KENOBI - A Star Wars Fan Film
This is a fan film with no official affiliation to Lucasfilm/Disney.
Behind the scenes:
Please enjoy our love letter to Star Wars. And may the force be with you ALWAYS!
Directed by Jason Satterlund (
Produced by James McLean & Jamie Costa
Executive Producers Danny Peykoff, Jamie Costa, Rich Ferguson
Starring Jamie Costa as Kenobi “Ben”
Tommy Snider as Owen Lars
Maxine Phoenix as Beru Lars
Audie Rick as Luke Skywalker
James Arnold Taylor as Captain Leegus
Director of Photography Jac Cheairs
Production Designer Danielle Thompson
Original Music by Andrew Gerlicher
Music Performed by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra
Story by Rob Harmon
Screenplay by Jamie Costa & Jason Satterlund and Rob Harmon
Film Editors Ben Anklam & Jason Satterlund
Costume Designer Jennifer Newman
Key Make-up Artist Megan Wilbur
Stunt Coordinator Tony Snegoff
Visual Effects Supervisor Cody Stoltz
Colorist Adam Scott
Obi-Wan Kenobi Jamie Costa
Owen Lars Tommy Snider
Beru Lars Maxine Phoenix
Luke Skywalker Audie Rick
Captain Leegus James Arnold Taylor
Imperial Officer Rich Ferguson
Sand Trooper Gary Howe
Storm Trooper #1 Alexander Stephens
Storm Trooper #2 Benjamin James
Stunt Storm Trooper #1 Sam Bakke
Stunt Storm Trooper #2 Gregg Sargeant
Stunt Scout Trooper Carlos C. Duarte
Tusken Raider #1 Kevin M. Ritz
Tusken Raider #2 Miguel Sanchez
Sand Trooper Voiceover Gary Howe
Storm/ Scout Trooper VO James Arnold Taylor
Qui-Gon Jinn Voiceover Josh Robert Thompson
On Set Photography by Adam Kay ( IG @adamkay_ )
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  • Alan Foster
    Alan Foster


    • Hayden Christensen
      Hayden Christensen

      @Jamie Costa PLEASE MAKE MORE

    • Hayden Christensen
      Hayden Christensen

      @Isabella Cubley EEEEE

    • Isabella Cubley
      Isabella Cubley


    • Hayden Christensen
      Hayden Christensen


    • Jamie Costa
      Jamie Costa

      Thanks Alan! Its an honor that you watched 💙 (Alan Dean Foster is a famed author in sci-fi /film adaptation including Star Wars and so much more. Definitely check out his work).

  • Matt DeMouy
    Matt DeMouy

    You make them to weak

  • Rowdy Rambling Hobo
    Rowdy Rambling Hobo

    Wow ...awesome , thank you , I needed a dose of honor to remember !

  • Mark Vianen
    Mark Vianen

    Hello Disney are u still asleep?

  • cO:G

    Imagine if Disney actually cared like these guys.

  • Ken Peters
    Ken Peters

    WOW.............oh WOW............


    that lightsaber scene was EPIC

  • Jeffrey Schueler
    Jeffrey Schueler

    I enjoyed that. Definitely props. You hit some emotional notes in a very Star Wars-esc way.

  • Чигиани Hhhh
    Чигиани Hhhh

    Hello there

  • Kate Woolstenhulme
    Kate Woolstenhulme

    This should be Canon. It was incredible.

  • In The Galaxy
    In The Galaxy

    Wow very cool...Production value, cinematography, acting, costumes, post-production and more all very good...Doesn't fell like a fan film but more like a real film... Well done sir...

  • WingCMDR_Goose

    Well done!

  • Sorry Notsorry
    Sorry Notsorry

    Hep me Dopey One

  • Padiiie

    that was amazing

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul


  • Joshua Nielson
    Joshua Nielson

    I appreciate the color for Luke's lightsaber. The light blue instead of Anakin's darker azure. I wish in the sequel trilogy they had gone with the light blue from the OG trilogy. Great job!

  • Robert Bone
    Robert Bone

    Very well done. Thank you.

  • Flying Ace
    Flying Ace

    I hope George Lucas has seen this bet it would make him proud

  • Maybe Fane
    Maybe Fane


  • Maybe Fane
    Maybe Fane

    im deadass just sitting here grinning while watching this bc its so well made!!!!

  • Maybe Fane
    Maybe Fane

    this is f u c k i n g amazing. thank you so much for making this.

  • Dany Nader Khazne
    Dany Nader Khazne

    Awesome but the subtitles has a problem

  • tredogzs

    Is this a resume or a middle finger? or both?

  • Kypduron1

    Absolutely brilliant, really well made, excellent cast and Jamie Costa's voice is slap bang right in the middle of Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor... or was that actually recordings from them? Anyway, thank you so much for making this, really made my day.

  • Squeaks 294
    Squeaks 294

    Hello there

  • vXCozmoz

    Just by looking at this my stomach feeling tells me it has better potential then the real deal from Disney+. Looking at you: "Obi-Wan KENOBI (2022 Disney+): A Star Wars Story - Teaser Trailer Concept | Star Wars Series"

  • Fulcrum

    Join the Rebellion today! ✴ We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name-and by the authority-of all free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose the Empire and its forces, by any and all means at our disposal; To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings; To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire; To make forever free all beings in the galaxy. To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives. Who will join us?

  • Tubsy77

    Can we give some credit to the casting? All of the characters were spot on.

  • la nz
    la nz


  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo

    Very good. Excellent in every aspect and detail. Kudos to everyone involved. Kenobi struggling to use the Jedi mind trick was a great twist. My only gripe is the long hair on the Imperial Officer. It doesn’t look right to me. I wish in the original Star Wars that Luke had only known him as “Old Ben”. Please keep it up.

  • Hayden Christensen
    Hayden Christensen


    • Renáta Béres
      Renáta Béres

      Yes, Lord Vader

  • Ghost Spider
    Ghost Spider

    You did a better fight scene than Disney did with 3 movies and Rosario Dawson did on the Mandalorian

  • Brass Bucket
    Brass Bucket


    • Hayden Christensen
      Hayden Christensen

      The hello there


    Respect to everyone that had part of creating this just not for me


    I’m probs the only one who doesn’t really like this.

  • Darth Kuat
    Darth Kuat

    Awesome film guys. I do have one question though. Why did Obi-Wan use Anakin's lightsaber here?

  • Tyler Eskola
    Tyler Eskola

    Obi wan should have used his own lightsaber in one of his arms and Anakin's lightsaber in the other

  • 0089O

    12:43 the sad music?

  • Cemal İgrek
    Cemal İgrek

    Wow that's good. I like this.

  • Parrboy29

    All I have to say is... I nearly cried...

  • kaberle7

    This was amazing! I am an original Star Wars Fan (I'm 66) but I've loved almost all of the spin-offs. This, however, is one of the best I've seen. You, Jamie Costa, have done a splendid job on this film. Much respect and admiration. Star Wars needs you!!

  • andreas pedersen
    andreas pedersen

    Just some weird logic: He can stop a bike, but not take a saber from an officer...

  • Muhd Harith
    Muhd Harith

    dont you think star wars are the place where the latest CGI were tests to the limit before other films can use it

  • Zod Jenkins
    Zod Jenkins

    THAT WAS FRICKIN AMAZING! *Incredibles kid*

  • mag magsen
    mag magsen

    This is fantastic! Great work! (Sometimes in the middle even better then the original, but I say this very quietly..)

  • LUSOR Lulu
    LUSOR Lulu

    This will be one episode of the Obi-Wan series

  • pears009

    The filming and effects were brilliant for a “Fan Made” short film!!! If the acting abs story were better... ( Could have spent way more time in the writing. It was sub par IMO... ) But all in all it was great! Could have been brilliant! Just, again, needed better acting and script... But this is just one Mans opinion...

  • Sean Last
    Sean Last

    Must of been an honour to work along side James Arnold Taylor.

  • Brad Dollahite
    Brad Dollahite

    this was very good, i enjoyed it a lot.

  • Glenn Yates
    Glenn Yates

    Nice job.

  • Ricardo Gasmo
    Ricardo Gasmo

    ufff película de fans? alto susto me metiste pensé que jar jar abrams volvió a hacer de las suyas xd

  • Galo Coronel
    Galo Coronel

    After more than 1 year, I´m still loving this film, bravo Jamie Costa.

  • badrolix

    Мое уважение! Excellent!

  • Jeremy Irving
    Jeremy Irving

    I loved the book. This is awesome!

  • brick mc / lego star Wars productions
    brick mc / lego star Wars productions

    I'm not brave enough for 1 hour long episodes

  • pawel arabasz
    pawel arabasz

    Alez kurwa bzdury wam do łbów wciskają.

  • Aimée

    That was such a satisfying little easter egg at end. Love the way it connected to the first line of the film. Glad I waited through the credits, I knew there would be something!

  • Rodewaryer Lotus907
    Rodewaryer Lotus907

    Well Ben was a much better fighter than that but you know, well done folks. Very nice film and excellent job by all involved. "you won't be needing that blaster"....pretty funny folks....

  • A random Person lol
    A random Person lol

    Disney totally stole the idea from you man ;-; jk jk I’m joshing around

  • Abstract Module
    Abstract Module

    Great stuff!

  • Tymon Piekarski
    Tymon Piekarski

    Hello there must be 😂

  • Christine Pendleton
    Christine Pendleton

    Pretty Good👍👏👏👏👏👏💖

  • Haruo Tsukasa Orihara
    Haruo Tsukasa Orihara

    We need ben kenobi vs A'Sharat Hett

  • Papu

    Bruh the cloth protected lukes dad more than the clones armor

  • Kurt C
    Kurt C

    Better than the POS movies they've been putting out.

  • Wyatt Frederick
    Wyatt Frederick

    9:07 Officer: Do I know you from somewhere? “Well of course you know me! I’m you.”

  • Matias Movillo
    Matias Movillo

    Could it be possible that not everything refers to or is taken from A New Hope or in this case Rogue One, create something unique as a story!..same phrases, same issues...

  • James Petri
    James Petri

    This film is incredible!!

  • Roby &14
    Roby &14

    Really good! Bravo!

  • GrayHam

    Great work!

  • Jasonian Ringu
    Jasonian Ringu

    this is some good stuff

  • Flat Line
    Flat Line

    100,000 upvotes. Bravo.

  • Randolph Hicks
    Randolph Hicks


  • Joker Face
    Joker Face

    In the future when kenobi comes out people will think why did you make this

  • taxid3rmy

    It's been almost a year since i first saw this amazing short film, and after a second take - and with much thought within that time, i feel that my original comment really didn't do this production enough justice. So without further delay, the sentiments i had initially - but failed to deliver on originally: have (easily) achieved in this sub-20 minute epic, what Disney failed to achieve in two abominable full-length features over the last five years. In less than twenty minutes i recalled all the reasons why i loved the original, Star Wars trilogy. I experienced all the believability of the stories (and story-lines) of the original trilogy, the incredible characters, the emotional connection to the key characters, and thrill and excitement the movie makers provided with the "icing on top" - incredible special effects and screenplay execution. The sad thing is this isn't just a commentary on movies, it's become a (all-too-common) social commentary and indictment on our times - specifically the last 20 years.

  • boba fett
    boba fett

    this takes place in 16 bby because luke looks like he is 3 and he was born in 19 bby. kenobi's age at this point is atleast 41 and 0 bby he was 57. incase you were wondering (; edit: nvm luke was probably 2 making obi wan 40 and making this 17 bby

  • low ground
    low ground

    O hello there

  • El Joe
    El Joe

    Great stuff !

  • Anatoliy Dyachenko
    Anatoliy Dyachenko

    Война сама собой производит войну и продолжает её без конца. Победивший народ, опьянённый успехом, стремится к новым победам; пострадавший же народ, раздражённый поражением, спешит восстановить свою честь и свои потери.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    Thanks that was so freaking awesome. Nice job and well done. Kudos to Jamie Costa. The force is definitely with you

  • mr. rit gamer
    mr. rit gamer

    better than the sequels this is.

  • Derek Deac
    Derek Deac

    Ole obi wan had some rust. Good thing he got to stretch his legs before episode 4! Thank you for making the dream live

  • Wayne Carlson
    Wayne Carlson

    Really good fan film

  • OcDaB0SS 04
    OcDaB0SS 04

    why did kenobi use anakin's saber?

  • metalhead86deadhead92

    Damn it! I don't have enough thumbs!

  • Justin Senneff
    Justin Senneff

    8:42.....General Kenobi, you are a bold one......

  • Tim Oldbury
    Tim Oldbury

    Be great if everyone could see it as was intended by George Lucas the genius who CREATED STARWARS

  • Xurxo Avila
    Xurxo Avila

    Well that's it, after watching many videos, after returning my love for Star Wars after watching The Mandalorian (and then everything: animation series, other fan films ...) I can say that this, this is the best thing that I've never seen in a Star Wars Fan Film and a Fan Film in general. Portentous. Now that they are doing the Obi Wan series, please Lucasfilm producers see this. Because this is what it should be. Thanks for this wonder.

  • Mirwais DeSanchez
    Mirwais DeSanchez

    ITS REALLY GOOD But Its like a disney in terms of the camera view 🤬🤬🤬

  • Marvellyukon Marvellyukon
    Marvellyukon Marvellyukon

    Super! Its great, Disney it, s kall, polnoe fuflo.

  • Birb Schnauz
    Birb Schnauz

    That went by way too fast, I want more! Incredible job, all the shots are great, and the acting is really great.

  • Starder


  • Sonia Barbieri
    Sonia Barbieri

    I'm sorry but the troopers are too stupid.

  • Tuxedo Creeper
    Tuxedo Creeper

    Wow, this is really good!

  • Thomas Winkler
    Thomas Winkler


  • Lowlife 13
    Lowlife 13

    There was a book as well

  • Aric Abraham
    Aric Abraham

    What a truly great fan film that deserves being on a big screen. In a theater. Big sound. Everything. Immaculate work!

  • Damon Baldini
    Damon Baldini

    Totally believable Kenobi. Warrior, Monk, Mystic.

  • Phil O'Shaughnessy
    Phil O'Shaughnessy

    Some of the ideas we've seen before in Rogue One. That said, huge Death Star-sized plaudits to the team who made this. If this were part of a boxed set I could have binge watched it all night. Please make some more. Thanks again.

  • Ahron

    The only question worth asking, why is this a short film?