocassional memes that come up using this animation.

    • Kidd's_Realm

      @TheChach Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  • Vhailor

    Good thing you actually have made a full edit mate. The soundtrack is far better on the original version. I understand that GW wanted to avoid legal suit with the original soundtrack but hell, it sounds fierce and brutal. At least, you provide me with an excellent back up and thanks for that.

  • Maya Doe
    Maya Doe

    Fucking space marines are OP and I want Saitama to punch them just to take them down a peg tbqfh

    • Maya Doe
      Maya Doe

      im glad he got sucked into the orb. fuck them. heretic ride or die

  • Esquilo Do Tempo
    Esquilo Do Tempo


  • Сергей Палагин
    Сергей Палагин

    Какое же говно эта ваша хуита 40000 или 40000? нИПАНЯТНА.

  • 우주닌자

    다음편 언제나오나요 기다리다 늙어 죽겠어요 ㅠ

  • Renomix.-

    i never played warhammer or one of the games but video makes me watching it for the 4th time. Great job!

  • Six

    Seeing as GW has taken them....

  • Alexander Dye
    Alexander Dye

    The movement and flow of the camera starting at 4:23 is spectacular. My favorite part is where the Astartes gets a pistol shot off inside of the shield and almost impales the psyker with the knife (4:55) only to be stopped by the other psyker. The intensity of this engagement is the masterpiece with the coolest zoom shot at 5:02.

  • SiRJiri

    Fantastic W40 video. Great job.

  • Morgan Sutherland
    Morgan Sutherland

    Can they just make at least an animated series or something....I would love to see the worldeaters in action....even a proper Hollywood directed movie.....the Warhammer 40k universe has tons to deliver in terms of action.

  • The

    Imagine taking a successful standalone series made by a lone artist, devoting your entire infrastructure and financial system to it and having it universally hated by fans. GW need to fire some people...

  • En_Malte

    Warhammer for life not

  • Graebel

    Praise this archeotech. Praise the omnisiah

  • Apollyon

    Yo can someone explain to me this whole thing, I’m a war hammer noob..

  • Minh Châu Nguyễn
    Minh Châu Nguyễn

    04:11 Could you guys tell me the unit name of those 2 psykers..?

  • Jorge Escobar
    Jorge Escobar

    Jesus fucking Christ! what war needs soldiers like them? That's just terrifying.

  • pavel yanovich
    pavel yanovich

    ЧТО ЭТО ?!??! о ЧЕМ ЭТО ??

  • MaxoscosDM

    10:26 when someone says Disney Star Wars is okay:

  • Michael Johns
    Michael Johns

    Just not only the most absolute awesome warhammer 40k video but one of the best 3D animations I’ve ever seen. Amazing job. I’m happy GW hired them!

  • Quique

    This is amazing... I would love to have someone explain what i just saw.

  • Hunter Ferguson
    Hunter Ferguson

    Does anybody know if these guys are supposed to be from a specific chapter? I was thinking since they're all dark grey and the only logo I can see is the imperial skull on the pauldron that they might be deathwatch, but if they're deathwatch their other pauldron should have their original chapter paint still. I can't think off the top of my head of any chatpers who's colors are dark grey with a golden skull.

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Retributors Homebrew or used to be at least

  • SD donzori
    SD donzori

    The accurasy with plasmapistol is great.

  • Chehaw

    Soooo, I’m new and I have a question. Who’s the good guys and who’s the bad?

    • Chehaw

      @The Undying Nemesor fair enough

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor


  • CharlesB Miller
    CharlesB Miller

    For the love of god, please give these people a bunch of money and have them make a warhammer movie! My body is ready

  • silent bear
    silent bear

    this is all? or is there more?

  • Ulvetann

    If only Disney (Let them burn in Hell) made this, instead of 'Rey Palpatine'....

  • Jason Thorpe
    Jason Thorpe

    Very COOL!! Thanks for all the hard work and effort

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Thank Syama Pederson not this channel

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Hard work and effort? Because it's so hard to download and then upload someone else's work

  • Eugen Ilinski
    Eugen Ilinski

    That would be the best move of GW to allow the creator complete his series(mean his teaser) despite he is now working for them.

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Pederson was hired about a month or 2 ago

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      This IS complete

  • VillainousMuse

    I still can't get over how bad ass this makes the Astartes actually feel. There's an entire ship to be taken and cleansed, how many do they send? 6.

    • VillainousMuse

      @Yuri DeKhed *Blink blonk* Do you... get your jollies off by being a condescending asswipe? Just curious because it's the only reason I can think of that someone would behave like this. I mean, you do you but could you do it somewhere else? Also 6 is not an odd number for Marines, as their combat squads are typically between 5 and 10 depending on their needs. 6 being a number between 5 and 10, I feel that assertion is not out of line. Especially if a combat squad is joined by a unique character/hero unit ( 5+1=6 ). Soooo... uh, yeah. You can stop getting your testes in a twist over a minor miscounting now.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      @VillainousMuse strange then that of the thousands of comments there are on these videos you are the only one to count that there's six and he just happens to state that there are six when quite obviously there are only 5. And if you have been a fan for 10 years you'd k ow that 6 is an odd number for marines, they have always (until primaris arrived) been in 10s and 5s.

    • VillainousMuse

      @Yuri DeKhed No, I have been a fan of Warhammer 40k for over a decade and a half. I do not require someone to explain to me something like this, I was merely commenting on how it accurately represents the threat that a single Astartes poses to the denizens of the galaxy at large.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      @VillainousMuse I'm.guessing you've watched the 'astartes explained for new people' video have you?

    • VillainousMuse

      @Yuri DeKhed Huh, apparently I miscounted. Could have sworn it was six, only five tho. Hm. No need to be a total dickhead, regardless.

  • Weight of Glory
    Weight of Glory

    Dude, this was incredible

  • TheAlmightyToaster

    Found it funny that the laser cannon looks like a double barreled pak36 from ww2

  • jackRagazzi


  • ClickBaitMeGames __
    ClickBaitMeGames __

    rip for that dudes arm

  • Shovel Man69
    Shovel Man69

    Buy the emperor this video will not fall get the imperial fists fortify it against any attacks from the games workshop

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      How much does he cost?

  • Aero Nomer
    Aero Nomer

    This is better than most of the 3 hour high-budget blockbusters I've seen in the last 10 years.

  • Mike Line
    Mike Line

    why hasn't this been taken down? this dude has nothing of worth.

    • senpai

      You do know that the OG creator sold himself to GW studios and his videos where altered kinda bad-ish? This is the only original version left. So you're kinda, respectfully, wrong.

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    Does anyone know where he ended up or is it not known?

  • SilvOraNt

    What did the OG Kiwi use to create the animations? I remember them being so smooth and quality like when I first saw them, happy he's following his dreams though.

  • GOGOgomes

    that's a Tzeentch artifact if i ever saw one.

  • John McKenna
    John McKenna

    Those Astartes are literally walking tanks.

  • John McKenna
    John McKenna

    Why were the original Astartes films deleted?

    • Dragon XL Gaming
      Dragon XL Gaming

      Since he got hired by them

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Games workshop put them on their warhammer website

  • John McKenna
    John McKenna

    It's not easy being a Space Marine...

  • HacaPotato

    Surprised this hasn't been yanked yet.

    • Dragon XL Gaming
      Dragon XL Gaming

      I know it's been over a month now

  • Alex

    I'm glad you posted this here.

  • jffry890

    Is everyone in this universe a disgusting fucking lefty?

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


  • Jules Lapier
    Jules Lapier

    Omfg i dont undesrtand story bro

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Bad thing on ship, supersoldiers go to deal with it, get sucked into a different world.

  • Mizark Studios
    Mizark Studios

    Someone tell me what is this game and who is the good and bad guy what is the purpose

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Warhammer 40'000 No Why not

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      1. Based off the table top strategy: Warhammer 40k 2. Neither 3. It's a fan animation

  • Yes it is i Lord Megatron
    Yes it is i Lord Megatron

    ultra marrines?

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor


  • Daniel Orta
    Daniel Orta

    Idk but this robots seem pretty OP lol

    • Daniel Orta
      Daniel Orta

      @The Undying Nemesor i had commented before I figured out they weren’t robots, my bad

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      What robots?

  • Harri

    Angry Marines. Always Angry, all the time! :)

  • Holden Tudixx
    Holden Tudixx

    Can this become a video game???

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      There have been lots

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      There is Warhammer space marine Closest you're gonna get for now

  • Warlord Julian Robotnik
    Warlord Julian Robotnik

    Big companies: "How is it possible to make a movie with millions of dollars and thousands of workers!?" Fans: "Are you serious...?"

  • nerowolf1234

    It’s just so good

  • thegigantico

    Behold: In Hystory, this series and Syama Pedersen will be marked as the beginning of a new era in cgi movies.

  • Brian Cairney
    Brian Cairney

    I've just began reading volumes of the Warhammer 40k universe, started with the Nightlords, and I've got to say that this is EXACTLY what I'd have imagined the universe to be like!!!! Sincerely hope that GW follows through with this guys vision and manage to get a netflix or amazon deal for an animated series. There's soooo much source material!!!

  • Samuel Sandoval
    Samuel Sandoval

    I love the animator's connection between Beksinski and Warhammer at the end. It's so cool seeing that style of art in a 3d environment

  • starev

    OMG amazing work

  • вячеслав петров
    вячеслав петров


  • Kahleeto Trez
    Kahleeto Trez

    That was better than any new movie today wow thanks for the treat

  • Daniel Stanislous
    Daniel Stanislous

    When will there be a Warhammer animated series like this?

  • Just a Normal guy
    Just a Normal guy


  • Jimmy Jabbers
    Jimmy Jabbers

    Why have one Doom guy when you can have them all

  • Dylan

    Cool animation buts it's pretty dumb how the dudes in armor are just invincible. Makes it boring in terms of plot

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      That's because you know nothing of the universe this is set in (technically our own) They are meant to be indestructible, and that's the point of them, nothing is as badass as a marine...... except a primaris marine.

  • Никита Синявский
    Никита Синявский

    Супер! Лучший ролик по Warhammer 40000. 👏👏👏🤘

  • // lyaowoo
    // lyaowoo

    planting my flag

  • Deltharra Morghal
    Deltharra Morghal

    I can't believe I'm just seeing this now. This... Hell, this is the best Warhammer related video I've ever seen, if not one of the best sci-fi video ever. Hell, it doesn't even contain one word and it left me breathless the whole time. 13min? No. This had to be 3h long. The music. The camera angle. The sound effects. The brutality. The realistic harshness. You can feel nothing has been watered down. You can feel the dreaded futuristic world. You can feel the raw power. You can feel the Warhammer universe. This.... This is perfection.

  • kenn 928
    kenn 928

    Anyone know what the big golden man is at 7:30?

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Same thing as the two smaller golden dudes Constructs to serve the yu'vath

  • Aid Artfox
    Aid Artfox


  • Grandma Gertrude
    Grandma Gertrude

    let us commence forth

  • Kumanan Sivakumar
    Kumanan Sivakumar

    3:32 butter smooth

  • Rheinx

    What are those skeletal giants ?

  • Phoenix Down
    Phoenix Down

    what chapter are these guys supposed to be i don't recognize them?

    • Dragon XL Gaming
      Dragon XL Gaming

      The Retributors, an Imperial Fists sucessor chapter, they were created for this series but have now been canonzied along with Astartes

  • Derek Allgood
    Derek Allgood

    i know very, very little about warhammer 40k and i have no fucking clue what is going on here. but it looks badass and now i'm interested.

  • david kahil
    david kahil

    Warhammer fandom is the baddest fandom of all

  • Jared Mcvey
    Jared Mcvey

    I love how fan films of Warhammer are almost always better than the official GW products.


    Now this is what I call masculinity and manhood. These kind of movies should Hollywood produce and not todays liberal anti heroic and feminist movies.

  • Thorn

    Better then any movie that’s come out in the past 5 years change my mind

  • Jayyy

    i have no idea whats going on but its cool



  • Алексей Сергеевич
    Алексей Сергеевич


  • A Vought F4U-4 Corsair
    A Vought F4U-4 Corsair

    I've watched this so many times it's starting to become my ASMR for bedtime

  • J450N

    what's the range on a plasma pistol?

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


  • Dom Hemingway
    Dom Hemingway

    really having a bad feeling about him working for GW official now.... but we will see what the future brings

  • Поша Дрочилов
    Поша Дрочилов


  • Acg blah
    Acg blah

    They already crushed home dudes head near the end that got possessed. Damn, then shot the shit out of him just to make sure.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      It's called the emperor's peace

    • Jerrick Riddick
      Jerrick Riddick

      It was a big deal, what possessed his body would have been a huge problem if they didn't "double tap" him

  • Ramsey Forman
    Ramsey Forman

    The GREATEST Cinematic content produced in the last 5 years... NOT MINCING WORDS... Terrified Games Works is going to RUIN this, Hope the guy got a contract that read, "Game Works will Fund the project & leave it up to you."

    • Vedarough

      Games Workshop has already redone the series in 4K but different sounds and music. In my opinion, they ruined it. It was 11/10, now it is 8 or 7/10. Difficult to notice but it doesn't give the same dark and dangerous feeling the original series gives me.

  • Pilkie101

    This is really scary! It would make a great feature length movie.

  • Tom Rundell
    Tom Rundell

    For someone not fluent but familiar with the lore, what is going on here?

    • The Undying Nemesor
      The Undying Nemesor

      Retributors chapter track down rebels holding xenos cargo Xenos appear to b yu'vath who create human/machine guards to protect themselves. The rest is your interpretation

  • Matthew Daniel
    Matthew Daniel

    I want more

  • Fabian Thomas
    Fabian Thomas

    When is part 6 coming please

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      There was never a part 6 planned.

    • Vedarough

      It is unlikely. The author said he will work for Games Workshop (the company that owns the franchise). He wrapped it up in pretty words but the community feels he was given a choice of either surrender his work or face massive fines in court. Games Workshop has already redone the series in 4K but different sounds and music. In my opinion, they ruined it. It was 11/10, now it is 8 or 7/10. Difficult to notice but it doesn't give the same dark and dangerous feeling the original series gives me.

  • Ninjareaper357

    This is easily one of the best animations I've ever seen... This looks better than pretty much any game cinematic as well. I love the feel of this, no unnecessary dialogue or background music, and the suspense is phenomenal (4:37 and 10:10 for example). Amazing is the best word to describe this as a whole.

  • Banana Face
    Banana Face

    I watched this and now i love warhammer

  • Banana Face
    Banana Face


  • Mr. H
    Mr. H

    I want to see a variation for one of these poor men. Imagine training your whole life, hours after hours, days after days, months, years, decades in order to become an elite fighting machine with peak human everything, but then these walking tanks just turn you into pulp in a millisecond of you seeing them.

  • Sem Butcher
    Sem Butcher

    9:25 Astartes is talking! But I can't hear it properly...

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon

    I think it was in "Betrayer" ADB wrote that the type of warfare that space marines excel at is simultaneous orbital and interface operations. It's cool to think that marines are in their element in such an inhospitable combat zone like boarding a ship in the vacuum.

  • Damian Hurnik
    Damian Hurnik


  • Jenkees7

    5:28 You alright, bro?...Yeah, you alright.

  • Алексей Погиба
    Алексей Погиба


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