Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (Official Music Video)
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Music video by Marilyn Manson performing This Is The New Shit. (C) 2003 Nothing/Interscope Records

  • Keegan is a poopy head
    Keegan is a poopy head

    This is a fucken bop I’m now a punk fan

  • Michael Big
    Michael Big


  • Grzegorz Nowak
    Grzegorz Nowak

    This is a new eat?!

  • your witch
    your witch


  • юлия стефаник
    юлия стефаник

    я готова отдать свои ножки

  • Женя Дьордяк
    Женя Дьордяк

    целую дорогу делал вид што плаче

  • Женя Дьордяк
    Женя Дьордяк

    кажу васильоми непозволяй соби в моїй присутцтвиности говорити глупость бо пизди дам он так и понял

  • Женя Дьордяк
    Женя Дьордяк

    розман 18висимнацятий

  • Женя Дьордяк
    Женя Дьордяк

    николь енистон яда наварила иди похаваеш

  • The BEe
    The BEe

    The goth prince of earth

  • Jun He
    Jun He

    TikTok trend brought me here ..

  • Cristina .Filipe
    Cristina .Filipe

    Iam so damn upset this guy great music great paintings he paints etc...and he's an abuser?a normal disgusting next door sick abuser???DAMN, disappointing is not even it..

  • mikki standoff
    mikki standoff


  • черный мир
    черный мир

    sus knk

  • Thomaz Silva
    Thomaz Silva

    O cara é foda demais 🇧🇷

  • Leah Sheffler
    Leah Sheffler

    Strange Days.. Strange Teachers. Stay Alive .. Rev em up little boy and Ride.

  • Gamer rya n
    Gamer rya n

    This man has better songs then 6ix shit

  • Shh Fadi
    Shh Fadi

    One more breakup & I’m gonna be this person !!!!

  • mr.HeretiC

    фу мля, цензура запятнала ...

  • jahreszeiten Flavour
    jahreszeiten Flavour

    I miss this music - with the Perfect Video 🤘

  • Сергей Зотов
    Сергей Зотов

  • Yusuf Garidi
    Yusuf Garidi

    One helluva entertainer! Wow!

  • Florian Maga
    Florian Maga

    00:00 triggered

  • keyron MZ
    keyron MZ

    June 2021?

  • Matilde Berrospi
    Matilde Berrospi


  • Stas N
    Stas N

    Менсон я не верю во всю ту хуйню, что про тебя говорят! Я с тобой!

    • Stas N
      Stas N

      @Балдежка Блбеееаееаеаеать что он баб пиздил.

    • Балдежка Блбеееаееаеаеать
      Балдежка Блбеееаееаеаеать

      А что про него говорят?

  • OK Computer
    OK Computer

    WOW I feel so anarchistic screaming "THIS IS THE NEW WHEEET!"


    2021 here, my SEXY BITCHES!!!!!!👄💕😘

  • Ali Kaş
    Ali Kaş

    Helo turkey-turkish 🤪😜

    • Petrichor

      vay be

  • Bel

    Chochos de vaca.......

  • manolia

    hate comment

  • Troy Nelson
    Troy Nelson

    I guess I was sodomised with a gun when I was 5 after writing codes with a capn crunch decoder ring

  • Joedy Fernandes
    Joedy Fernandes

    Merilyn Manson é............. tão incrível

  • Joedy Fernandes
    Joedy Fernandes

    Boa.....tarde galera so de boa

  • 森木蓮【動画投稿中】


  • Victor A. Gomes
    Victor A. Gomes

    It was just a phase, but damn if it wasn't a cool one

  • barbette istreowen
    barbette istreowen

    Here. And love it!

  • Pablo Zapatero
    Pablo Zapatero

    Won't never forget such a masterpiece 🥺🔥

  • Blane Noel
    Blane Noel

    Reddit FBI Hell bound ! Think your my Evil Antichrist Bitch Reddit! Bling

  • Ronyere Henrique MULTIPLUS
    Ronyere Henrique MULTIPLUS

    Gosto de rock gostei dessa música

  • james root
    james root

    Супер - я тебе люблю(IF-UA)

  • Thomas Porro
    Thomas Porro

    Who Has More Human Rights Between a Dry Kidney Bean and an FDA Pill?

  • Spiros Karachristos
    Spiros Karachristos

    Lets send some troops at the age of 18 to kill infidels but not allow them drink alcohol until they are 21 and then lets censor a youtube video to sleep well at nights....

    • ZacnerSlater

      Everything pussified nowadays. And everything was built on hypocrisy.

  • The Universe Within
    The Universe Within

    I feel like this song has bad parts and good parts.

  • Paolo enthoy
    Paolo enthoy

    Alla in testa a 003935615693

  • Zoya Iorra-Luna
    Zoya Iorra-Luna

    Censore makes me cry

    • Bel

      ........ Castrated......

  • Инна Падий
    Инна Падий

    Честно ,голая правда

  • Google User P P
    Google User P P

    Rock was awesome then.. 🔥

  • jose arismendi
    jose arismendi

    que nivel maribel, viva satanas

  • Likas Basler
    Likas Basler

    Marylin manson nice

  • Real baddie
    Real baddie




  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

    This will always be a NEW *HIT🎸

  • Valeria Solis
    Valeria Solis




  • Blane Noel
    Blane Noel

    Me! Listen ! I take down internet Evil!

  • tun emz
    tun emz

    this shit is good

  • Louise M
    Louise M


  • jouck jack
    jouck jack

    no time

  • Clay Smith
    Clay Smith

    te amoooooooooooooooooooo

  • Luis Alberto Ruiz Navarro
    Luis Alberto Ruiz Navarro


  • Stas Johanni
    Stas Johanni

    COOL ! ! !

  • átomos de locura
    átomos de locura

    brutaaaaaaalll amo a Marilyn Manson

  • SnatchinBodies

    2021 anyone?

  • Yssa Lry
    Yssa Lry


  • Ayush Telang
    Ayush Telang

    I feel imma badass when i listen to this😂

  • Rosemary Miller
    Rosemary Miller

    Here from the Hatchet opening song

  • Nasreen Khan
    Nasreen Khan

    Women are jealous

  • Nasreen Khan
    Nasreen Khan

    Love his art

  • wheatley

    MM is the American Rammstein

    • Xody Sock
      Xody Sock


  • Dedmanwalking20

    Fucking love him


    Far Right Wing Supporters all Over the Globe 💯

  • Lianka *
    Lianka *

    I believe God and will in Paradise but Marilyn is AHHHH COOL x) i hole you from hell :D i Love you hihihi

  • Warren george anthony Chen
    Warren george anthony Chen

    Yup yup rock too, you know it sounds fine and vibesy but I don't feel comfortable seeing them in these videos. Ying and yang. Damn he look fraked up weird to me

  • sadboi

    Why the fuck is it censored?

    • marilynmanson_is_god

      @Xody Sockbecause "tHiS iS tHe NeW iT!!" sounds like you saw a movie poster for IT 2

    • Xody Sock
      Xody Sock

      why not?

  • Cleide Dias
    Cleide Dias


  • Ibrahim Abbas
    Ibrahim Abbas

    U are a satanist Plz don't listen to this devil

  • Karel Klváček
    Karel Klváček

    I feel like this is some song from Cyberpunk 2077 😂

  • عبدالله العزاوي
    عبدالله العزاوي

    شهر حزيران سنة ٢٠٢١

    • عبدالله العزاوي
      عبدالله العزاوي

      @Xody Sock ❤️🤗

    • Xody Sock
      Xody Sock


  • Pask00l

    this censoring is cringe af

  • Guillaume

    I remember when the clip was on MTV

  • moray YT
    moray YT


    • Bel

      You are crazy............

  • Yusuf bangka chanel
    Yusuf bangka chanel

    Mana Indonesia like di bawah

  • Carlos Hancco
    Carlos Hancco

    la mejor musica que escuche en mi vida

  • Emilka Kuś
    Emilka Kuś

    Fajne idealna piosenka dla moich uszów🤘

  • Chris Wenk
    Chris Wenk

    best new fu#@jkg shit. never get tired of it

  • Zachary Allen
    Zachary Allen

    Love you babe haha 😆

  • bilguun zorig
    bilguun zorig

    Who's here 2149

  • The SmokeR6
    The SmokeR6

    We back

  • Jaram Czmiki
    Jaram Czmiki


  • Ayush Telang
    Ayush Telang

    I cannot imagine headbangers in this tiktok era⚰️ Half of them wont even know who Marilyn Manson is😐

    • marilynmanson_is_god

      I have seen some tiktoks with girl twerking to his songs like ew,stop destroying my favorite music

  • lanslater

    has some of the impact of beautiful people... I guess Anyway glad to see your back M Liked ofc

  • Faudia Ramjohn
    Faudia Ramjohn

    FUCKING HYPPPEEDDDDD fuck i miss music like this

  • I M
    I M

    This song is awesome!! I forgot how good it was until I heard it recently. I miss this sort of late 90s/early 2000s music.

  • Nav Ish
    Nav Ish

    2021: watching a censored manson video

  • James D Hood
    James D Hood

    David here from southern New Mexico USA

  • Lag

    Your my god

  • Tengu Sensei
    Tengu Sensei

    Now this is the old shit

  • L. Heather Windle
    L. Heather Windle

    I’ve been listening to him since I was in my 20’s and I’m almost 50. I will never stop! 2021

  • Ned narabla
    Ned narabla


OMG! 😂 #shorts
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