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Official music video for ”Chop Suey!” by System of a Down
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I don't think you trust
In my self-righteous suicide
I cry when angels deserve to die


  • Marc Davila
    Marc Davila

    One of my favorite songs on guitar hero

  • Jake William
    Jake William

    Glendale is like my home city !

  • DrizzyBD Gaming
    DrizzyBD Gaming

    This song will never die

  • B Harris
    B Harris

    i forgot them okay!! thats why i left them on the table... now im locked out. (2021 bathroom stall scrawl)

  • El Derick De Nava
    El Derick De Nava

    I'm here because it sounds like the song The Ordertaker 😂

  • Khasly Cayabyab
    Khasly Cayabyab


  • Juan Depaz
    Juan Depaz


  • Gamer Id
    Gamer Id

    1 billion 😬👌😍

  • Gina Serrano
    Gina Serrano

    Im hear because i saw the Trailer from Sing 2 hahahahahah. 🤣🤣 caint wait Dec 2021

  • Matthew Cavanagh
    Matthew Cavanagh

    One of my many favorite artists

  • Manipuri horror story (Mhs)
    Manipuri horror story (Mhs)

    Who is watching this video in 2021 june Plz give a ❤️

  • NintendoGAMING

    This song is a- Edit: all jokes fam

  • luis gustavo sales gomes 6_C
    luis gustavo sales gomes 6_C

    Algum brasileiro aí jente

  • Paul Cheemus
    Paul Cheemus

    The drummer had shit to do so they just put him in with cgi lol

  • Javier Arturo RUIZ PEÑA
    Javier Arturo RUIZ PEÑA


  • Anvil in Parachute Productions
    Anvil in Parachute Productions

    1billion, no ads. This is what heaven must be like

  • Josel Jesus Torrealba Manzano
    Josel Jesus Torrealba Manzano

    only perfect

  • Mr Pianist
    Mr Pianist

    Fun fact: Doesn't mean the genre of a song is metal it means it's satanic.

  • Bio - Rap
    Bio - Rap

    ouu yea listo para oirlo en SING 2

  • Carlos Sanoja
    Carlos Sanoja

    This shit bout to blow up again when kids listen to it in that Sing 2 movie. Mark my words

  • Troi Jek
    Troi Jek

    Ни хуля себе!!! больше ярда!!

  • bruno einsfeld
    bruno einsfeld

    Uma das músicas mais perfeitas que já escutei

  • VumitoDiGato

    Lucão do Carro Chefe

  • man terkukur trg
    man terkukur trg


  • Punkie_neko

    never gets old

  • Molly Chapman
    Molly Chapman

    I feel like any ‘genre’ of person will always love this song!

  • tyler hartley
    tyler hartley

    This what a song looks like if it was on adderall

  • Frankus - PUBG Mobile
    Frankus - PUBG Mobile


  • Wavy Esco
    Wavy Esco

    when i first listened to this i was like this shit weird but now listening to a couple of times it’s actually good

  • Angelb

    I like this song, cause its title is a FRICKIN' SALAD

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates

    Rock on 🎸 🔪

  • ThudLock

    1billion woohoo :3

  • Covers NachoAste
    Covers NachoAste

    Se dieron cuenta que esta canción subvierte a toda la temática del rock? Es decir, las estrofas son rápidas y agresivas y el estribillo es lento y relajado. Nada eso...

  • meow ig
    meow ig

    my mom use to sing this to me as a baby lmao so i always think of her

  • Brix Villa
    Brix Villa

    Chito and Neri's version of 'Chop Suey' is 🔥.

  • Carla Castro
    Carla Castro

    Sing 2 trailer?

  • prayudi azis
    prayudi azis

    When im night shift and im feel sleepy, i listen this song..

    • People Legend
      People Legend

      WAKE UP

  • IGOR7


  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira


  • Winduxa2

    Приходишь на концерт System of Down, а там армяне в нарды играют 😅😅😅

  • Abdullah SEZER
    Abdullah SEZER

    0000000 Knight online pk movie

  • Abandoned Cars & Vehicles
    Abandoned Cars & Vehicles

    Imagine Dave Grohl on the drumms...

  • Mercury GD
    Mercury GD

    Es simplemente hermoso

  • József Szatmár
    József Szatmár


  • Lolies Lover
    Lolies Lover

    252 K dislikes

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin


  • Атаман 1992
    Атаман 1992

    Все после зверопоя 2

  • Giovanny 10
    Giovanny 10

    I wish this video has the first sound part

  • Lito 16
    Lito 16


  • shyfty fap
    shyfty fap

    F*ck the 200k dislikes





  • Сергей Глушко
    Сергей Глушко

    с ума сойти миллиард!!!

  • Dave Furia
    Dave Furia

    waking up my gfs kid at 1 in the afternoon like a glove

  • Ariana Blink4
    Ariana Blink4

    Esta canción me hace sentir PODEROSA..

    • Frankus - PUBG Mobile
      Frankus - PUBG Mobile


  • Giovanny 10
    Giovanny 10

    1B views? Gosh

  • João Chanoca
    João Chanoca

    frick... I can't unhear the oversplet / alarm version of this ahah

  • Alex Basado
    Alex Basado


  • Pepe Indiopole
    Pepe Indiopole

    The guitar player always remembered me to Lars Ulrich, I dunno why.

  • Armored_Variant

    June 25 2021 if ur still alive and listening to this, your a fucking legend!

  • Xochitl Lopez
    Xochitl Lopez

    Alguno viene después de ver el trailer de Sing

  • yasbleidy riveros
    yasbleidy riveros

    Suscribirte a sistema of a Down y activa la campanita

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Sing 2

    • Michael Sali
      Michael Sali


  • Plant ✓
    Plant ✓

    1B views lets goooooo

  • Miu Geiko korosawa
    Miu Geiko korosawa


  • Lisa Maze
    Lisa Maze

    This song is just so epic. Reminds me of my usual thought process, just in musical form. LOL.

  • Aditya Gurung
    Aditya Gurung


  • Josh Bernardo
    Josh Bernardo

    "Hoy wala na bang ma oh, wala na bang ma-order oh waiter!!!"

  • Kyle Dailey
    Kyle Dailey

    This needs more views! *_Let's shoot for 3 BILLION views by 2022_*

  • Josh Whiffen
    Josh Whiffen

    This song reminds me of my childhood, I come back every now and then just to remember the good time! Much love people x

  • Shokhjakhon Nosirov
    Shokhjakhon Nosirov

    all of them are narcots ))) narkoshla

  • Mr Fred
    Mr Fred

    I'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it I get reminded of this song ❤️

    • I don’t Know
      I don’t Know


    • Mr Fred
      Mr Fred


    • Toni Goro
      Toni Goro

      I know we are strangers but I will be constantly replying here whenever I remember it

    • Toni Goro
      Toni Goro

      Its 1 hour can you please come back

  • KaboomAQ

    La versión de Tongo es mejor 😎🤙

  • Just some Guy
    Just some Guy

    This song makes me wanna take a cold shower

  • Jake William
    Jake William

    SOAD are the GOAT

  • person person
    person person

    This song makes me want to tell the officer that *he* is under arrest for mass homicide

  • Ananda Dana Pratama
    Ananda Dana Pratama

    sukuna? is that you?

  • พูน ซูไซไซเรนซ์
    พูน ซูไซไซเรนซ์

    ยังกับอยู่ในสนามรบ เดือด เลือดสาดกระจาย

  • Thiago Graciano
    Thiago Graciano

    sdd de uma banda boa hj em dia né fia?

  • nl top
    nl top

    I'm a kid and I'm 11 and I heard this song when I was like 5 this still hits

    • cameron jennings
      cameron jennings

      Ey Elect the Dead is another banger, it's an Album. Lead singer of System of A Down Serj Tankian (idk if I spelled it right, too lazy to check) hired an orchestra and not gonna lie, it's great. Also would recommend to you Tool, especially the Lateralus album.

    • Red Cloak
      Red Cloak

      bro trust me it only goes downhill I am 13 and still watch this. There songs are so addictive. Search up on youtube all system of a down songs and you will find so many

  • Shal'endír

    The blonde woman from 2:40, it's been 20 years but please, if you're reading this I need your instagram, im in love with you.

    • Evil Enchilada
      Evil Enchilada

      Down bad lmao

  • Shal'endír

    2:10 goosebumps, thanks for all Daron. Listen SOAD from more 15 years and Daron always ttirs my soul with its riffs and chords.

  • James Harding
    James Harding

    A song that feels fun, happy, angry and sad all at once

  • Sean Healy
    Sean Healy

    Salute 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Julius Schulz
    Julius Schulz

    2:48 gives me the biggest goosebumps ever

  • Alan Jaques
    Alan Jaques

    Smzinho é vc ?

  • Classified

    Lets gooooo 1B!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Reda Khalil
    Reda Khalil

    12/10 -lena

  • Regina gt Herrera
    Regina gt Herrera

    I love is song 🎵 ♥ ❤

  • Николай Батарев
    Николай Батарев

    SOAD -Chop Suey, Toxicity, Aerials - НАВСЕГДА!!!!!!!! Спасибо вам, ребята!!!!!

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson

    What an album😍

  • Jean Meireles
    Jean Meireles


  • Liam Monaghan
    Liam Monaghan

    This song make me feel like i want to be suplex'd by my grandma

  • zachary horn
    zachary horn

    Girls Bathroom: OMG have you seen Brandon today?? He looks so cute! Boys Bathroom:

    • vaaska

      bye that joke is like 5 years old LOL

  • Lolies Lover
    Lolies Lover


  • TheRealSamu


  • I'm the man
    I'm the man


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