Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing Dope Hat. (C) 1999 Nothing/Interscope Records

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Stars and pills and needles dance before our eyes

  • Lord Viktor 1977
    Lord Viktor 1977

    Pogo... 👍🏻🤘🏻

  • Adonay Orozco
    Adonay Orozco

    Muy wena la canción ❤

    • Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez
      Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez

      Wenisima 🤘

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    Here I go again! 😄

  • Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
    Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    Featuring a young Robert Iler aka A.J from the Sopranos!

  • frickedyourgirlfriend

    Are we just gonna not bring up the headgina

  • Lion Man
    Lion Man

    I fell like he missed a great opportunity by not showing snippets from Lidsville with Charles Nelson Reilly. I mean his Hudu voice is mixed throughout the song , and Lidsville is what the song is about - yet it’s all about willie wonka in the video?

  • ciro taboada loquendo ciro14
    ciro taboada loquendo ciro14

    No me jodas esto es lo mas Raro que vi en la tele una vez alas 3 de la mañana en mtv

  • Izaak McCullough
    Izaak McCullough

    his best song

  • Loup Noir
    Loup Noir

    I have GOLD TICKET !!!😂🤘🤘

  • Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez
    Daniel Alejandro Barbosa Ramirez

    Está canción está perrisima 🤘🇲🇽

  • Loren Fulghum
    Loren Fulghum

    funny manson > scary manson

  • Jeimmy Rodriguez
    Jeimmy Rodriguez

    Pensar que esto lo pasaban en MTV sin que nadie se ofendiera... Al contrario...

    • ciro taboada loquendo ciro14
      ciro taboada loquendo ciro14

      Yo lo vi en MTV alas 3 de la mañana no sabia que pasaba XD

  • John Marston Zombie
    John Marston Zombie

    Cierto que se parecen?

  • Yuibot

    Got to see Twiggy perform with Manson in '96 then again with APC a several years later. The good old days

  • Alan ibañez
    Alan ibañez

    Marilyn manson

  • Bruno Gomez
    Bruno Gomez

    I remember in 1995 MTV only played this video after 23 pm 😀 :-)

  • Angeles Ramires Ortiz
    Angeles Ramires Ortiz


  • Catie Mock
    Catie Mock


  • Catie Mock
    Catie Mock

    Thank you for being an individual...... Bb

  • Milf Luvvr
    Milf Luvvr

    0:13 just realized that's Charles

  • wesNYC


  • austin vogt
    austin vogt

    Chicken=children pedosymbology

    • Jim Rockwell
      Jim Rockwell


  • Mario Sanchez
    Mario Sanchez

    Always nice to hear (and see) the evidence of how excellent this band really was once upon a time.

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    I'm back on strong drugs again due to my recent surgery. I love playing this song/video when I just had a surgery! Lol. Perfect. I even played it in the hospital. Haha 😄

  • J U D A S
    J U D A S

    fuck I love this 👀❤️

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    I know your nerves are shot, heck...; So are mine. I started on Jim know, Wild Turkey has been gone. Not much, Just enough to ease my nerve pain...the Womb boys are fine. In case anyone has anything to say...They have been talking to me...for over a year. I have to carry them, because The Doctors in Burke and Catawba Counties; think I am Ruth. Lol. Anyway, I have carried these two twins , for over two years. I waddle...I clean the house, maybe walk two tenths of a mile; and it is nap time...when I get home. We are ussing the heater...Cold in the gorge today.

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    If any crap gets started, it is NOT ME.

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    You're THE SHOCK ROCKER of THIS ERA. ALICE COOPER will be sadded out, lol.

  • Anita Arvella Poteet
    Anita Arvella Poteet

    I was going to show you a pic. of Ms. Fluffy...but; my android was hacked. Have a great day!

  • fuckclout4ever

    my favorite manson video haha

  • Mati

    Where's my LSD Sweet Tarts and Scotch?

  • I D K
    I D K

    What a crazy music video :D I liked it.

  • Krysen Stott
    Krysen Stott

    This music video is still a masterpiece 🔥💯💜🥁🎸🤟🏼

  • Convict Presnell
    Convict Presnell

    AJ soprano was kool before he was one of the most hated characters on the sopranos.

    • NightFoxAlpha

      Haha, he was a little bitch by the end.

  • DJ erre O
    DJ erre O

    Excellent Song, Magnificent Video, Thank You Mr.Manson👍

  • ησяα вєє.мяνlツ
    ησяα вєє.мяνlツ

    I know almost every members name's serial killer part. I mean who they are. John Wayne Gacy Albert Fish Ed Gein Richard Ramirez Charles Manson David Berkowitz Im addicted to serial killers lol


    Asi que tu me llevaras al infierno junto con la perra de mi tia ...espero que mínimo cantes esta canción



  • Hello Gamer
    Hello Gamer

    Marylin Manson what's wrong with you?

    • Hello Gamer
      Hello Gamer

      Mayrlun manson you ar cool

    • Hello Gamer
      Hello Gamer


    • re we
      re we

      everything is fine. I'm a Manson. believe me

  • Jheferson Gonzalez
    Jheferson Gonzalez


  • Varg Vikernes
    Varg Vikernes


  • Chaketz Cruz
    Chaketz Cruz

    Alice Cooper Is Better Than Manson

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      Alice Cooper is garbage

  • zane krienitz
    zane krienitz


  • Kiko -
    Kiko -

    Best music video EVER !!

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    This video always reminds me of being in the hospital after my first surgery after a boat almost ran over me causing me to flip my jet ski with it landing on me. I was so doped up and high this is about what I was hallucinating. Lol.

  • Ray Bazan
    Ray Bazan

    First time I saw Marilyn Manson he scared me. I had no choice, but to become a disciple. 😄😄😄

    • I like the word yeah so yeah yeahhh
      I like the word yeah so yeah yeahhh

      Dude SAME! I remember seeing him in a magazine since i was a kid. Was probably about 11 at the time and it legit scared the shit out of me but somehow i couldn't look away because let's face it, the dude looks interesting. And i think at the time i was fully traumatized by his look only but skip to many years later, got obsessed with him and pretty sure I've heard all of the band's music. Literally everything there is to listen to LMAO. Funny how things can change....😂💀

  • ghettoandroid

    What is this, a freakout?

    • Krysen Stott
      Krysen Stott

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfao

  • Dixabled_Glitchfox

    Such a classic.

  • Colectivo NMC
    Colectivo NMC

    Is this about child abuse, right?

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      No. It's about how the fans love his shows, but they don't know what he had to go through to get there.

  • D L
    D L

    I’m 34 and it’s safe to say my mom was wrong. It’s not a phase.

    • Rory O'Connor
      Rory O'Connor


  • nico

    marilyn manson y la fábrica de coc4in4

  • Bargain Tuesday
    Bargain Tuesday

    They don't make em like they used to.

  • tabkat ripvids
    tabkat ripvids

    My dad showed me this when I was a toddler, it explains so much But hey this video kind of inspired me to make a movie that has the same vibe as this video.

  • Jerry Long
    Jerry Long

    The awesome Gidget Gein on bass. Twiggy Ramirez jumping around with the bass even though he didn’t play a single note on this song or any song on “Portrait Of An American Family”.

    • The Lisa Lair
      The Lisa Lair

      RIP Gidget

  • Mitrihades Amisoy
    Mitrihades Amisoy

    🤡🤡🤡🇹🇷🇹🇷 süper teşekkürler Marılyn.

  • Elle Host
    Elle Host

    This song makes me want candy

  • Giancarlo Gonzales Del Valle
    Giancarlo Gonzales Del Valle

    13=“407”=13 Season Numerology Number “20”

  • Whyte Groovin
    Whyte Groovin

    the sick psych

  • gonzothegreat65

    this is weird even for a Manson video. That tells you something.

  • Jade in the Woods
    Jade in the Woods

    My kids are watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it made me think of this video. I was a teenager when I first saw it and after all these years, it’s still one of my favorites. ❤️

  • Un Sinn Kim
    Un Sinn Kim

    I wonder how those kids are doing these days

  • Emma Nikolova
    Emma Nikolova

    that's like the goth version of charlie and the chocolate factory

  • Diwtik s
    Diwtik s

    3:14 I will remember this time code for life

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music


  • Enrico Franchi
    Enrico Franchi

    I like to play it on guitar

  • JDV Games Tech Graphics
    JDV Games Tech Graphics

    Red Letter Media brought me here

  • 🌮taquitos shitposter🌮
    🌮taquitos shitposter🌮


  • John Osbourne
    John Osbourne

    Good ploy manson

  • Witch of feminine Power
    Witch of feminine Power


  • Lucrezia Dininni
    Lucrezia Dininni


    • Lucrezia Dininni
      Lucrezia Dininni


    • Colossus Arise
      Colossus Arise

      Ma ciao

  • Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu
    Joey Jo-Jo Shabadu

    To be honest the actual riverboat scene in Willy Wonka is just as creepy.

  • C G
    C G

    RIP Scott

  • Maria de Fátima Viriato
    Maria de Fátima Viriato


  • lu_sappy

    Jajajjaa wtf lo ame encima alto languetazo le dio

    • Gianbox MEC
      Gianbox MEC


  • Ronald Mcdonald
    Ronald Mcdonald

    Charlie loves you🖤😂😈

  • Francisco Costa
    Francisco Costa

    i found out today that the kid that plays A.J. in The Sopranos appears in this video 0:51 1:31 hes was 10 years old btw

  • JNinj

    Love this song! :D

  • Illuminati Explod
    Illuminati Explod

    the best

  • Michael McCue
    Michael McCue

    PAUSE 0:41 sec into the video its a VAG*NA! LOL never noticed that! Lol & i have seen this video a milion times since i first discoverd it as a young teen on mtv im 25 now .

    • Ròin Salberg
      Ròin Salberg

      I saw it then, and you are the only one in the comments who has noticed it👍🌻

  • Lina Bakalova
    Lina Bakalova


  • Spike

    Hard drugs

  • Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples
    Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples


  • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
    Alexis Yoko [Alexander]

    Love this! ❣❣

  • Jimmy The Bus*
    Jimmy The Bus*

    Never thought anything was weird and first time seeing this video, still don't.

  • Mike Peterson
    Mike Peterson

    Ah, memories

  • Teck Rylee
    Teck Rylee

    Twiggy headbanging is the best part




    0:49 sida

  • Ma.Angela C.Crisostomo
    Ma.Angela C.Crisostomo

    The allegations are so sad.

  • Sarah Eubanks
    Sarah Eubanks

    Manson from the mid 90s to mid 2000s was the BEST version....the drugs control takeaway from this song

  • kimmyfreak200

    why did i laugh so hard when he tongued twiggy 3:16

  • Zoe Astorga
    Zoe Astorga

    the only treat i see in the video is twiggy LMAO

  • Ecate Sfera
    Ecate Sfera


  • Gavin

    This is obscene but I like the song

  • a a
    a a


  • SuperJiggawhat


  • Amanda Dixon
    Amanda Dixon

    I'm so scared

  • transwomen are sexist men
    transwomen are sexist men

    Slightly less boring

  • Doomguy Faz3recon
    Doomguy Faz3recon

    Marilyn Manson and the horror factory

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