Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor (2015) Full Álbum - Deluxe Edition
The Pale Emperor (el emperador pálido) es el noveno álbum de estudio de la banda estadounidense de metal industrial Marilyn Manson. Fue lanzado oficialmente el 19 de enero de 2015 a través del sello discográfico de Marilyn Manson "Hell, etc" con distribución manejada en los Estados Unidos por Loma Vista Recordings, en Canadá por Dine Alone Records e internacionalmente por Cooking Vinyl.

1- Killing Strangers ( 0:00 )
2- Deep Six ( 5:38 )
3- Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge ( 10:43 )
4- The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles ( 15:10 )
5- Warship My Wreck ( 20:09 )
6- Slave Only Dreams To Be King ( 26:08 )
7- The Devil Beneath My Feet ( 31:30 )
8- Birds Of Hell Awaiting ( 35:48 )
9- Cupid Carries A Gun ( 40:56 )
10- Odds Of Even ( 45:57 )
11- Day 3 ( 52:21 )
12- Fated, Faithful, Fatal ( 57:02 )
13- Fall Of The House Of Death (61:13)

  • Marianim Marianim
    Marianim Marianim

    Tu es tout juste FANTASTIQUE !!!! Merci

  • Alma BoopLove
    Alma BoopLove

    So nice! Kill king 33, birds of hell awaiting...4U

  • Slaughter

    13- Fall Of The House Of Death (61:13) :P

  • Abril Volshenko
    Abril Volshenko

    de mal en peor

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    fierce 7778


  • fierce 7778
    fierce 7778


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    Fernando Pinheiro

    \,,,/ Marilyn Manson Top \,,,/

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    Marcelo Manson

    This man is my GOD!

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    Denis Bergeron

    To my opinion be Real

  • Denis Bergeron
    Denis Bergeron

    You want a peace of me listening to the lyric

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    disco ql wenoooo

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    Diego Felipe Campo Gonzalez

    Magnifico disco¡

  • Mshaa

    this album is very underrated

  • Sławek Białek
    Sławek Białek

    Great album. Warship My Wreck is a masterpiece

  • Fernand Helie
    Fernand Helie

    yo man...hidden vancouver hasting melt down.....all rightblink 2000*2021 party 2 or 3....

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    Fernand Helie

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    Fernand Helie

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    Fernand Helie

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  • Vladimir Khrapov
    Vladimir Khrapov

    столько милых девчонок любят эту группу, кайф: - *Когда слышу этих ребят, реально кончаю.*

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    Eusebio Cipriano

    Astig ka tlga idol MM!!!

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    kevin Diaz

    Sigo a este semidios desde el 2009 y ya tengo 17 y aún lo escucho es el mejor

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    Raimundo Benicio

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    Raimundo Benicio

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    Raimundo Benicio

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    Raimundo Benicio

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    Raimundo Benicio

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    Estas Pendejo

    Vine por Jhon wick y me fui llevando una genialidad de canciones simplemente maravillosas👌🔥

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    Sky Dancer

    Never heard this albumin...

    • Sky Dancer
      Sky Dancer

      Feels like we've been dying forever, mate 😂

    • Sky Dancer
      Sky Dancer

      "The God's are ready to obey..." That's the message throughout this one...

    • Sky Dancer
      Sky Dancer

      Paused vid: if a song BEGINS with lyrics, or a voice clip, this is a sermon. It means "LISTEN CLOSELY". That being said, I'll shut up and press play. I like MM with clothes on. Naked MM blows my gaskets...🤯🥰💥

    • Sky Dancer
      Sky Dancer

      Now I'm getting sexy car ads... Oooohhhh, you're tickling my taste buds now, algorithms

    • Sky Dancer
      Sky Dancer

      Uh. Shipwreck! The Black Pearl.

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    дима агафонов

    С пивком пойдёт)

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    Gabby Pereyra

    the dark peaky fuckin blinder!!!

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    en acustico suena genial....

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    Fuck Jarek K

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    Escuchándolo fielmente desde el 2011 ❣️

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      Cristian Guzmán

      Del 2001❤️yo

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      Vladimir Khrapov

      Dulce Damma, no estas sola

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    Фаррух Катиби-Бисада

    удачи Менсону в разборках с его бывшей !

  • good day
    good day

    Hello now the time of not as shown, but you not a victim, only a curse in time to the being, should we decide if ye or nay for a time to take as if not: Carlos spoke: as if out of them who not breath in the world, then saying making seeing as if the life as not seen dream to the lord, I decide to make it, as real as it seems my king...

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    Krahv horror

    I cant let darkness away \,,/

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    Ars Amandi

    2021 anyone?

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    Veronika Dvoranova

    the best...

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    Helen Neary

    I 🖤☠️MarylanManson, but I just want to find out when was da last lrish gig cos I was at it, however from chasing da dragon an route 2da concert, it all got a little blurred from there, +I'd like 2know if I made it backstage, so Brian if ur reading dis I was da out of it, looking chic Who was probely trying 2 suck Brian werner off every chance I go t, seen as he's just so god damm irrasistable, 💜 yeah baby🖤I woke up on a bench, been voilateed by "i'm not missing this gig" boy but I really don't rem ' much about da entire night, some night----Mad r what high.. 😍🌃🖤☠️🤣💤💕💋❤️💙👀💜XxxXXxxxXxzxxXxxxxxxXxxx

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    валентин корначев

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    Виктор Русаков

    Happy birthday Marilyn Manson

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    Редиска Кэт

    Прикольный Дядька) добавлю в коллекцию) этого альбома нет)))

    • Ivan's Terrible Gardening
      Ivan's Terrible Gardening

      Seeking help i've been getting harassed or torture for about 6 weeks now - i've had a full mental breakdown and am receiving death threats - i've sought help from family but if there's anything out there of me - it 100% was actual torture. I am seeking help now.

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    Álbum Perfeito !

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    Thejimmy Jimmy

    tnx for the upload bro

  • Thejimmy Jimmy
    Thejimmy Jimmy

    YO MARILYN...I just wanna say - THANK GOD FOR YOUR CREATIVITY ;) All the" ill" tunes I grew up with and still run through my veins...FCUKING A(also thanks to everyone involved in making internet and recording equipment, instruments and all that shit...God bless all ya'll)#blessed hahahaha

  • Ковригин Вячеслав
    Ковригин Вячеслав

    Красиво и натурально ! - а Мне нравится .это Я про рекламу .

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    LUC G. Romero

    Pound me the witch drums, witch drums...

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    Véronique Salvador

    Moi j'ai un problème avec Marylin /_ *je me suis dis après ce morceau j'écoute un autre truc et 'intro commence je reconnais mais je continue un peu comme vous qui vous êtes pris la tête en lisant cette événement dont on se fout et voilà ça continue.... Merci pour l' album 1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣😎🌃🌃🌃✨✨✨✨✡️☪️☦️🚾⛔🙄

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    Enrique Garcia

    Excelente entrante cuando llega Vigo a la casa de Marcus y lo mata. Parte de la película Jhon Wick


    el mejor álbum

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    Mañana de sábado, mates y míster Manson a todo volúmen 🤘👌

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    Welcome to Manson's abortion

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    i need more please!!

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    fucking glorious álbum, hipe hipe hipe

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    Day 3 is at 1h 2m, not 52 mins.. you've got those two tracks mixed up

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    6:00 мож кто шарит))0) будто мерлин менсон)))))))0))0)00)

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      В смысле "будто"?

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    Á mts anos, e fazer o q

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    tanta roba davvero.....

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    Sorry Taylor (Momson) Don't kknow (a what cum over)

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    Kocham 🖤😎

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    Wara Killari O.

    Se que a un principio era incomprendido estudio artes es☺ por eso que le encanta ese maquillaje engañoso pero su filosofia me encanta siempre se presisa en algo bueno en algo correcto y se que sufre por sus ropturas amorosas pero mas por la perdida de sus padres y aun sigue firme como un soldado no es un super heroe no es maquina si no un hombre que le gusto sentir la vida

    • Pablo Massaro
      Pablo Massaro

      Así es yo pienso lo mismo que sufrió mucho por sus ropturas amorosas .principalmente la pérdida de sus padres .pero permanece firme como un guerrero por eso lo admiro como persona y como un gran artista .es como que en tus peores momentos de bajones te da animo y coraje para seguir viviendo

  • Santi Morales
    Santi Morales

    hola, quiero saber el nombre de la ultima canción, no la encuentro

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      Elizabeth Romero

      Fall of the house of death

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    Sebastian V

    im a big fan of marilyn manson since antichrist superstar, love all the albums but this one.. DAMN is gorgeuos is like red wine

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    Excelente !!!

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