Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing The Fight Song. (C) 2000 Nothing/Interscope Records

  • Justin Bushman
    Justin Bushman

    Ugh this is terrible

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones

    interesting cinematography to burn and chop down a 2-forked goal post after burning a holy wood sign.

  • 지나가는과객




  • Geeshep4

    Wwf invasion 2001 brought me here.

  • Megametallifeful

    Why do I like the black cheerleader soooo much? Is it just me or she's so freaking sexy?!!!




  • mario

    Top top.

  • Seth Frazer
    Seth Frazer

    I believe in God and this chorus has never offended me, probably because I know far too many people believe in and are enslaved to a god who’s existence really does not make any objective sense.


      Tell that to my mom lol

  • Bo Moore
    Bo Moore

    why are all of his songs censored now? its not great

  • NickZ 1
    NickZ 1

    This is almost as old as me

  • Глеб Власов
    Глеб Власов

    Русские есть?

  • ISABEL lc
    ISABEL lc

    Long live Marilyn Manson 🖤🤘🎶🎵🔥

  • m Kg
    m Kg

    FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!!!!!!! (With my pom poms ❤️😍)

  • worldismyashtray

    This song leaves me breathless every time because no matter my mood, when it comes on the world stops and I rock the fuck out.

  • 조창희

    이 띵곡에 덧글이 많이 안달리넹

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson

    Yeah your new music sounds different

  • Axel Ministry
    Axel Ministry

    Y esto es rock/metal puro caballeros

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random

    I came hear for a fright,............ Come on men

  • Peaceful Leo
    Peaceful Leo

    Omg I so want to sing this but I'm sure I'll lose my voice just by trying lmao his vocals are simply not human haha

  • Nick Haviland
    Nick Haviland

    Damn... I’m almost 33, but I remember a goth chick in one of my high school classes, I saw reading Manson’s autobiography, and being intrigued enough to borrow it from her. I actually read it before hearing anything by him that wasn’t already on the radio, but I’ll never forget where I was, when I first purchased, and listened to a copy of Antichrist Superstar for the first time...Hearing 1996 for the first time was pretty intense as a 15 year old, and it impacted me in a way that could only be rivaled by my 8 year old self, hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time...

  • Karen Haggard
    Karen Haggard

    still amaz

  • Jazmin Rios
    Jazmin Rios


  • Lianka *
    Lianka *

    Have Manson Songs from Love and pain? Heartbreak? He perfect For this. He true dark,better manson, but nothing false light. Cool Song.

  • Aubrey Crookshanks
    Aubrey Crookshanks

    I take back what I said before, God really does exist..... Unfortunately!! Soooo we have to kill him/her/it/ they. Btw you may love Marilyn but he doesn't love us I'm sure lol

    • Aubrey Crookshanks
      Aubrey Crookshanks

      @Anke Ditscheid That's ok, I am a son of a bit-- but I love Manson's music. I was just making that comment because I remember this saying : I love hate!! I hate love!!! And I still doubt he loves us. Sorry I offended you in any case. Maybe MM does but I know I wouldn't. I'd be like Kurt Cobain and hate my fans

    • Anke Ditscheid
      Anke Ditscheid

      Don't listen to his music when you don't like him. SoB

  • Leah Hinton
    Leah Hinton

    It's no wonder people at school looked at me weird for so many years but l don't give a fuck what they think of me honestly l just speak my mind considering lm gonna be a freshman Next year l anint afraid of those high schoolers they will be afraid of me and yes people lm crazy l will admit it

    • Latimer Johnson
      Latimer Johnson

      Don’t be scared of anyone

  • EthanManders Music
    EthanManders Music

    Forgot about this song. What a banger

  • Richard Kelley
    Richard Kelley

    I The Emperor Richard Kelley order the execution of all domestic terrorists of our 3 nations Canada United States of America e México adiós José Tomadas e el Jag Victor e Mikey latent homosexual under the executive order 972 death sentence to all dometic terrorists of that Western Empire.sgined Emperor Richard Kelley.

    • NightFoxAlpha

      So who do you think the terrorists are? I know and will tell you if needed. Pro tip: they ain't Muslims.

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair


  • Lorna Kennedy
    Lorna Kennedy

    But will he actually kick the Mcshit out of du?

  • Yago Vaz duarte
    Yago Vaz duarte

    Clipe Perfeito, letra Perfeita, música foda \mm/

  • Miss Mansfield
    Miss Mansfield

    The reason the bad words get censored or changed is so they do not get demonetized.

  • The Lisa Lair
    The Lisa Lair

    Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events

  • mark olivares
    mark olivares

    After my first communion I went to Sam good and bought the holywood album.

  • MrVocalist101

    so sick!!!!!

  • Julia St. Cyr
    Julia St. Cyr

    I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist!

  • haruno21

    "I'm not a slave to a God that doesnt exist" I'm not a slave to a world that doesnt give a shit"


    Of course it's not monetized lmao ,\m/

  • Mr. Puroresu
    Mr. Puroresu


  • Mr Random
    Mr Random

    The greatest trick that God ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

  • Kwenheart Roxas
    Kwenheart Roxas

    I love how they censor the 'shit'. Wow, they are trying to be decent

    • animefurriessuck removeanimepfpbitch
      animefurriessuck removeanimepfpbitch

      all swear words in music should be censored. it takes real talent and skill not to swear and sing

    • Miss Mansfield
      Miss Mansfield

      They are doing that so they do not get demonitized.

  • I D K
    I D K

    The censorship is so fucked. >:-(

  • DarkSuccubus Forever
    DarkSuccubus Forever

    Who else here knows that Marilyn Manson is a self-proclaimed goth? Love the dude

  • Molotov Bat Radio
    Molotov Bat Radio

    LOVE!! \m/ \m/

  • Daniel Filzmoser
    Daniel Filzmoser


  • Brittany Semotiuk
    Brittany Semotiuk

    “Isolation is the oxygen mask that your children breathe in to survive” well.... 2020...

  • Creamfan

    I will fcking rage if you don't get out of my recommended

    • Creamfan

      @NightFoxAlpha only thing related to him in my liked videos is an expose video on him. Not enough compared to the 4,999 other videos listed in my liked videos to cause him to appear in my recommended

    • NightFoxAlpha

      Clear your search and watch history. Is his name on any liked videos in your list? That'll do it too. She's lying you know.

  • MGM

    Verze is Blur: Song 2, Chorus is Nirvana: Breed. Good trick.

  • GuestOfGregoryHouse

    Monk chinning everybody in Mean Machine

  • Andrea Wilkins
    Andrea Wilkins

    One thing that keeps me forward during the coup going on in my country🖤 Love from Myanmar🇲🇲

  • Ahmad Tutt
    Ahmad Tutt

    WWE Invasion 2001

  • Zephyr Satori
    Zephyr Satori

    This song speaks truth to this day. I reckon he's being villified in the media for truth talking

  • Jurgen2017

    One of his biggest head bangers; heavy, catchy and as blasphemous as they come.

    • Evan White
      Evan White

      And yet I absolutely love it 😀

  • lenny koss
    lenny koss


  • oscar marroquin
    oscar marroquin

    2021 present

  • Ted Thoya
    Ted Thoya

    inVasion 2001

  • DarkTagMaster

    Why the fuck is the word “shit” cut out

    • NightFoxAlpha

      Because this vid was censored by the FCC back in the day, for tv broadcast.

    • David Winter
      David Winter

      Because the sensitive masses dont like it, and if they dont like the music then the label dont get da MONEY

  • 船橋梨子

    this song makes me feel good😀

  • Eloy Cabrera
    Eloy Cabrera

    I love you

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    Ak veris ze nekomu narastla bosa noha deti si nemala

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi

    Greg Sanders from CSI brought me here!

  • Vasco Alonso Xd
    Vasco Alonso Xd

    Soy el único q habla español?

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    In hood bro. Anaconds

  • Misman Music
    Misman Music

    Police death. Sergejbaracudacuda

  • Martin Rodrigo Encina Martinez
    Martin Rodrigo Encina Martinez

    the best song with fight. Thanks Marilyn Manson

  • Eli 23 Rogans
    Eli 23 Rogans

    This needs to be played on the radio and released on every digital platform and consider it as "jock jams" in today's world, the commercial af but also catchy enough to hype everyone up before going hard in the paint. Idc who you are, at least 1 jock jam was hype central but no one would admit it..

    • headshotmaster138

      @NightFoxAlpha I agree with you 100% The music now has nothing on the musis from the 90s and 00s.

    • NightFoxAlpha

      @headshotmaster138 oh we are all aware of what's ALLEGEDLY popular. Autotune using rappers who sound like whiny little bitches, the worst pop music ever recorded, and of course nonsense like DJ Snake which is only popular because ecstasy is popular. And it's all soon forgotten and becomes a footnote in music history while Manson has an actual legacy.

    • headshotmaster138

      @NightFoxAlpha I'm talking about now and he has a very niche but loyal audience. What I'm trying to say music like this aren't as popular or mainstream as it used to be during the 90s and 00s.

    • NightFoxAlpha

      @headshotmaster138 This was already a hit song, and this guy still has millions of fans.

    • headshotmaster138

      I'm sorry but nobody is going to listen to this. Rap and Pop dominates the music industry. After the 2000s, the music industry doesn't care about music like this.

  • Moppi

    He is a true genius A genius madman? Maybe, but still genius

  • SankarFC

    2000 Marilyn Manson: death of one is a tragedy , death of a million is statistics People : is he crazy 2021 people : 🤯

  • jose luis
    jose luis

    Marilyn Manson you are my idol for life I love you

  • love

    this isn't a song....its a manifesto....Fight^^^^

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell

    That's Allgemeine SS officer's visor he's wearing.

  • tomas ladino
    tomas ladino

    El comentario en español que buscabas


    Brian, what have you done--?

  • Miguel salcedo salcedo
    Miguel salcedo salcedo


  • Kiara

    The first stanza of this song is brutally what a pandemic is.

  • Isabella Skifte
    Isabella Skifte

    I don't give a fuck what he has done - I will forever love his music 🖤🖤🖤

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Hell yea

  • brandon hardegree
    brandon hardegree

    You know who we are the ones making the most money compared to yur punk ass for the moment friends...

  • brandon hardegree
    brandon hardegree

    Lawton High School, LHS, WOLVERINES....

  • TheLimpbizpark

    okay this is definitely my fav song of all time

  • Bipolar-Polar-Bear- East
    Bipolar-Polar-Bear- East

    Teeeeeeeth Wayyyyyy!.

  • Krusty The Clown
    Krusty The Clown

    Awesome. Rock n' fucking roll.




    No Soy Esclavo De Un Dios Que No Existe.💀 I'm Not A Slave To A God That Doesn't Exist.💀

  • Shadow Veil
    Shadow Veil

    I have an autograph from every member of the band from the first time Marilyn Manson returned to Colorado after Columbine, and it is all mine, mine, mine ( wicked laugh )

    • jue 435
      jue 435

      Really? Wow really raw

  • MrWildschwein

    "Isolation is the oxygen mask" prophetic words...

    • Zephyr Satori
      Zephyr Satori

      @Dingus, yo. I mean my ex's once got together to create terrible rumours about me to destroy my life and rep. None of it was true, they had nothing but each others false story but when multiple women get together to concoct a story, they have power without evidence. It's sick

    • Zephyr Satori
      Zephyr Satori

      @Dingus, yo. I'm waiting for solid evidence rather than statements and circumstancal. Give me video or audio, but even then audio can be deepfaked.

    • Dingus, yo.
      Dingus, yo.

      @Zephyr Satori yeah definitely not cause he did anything gross or anything

    • B&N Discussion
      B&N Discussion

      I'm sorry but...what sense does this make?

    • Zephyr Satori
      Zephyr Satori

      I reckon this is why he's being villified in the media like Depp was

  • J Bo
    J Bo

    Saw this dude at ozzfest 98. Fucking badass live show. Curtain drops, 8 stark naked goth chicks dancing up front, rocked the fuck outta that crowd. Mm got a new fan that day. Was there for KORN

  • Robert Haala
    Robert Haala

    00? Nothing at All? I like those.

    • Robert Haala
      Robert Haala

      "How about You scream and shout and make some Noise and I will remain silently as long as I am not asked?" The Accuser

  • Hola 123
    Hola 123

    Cada vez que escucho tus canciones me alegran la vida ❤️

  • Dom Cisco
    Dom Cisco

    This is knowledge for power not muscle for muscle only worms would,.

  • Matteo Bianchi
    Matteo Bianchi

    Josè Flores what do you smoked baby ??

  • Alek sandra
    Alek sandra

    Man made up god.

  • elvis Obregón
    elvis Obregón

    Del HP lo mejor

  • Kitsudōte

    That time Manson almost looks like Andreas Bergh from Deathstars.

  • Nathaniel Bables
    Nathaniel Bables

    Is BGfix filtering his words?

    • Nathaniel Bables
      Nathaniel Bables

      @NightFoxAlpha thiank you

    • NightFoxAlpha

      No. This is the original video that aired on tv back in 2000. It was censored, as were all videos back then, by the FCC. I have no clue why the record labels don't have uncensored versions.

  • Peetre Jr
    Peetre Jr

    I love this song

    • Дмитрий Ждановский
      Дмитрий Ждановский

      Good taste, bro 😁

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    Forever Manson!!

    • marv hartigan
      marv hartigan


  • tom Ford
    tom Ford

    hey you can make napalm by mixing ether ; polystyrene , concentrated orange juice syrup , or soap ~ with guzzoline government does it all the time

    • tom Ford
      tom Ford

      ​ @NightFox nah manson and the goff's are fine #notathreat

    • NightFoxAlpha

      @tom Ford actually it is said in a movie, and I'm guessing you're posting this here to make Manson fans look like terrorists.

    • tom Ford
      tom Ford

      @NightFoxAlpha its not from a movie dude its from experience ! (why post it here? why not! )

    • NightFoxAlpha

      What movie is that from? Regardless, why post it here?

  • Jackie hiner
    Jackie hiner


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