Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It
Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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    Wutsos 06

    When is he gonna upload

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    "why does that sound like me on the toilet after eating taco bell?"

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    Just That Vibey Kid.

    0:03 it's not Mojang it's Moyang

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    Teresa Moore

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  • Teresa Moore
    Teresa Moore

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  • agnubo

    Isn't beating the game intended as mojang killing the ender dragon

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    Sophie and hammi Playz

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    This guy is hilarious xD

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  • Ben

    huh.. how come they don't intend to use leather armor before iron?

  • Gavin McMahon
    Gavin McMahon

    Note how he didn't use his axe to kill the enderman lol Obsidian is his way

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    Bad Bears

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    Life Of Dreamz

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    Miguel Norat

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    Miguel Norat

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  • Iris :3
    Iris :3

    We’re all discovering that mojang is pronounced "moyang" But we’re all still gonna pronounce it mojang

  • Ivyrose Canez
    Ivyrose Canez

    Fun fact I spawned right on top of the strong hold : )

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    Nicola Bean

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    Goofy Brick

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    Donald Loho

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  • Donald Loho
    Donald Loho

    Minecraft is the bestttttttt game ever!

  • Benub

    Why no one is fucking talking about Obisidian Block he has?

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    Rosa Renteria

    I subscribe to your channel by the way I think now you have 400 K subscribers

  • Pezzonovante

    “There’s a realistic chance the Ender dragon defeats me, but not me, I’m built different” - MysteryOre

  • Colleen Nderitu
    Colleen Nderitu

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    Daniel Tarasov

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    musical songs

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    Kirby Star

    I build my portal with 10 blocks and put crying obsidian on the corners.

  • ApplePieBananaSmoothieTV

    at the start: "mojang recently released a series of books to help you beat the game" in the nether: my nether doesn't look like the one in the book ahh because the book is extremely outdated" I thought it came out recently

  • Eterna Band Official
    Eterna Band Official

    "Do i need to put looting on my snowballs?"

  • Jacob Kutcher
    Jacob Kutcher

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    K i w i

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    Harriboh 3105

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  • It’s Rammy
    It’s Rammy

    How about you make more videos.. unless your working on one then I take back that statement

  • aot german
    aot german

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    Ultra Gamerz

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  • Zamanta Panaligan
    Zamanta Panaligan

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  • Super Mario Leary 2
    Super Mario Leary 2

    00:03 Moyang

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    AzureStriker 7

    2:08 We need to make a beat out of those death noises XD

  • MsCharlie976

    Go to the back of the dragon

  • The man behind the slaughter
    The man behind the slaughter

    He said moyang not mojang

  • SovietUnion

    "Become a vegan" *kills pig*

  • Eternity

    As a veteran, I can confirm whoever wrote those books know how to play Minecraft

  • eman ahmad
    eman ahmad

    "u need enchanted diamond armor to go to the nether" Speedrunners: golden boots take it or leave it

  • zahid Nabi
    zahid Nabi

    See you guys in 5 years when this is in everyone's recommendations

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    'mog yang' YEA MOG YANG

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    You get an absolute gold star from me for the editing, holy shit that was funny, I watched this at work and that edit of you killing a bunch of animals and it cutting right to them cooking in furnaces got me so fuckin good

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    karee Ong

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    I do 100 blocks for my nether portal 🙂✨

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    nuya buisness

    I remember one time I was playing a single player world and the damn portal was glitched and had no hallway leading to it, it was in a stone box completely cut off from the rest of the stronghold. I literally had to bust out Xray to find it, unless I wanted to start strip mining a like 10 chunk area.

  • sparxlii

    Why can’t the ender dragon read a book? Because it starts at the end. Get it? Ehh?

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    TobyPlays YT

    i build my nether portal with 10 blocks BUT 50??!??!?! wow thats just crazy...

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    “Do I need to put looting on my snowballs”

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    Super Mario Leary 2

    Moyang for life

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    Ryan L

    0:51 wait. *both* of your hips??

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    MohamedMahmoud Ali

    He isn’t a simp if he did it for his wife.

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    V2 Enhance

    At 7:35 I tought for a second I was listening to that popcorn song from the Muppets for some reason

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    3:43 were they joking lmao

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    tfw 3 uploads and 400k subs

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    Don't mind me, just trying to save the spot where I left off 8:38

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    El cubito de mainkra

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    That White screen is the absolute death of my eyes

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    Uploaded 3 bangers and then disappeared

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    Killing montage and then smelting his earnings without a word is my absolute favorite from this video

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