Game Theory: What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?
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In Minecraft's recent update to the Villager trading system, they stopped with their randomly-generated prices and started setting a standard. Well Theorists, give me a consistent standard and I will give you a theory! This is the key to figuring out the economy of the Minecraft world - or at least the value of all the good we've been trading all these years. The most curious, to me, were the emeralds. How much is an emerald worth in Minecraft - and how does that potentially RUIN Minecraft's whole economic structure? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
“Chapter 1: How Money Works.” Dave Barry's Money $Ecrets: like, Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?, by Dave Barry, Random House Large Print, 2006.

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  • Ethan CLARKE
    Ethan CLARKE

    How much do you think bread costs?

  • Menacingly Fried Chicken
    Menacingly Fried Chicken

    How about villagers don’t do math

  • DeificArtor

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  • emilis norkus
    emilis norkus

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    Robert andrei Bagasbas

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  • Ahmad Abusido Year 9
    Ahmad Abusido Year 9

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    slop pop

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    Pawit Ninnabodee

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  • The Illager That Spawned In The Internet
    The Illager That Spawned In The Internet

    So THATS why we just keep dropping those everywhere I told you so you don’t need to go test it on any illagers. (No but seriously Why DO he keep holding on to these stones then)

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    Ella Williams

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    I used to make vids

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  • Why Tho
    Why Tho

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  • carrie august
    carrie august

  • carrie august
    carrie august

  • alt acount
    alt acount

    man, i woul think they would be worth 0.01 cents..... IF IT WARENT FOR THE FACT THEY ARE 4X MORE RARE THAN DIAMONDS

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    vflx go

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  • Rong Gu
    Rong Gu

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  • StandardDifferent aka. samsausage
    StandardDifferent aka. samsausage

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    Ejay Matum

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  • Abigail Kinsey115
    Abigail Kinsey115

    I went mining and found a million emeralds they are worthless so I just stopped mining them lol

  • Temope Arts
    Temope Arts

    Game theorists: Emerald is worth 20$ - 50c. Me: stonks. My Emerald tower: oh no

  • logan grau
    logan grau

    theme song: NEEDS MORE FNAF REFRENCES!!!!!!!!


    Well... now I'm going to play minecraft emerald superflat

  • PraxMAC

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    Adam Naser

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    Ioan Alexe

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    Sofea Zailani

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  • Abby MacG
    Abby MacG

    this makes me feel bad about stealing from the blacksmith chest

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    Gabriel Grim

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    Martin Porter

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    Raphi McGurrin

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  • Em Beboso
    Em Beboso

    The player selling the villager's carrots back to them: This is where the fun begins The villager getting the carrots without labor: In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my trap

  • ThatOneKid

    Well yes it is, I sold I single emerald for a diamond enchanted chest plate Edit: Oop u said if it’s worth irl oof

  • Husky gaming
    Husky gaming

    Luke the notable after watching this: stonks

  • Ragheb Orfali
    Ragheb Orfali

    2:23 Just you wait...Wher e have i heard that before

  • Surprised Pikachu
    Surprised Pikachu

    The villager that thinks one diamond is worth an emerald is stupid.

  • villager builder
    villager builder

    i know why villegers just get 4 carrot or 1 cause they leave the other carrot and plant again what they pick up

  • Perry the Platypus
    Perry the Platypus

    This was deep

  • Mico Laurence Dela Cruz
    Mico Laurence Dela Cruz

    Me mining for emeralds: darn its Sooo hard That one villager: gimme potato I'll give you ur emerald

  • Jayden L
    Jayden L


  • boy man
    boy man

    The cost of carrots or wheat in the real world depends on their scarcity, nutritional value and stuff. And it seems to work similarly even in minecraft. It must be noted that, their scarcity and and nutritional value differs from the real world. So yeah, we cannot compare real world prices to the minecraft world. Which is why it LOOKS like emerald doesnt have a particular value. But they DO.(i think)

  • Owen Keehn
    Owen Keehn

    other than that they are used to flex on players

  • Owen Keehn
    Owen Keehn

    btw emralds are useful they can make armor by TRADING

  • Owen Keehn
    Owen Keehn

    lol he showed a part of a markiplier video

  • Owen Keehn
    Owen Keehn

    me heres how much minecraft emerads are worth. then the price goes backwards, me : Its evolving just backwards

  • Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera
    Fabian Andres Claudio Rivera

    10:20 **Profusely Stonk-ing**

  • Earth Monky
    Earth Monky

    so how much is it worth

  • mr doom guy
    mr doom guy

    But you have to think about the availability

  • The T Wizard
    The T Wizard

    My hypothesis is that the precursor builder society mined a lot of emeralds, which devalues them in comparison to actually useful things.

  • Princess Sunny of the SandWings
    Princess Sunny of the SandWings

    1:25 makes me think of a BGfixr named TomFawkes and another one named NintendoCapriSun because of their unique jokes and humor

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    A person on the internet

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  • Alcenium

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  • Frank Woods
    Frank Woods

    Now we know why emerald armor doesn't exist

  • SMPandanic

    I mean they give US TOOOOONNNNS of emralds sooooo we should see that Emralds are common

  • Cray Z
    Cray Z

    Where can you find the image in 2:58?

  • Alexander Hood
    Alexander Hood

    Actually 7 Emerald for 1 empty map with the in game price multiplier being 0.05.

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    John Yang

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  • Battlefront clips
    Battlefront clips

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  • Xboy

    If I can buy mending books with emeralds they’re worth hell of a lot

  • Banna Queen
    Banna Queen

    Don't make me feel bad for the villagers😂

  • some one
    some one

    "GAME THEORY RUINING YOUR CHILDHOOD SINCE 2011" that sounds like a good ice cream store

  • Hiimdoggo Lookatme
    Hiimdoggo Lookatme

    You should do a theory on how the villagers got those emarlds

  • Ridhishree Chowdhury
    Ridhishree Chowdhury


  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez

    Your forgetting about the fact that they are living in old times have tiny farms and have small communities so that helps the price

  • Loubna Yass
    Loubna Yass


  • Luke Burchett
    Luke Burchett

    When villagers watch this video they will be like: “we need to make our prices higher”

  • The True Dragonborn
    The True Dragonborn

    11:54 unless your mumbo jumbo

  • Bruce Gold
    Bruce Gold

    never thought about it that way.

  • Laura Hastay
    Laura Hastay

    i went to check out the other vid it was in 2012and old but still a amazing theory

  • BraidenNo10

    I did the average out of all and I got: $2,008,500,021 and ¢16

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis

    me : diamond yaaaa me : emrald nahhh

  • Cryogen

    emerald is actually 1,810,000,000$ worth for a price somewhere inbetween minimum and maximum

  • galaxyy 7
    galaxyy 7

  • Burrito Justice
    Burrito Justice

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    jonathan cho

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  • Roli Poli
    Roli Poli

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  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid

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  • Mr. Nanukes
    Mr. Nanukes

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    James Benedict Valdenor

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  • Amayiah jones
    Amayiah jones

    Does anyone else notice the springtrap toy/plush in intro

  • Ana Popovski Prusina
    Ana Popovski Prusina

    i have a question when the gamethoery intro ends down says ruining your childhood since 2011 what do you mean?

    • Dara Shahnazi
      Dara Shahnazi

      Its a joke, cause they are always making videos about how Mario is a psychopath, and how half the Disney characters are dead and thing like that. Things you didn't think about when you were a kid, but now you realise how horrible somethings we watched really were.

  • vanessa ong
    vanessa ong

    You realize emeralds are real world item right

  • Centralmean9000 burger
    Centralmean9000 burger

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