How Yoda Became a Jedi [FULL STORY] - Star Wars Canon and Legends
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    Quartz Playz

    3:04 T - P O S E

  • pantslizard

    Based on that thumbnail the Real question is, "How Yoda lost his neck."😆😂🤣

  • Hi Mr_Mattone
    Hi Mr_Mattone

    Ah yes

  • Oliver Smalley
    Oliver Smalley

    Yoda theory: Every single yoda that we have ever met is extremely force-sensitive and most served the Jedi Order. The Sith were, originally, an actual species that died out. What if Yodas were the original Jedi that influenced the founding of the Order?

  • gad gup
    gad gup

    I'm amazed he's never cut at least one of his own ears off.

  • jimmy hoffa
    jimmy hoffa

    The fact that Yoda was almost a thousand years old, wouldn't he be a Jedi Grand master and not just a regular master?

  • JT Buehner
    JT Buehner

    Legend..! Legend...!! Legend......!!!

  • Anderson Ferreira
    Anderson Ferreira

    Thats simple guys. Yoda is a fusion between a Gremilin and a Namekuseijin... juuuust kidding

  • Westy Raviz
    Westy Raviz

    Yoda used to be as short as Luke, but he shrunk further as he aged.

  • Natasha Kennedy
    Natasha Kennedy


  • Yakinya Maddi
    Yakinya Maddi

    cursed yoda on the thumbnail

  • Rosemary Davila
    Rosemary Davila

    Yoda’s master

  • Ed Perez
    Ed Perez

    I’m such a nerd I was so entertained

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens

    Didn't Yoda attack the plane during twilight zone?

  • Deoxysoverlord

    Yoda when Anakin is about to decapitate Duku: "Anakin. No." Also Yoda: 6:54

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    True this is. Yeesssss

  • Ninja Ccj
    Ninja Ccj

    Um I think. That is not yoda baby yoda that is not yoda baby yoda his name is Grogu another Jedi that is the same as yoda but the yoda we thought it was not him there is one Jedi that she said I’ve seen that specie before so that means is yoda but you copy the picture from Mandalorian and is not yoda is Grogu another Jedi just like yoda Ps: Star Wars is tricking you

  • Pippa Dhiety
    Pippa Dhiety

    Wrong! your way off on this one. havent you noticed yoda doesnt talk like others he doesnt do anything like other beings. the answer to that is that Yoda is a plant. think about it he is green and always around water ect. Yoda's grow on Yoda trees that only fruit every 500 years, hence the tree in empire. also if you bury and water a dead yoda it will grow into a yoda tree. these trees only grow in dim light and must have lots of alcalai water and stuff. i dunno where you get all that other stuff thats quite the imagination you have really, witches and stranded on planets and all that pretty crazy. but since starwars is a film only the movies tell the actual story not what someone wrote somewhere film tends to vary from written stories so what yer talkin about is complete nonsense. Yoda's are plants thats all no back story really to a plant

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    I would watch a Young Yoda series

  • Nate Hale
    Nate Hale

    How could yoda become a master by 96 years? If grogu is fifty years old and is about at capable of a one year old how can yoda become a master with 46 more years when his species ages much slower than any other species in the universe?

    • Lifax

      They do say in The Mandalorian (I think it was Ahsoka) that after Order 66 Grogu had suppressed his powers to stay alive and cut himself off from the force. So in reality maybe he is more powerful than he looks in the series? Also if you remember when Luke first runs into Yoda on Dagobah, Yoda acts like a deranged old hermit and doesn't show Luke who he really is. There was another channel that brought up this theory, can't remember which one. Either way your question crossed my mind as well as others I'm sure.

  • Clay

    The thumbnail for this video kinda gives me the willies... Looks like a determined but struggling crack head who has been wronged by his dealer.

  • ILoveMagic

    Bruhh the thumbnail is so creepyy😭😂

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    Jacquay Boone


  • bellybutthole

    Hey man a tip, make pauses when speaking/editing -our ears sweat.

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.

    3:40 hehe ginger yoda

  • sneakyskunk1

    Yoda: Long neck I do not have. Mistaken you are.

  • Daddy Anakin :3
    Daddy Anakin :3

    That thumbnail wtf ewwwws

  • Zed Jagow
    Zed Jagow

    The skinny balance renomegaly radiate because father-in-law splenomegaly hate given a oval celery. infamous, capricious carnation

  • The Cool Uncle A.K.A. Uncle Beatle
    The Cool Uncle A.K.A. Uncle Beatle

    I wondered why the very thought that a chosen one would even be a consideration. Destroying the sith and bringing balance to the force seems to be in contradiction. Having a more equal or so number of light side and dark side users would be closer to a balance. So by destroying nearly all jedi with order 66 and Annakins role in it. Might prove that maybe he was the chosen one by making thr sides more equal. Minusing the obvious terror brought on by the empire. Just a thought

  • Menace

    Since Yoda can make it to triple digits, wasn’t he there when Darth Bane and ancient Sith were around

  • Nikn77

    i need some unsee juice from the thumbnail

  • starscream

    Lmao this thumbnail is cursed

  • human

    Mm much handsome he was

  • Anders Bylund
    Anders Bylund

    Who was the sith when they started to sense the dark side?

  • Sadarsa

    George Lucas has already said that he'll never tell. The mouse may come up with something on their own and label it as cannon, but until George says so, i'll not believe it.

  • Jb Doooglasses
    Jb Doooglasses

    always a yoda way.t rust in youda

  • AikoIsBetter


  • Andrew Marr
    Andrew Marr

    I think that people are calling his spices Trigons because we have only seen three of his kind

  • Yeethan10

    if I die without knowing the name of Yoda's planet, imma be PISSED

    • Cameron Valentine
      Cameron Valentine

      How old are you lol?

  • I am the senate
    I am the senate

    Naqada trained Yoda Yoda trained Dukoo Dukoo trained Qui Gon Qui Gon Trained Obi Wan Obi Wan trained Anakin Anakin Trained Ahsoka

  • FieldMistroo

    young Yoda looks uncanny

  • Caden Janot
    Caden Janot

    how did yoda get jedi master at 100 years old if grogu is 50 and still a baby

  • Caden Janot
    Caden Janot

    took a shot every time he said jedi

  • babasnaners _
    babasnaners _

    Grand Master Yoda sounds like he could be a rapper

  • A

    Mace Windu was the most powerful Jedi ever.

  • jimmyboy nottknown
    jimmyboy nottknown

    96 in human years we concider as old but in yoda's species because they age slower he's probably only a teenager in human terms. I remember on a dvd special they said his age was unknown

  • Nick Schrader
    Nick Schrader

    cursed thumbnail

  • Noah

    Old I have turned

  • Nick Scheidt
    Nick Scheidt

    Jesus loves you

  • Ben’s Gaming
    Ben’s Gaming

    What does canon mean I’m so confused :/

  • Willower

    Why is it ok for Yoda and Duku to become pads as adults but not Anakin or Grogu?


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  • Rocc Stone
    Rocc Stone

    Woah yoda with hair

  • Christian Arreola
    Christian Arreola

    I don’t remember this in any of the movies.

  • e m
    e m

    You ruined Yoda for me with that thumbnail of

  • Jake Andrews
    Jake Andrews

    Drinking game: take a shot every time he says "Jedi"

    • LEGO Clone Trooper
      LEGO Clone Trooper

      guess I’ll die

  • Fredrik Berg
    Fredrik Berg

    What is wrong with your syntax? Raised by robots?

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    Google Evil

    Are you serious ?

  • Claretta Purcella
    Claretta Purcella

    The grotesque bowling ganguly dance because dahlia constitutively check inside a sordid washer. tasteless, vigorous pizza

  • Luffytard

    2:02 why does it sound like there is a discord call faintly in the background

  • Rockbert

    I much more prefer the deeper explanation of Legends tbh

  • Dorky Jedi Kwami Platelet Hashira Of Ponyville
    Dorky Jedi Kwami Platelet Hashira Of Ponyville

    *Dies from heart-attack cuz of young-yoda*

  • Memelord Yoda
    Memelord Yoda

    Hoax this is

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    I love this video!

  • Agam Thind
    Agam Thind


  • ronin2167

    Yoda was a Jedi Knight at age 96 and yet Grogo is 50 and is still a toddler in all aspects.

  • Milton Andersson
    Milton Andersson

    Did anyone else hear him say Mandaborian in the start

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time

    Damn it’s been a year since the mandalorian...

  • Cripa

    I wish there was an unsee button.

  • Sleeper453

    at 1:29, why is he wearing a Horde necklace?

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    Lies these are not

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I still alive am

  • salty tuber
    salty tuber

    He seriously need a show tho based from his birth

  • C DMix
    C DMix

    Soo this is just speculations?

  • nickthelick

    "Unlearn what I have learnt!?!?"... So, are you telling me that all that shit we did a montage for wasn't necessary? You fat little green turd! ...Well?" Gotta say, I'm not sure I'm fond of the anthropomorphized pictures of Yoda here! They just... don't look right... Looking half human doesn't... as I said... look right! Ooh! I just thought, there's possibly a large plot hole demonstrated by Yoda... I realise there aren't many Jedi's left over (Apparently, anyway. Obviously the Sith Lords are the Jedi's equivalents. There's just Yoda, Luke to be, and potentially Leia too. And though she's had no training she still demonstrates her ability to use it in a later film. Oh, and do the deceased Jedi still hold any sway over the physical realm as Obi Wan sort of does? Or perhaps he doesn't, I dunno...), where was I? Oh yeah, ANYWAY! I realise that there aren't many Jedi's left over, but even so, why doesn't/didn't a Jedi use the force to just push the Death Star away from whatever target it was orbiting? Yoda said himself: "Judge me by my size do you?" Well, yeah, I definitely DO judge you by your size! LoL! You're a squat little green thing that would definitely have trouble manoeuvring your body to fight like someone who's taller and more slender than you! It's alright, I'm only playing with y'all here! =oD But if there was any 'reality' to it, then yeah, of course you'd judge him immediately! =oD "Take these guys first, we'll deal with the little weird frog/toad thing with long ears in a minute!" LoL! =o) Apparently using the force to move stones about is no different from moving planet sized space stations, because "Size matters not"... I'd say that I've fairly discovered a kind of BIG plot hole there... No? I dunno, perhaps I'm wrong... =o)

  • CC 2224 Commander Cody
    CC 2224 Commander Cody

    I’ve always wondered if yoda has ear mites

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody

    I swear there was species info on one of the KOTOR games.

  • Dhunt84 84
    Dhunt84 84

    My midichlorian count would be high too if a had two ears that large

  • Nate

    Would love an origin for master yoda.

  • abdi libaax
    abdi libaax

    Talking too fast

  • Kjell

    The Mandolorian The mambeborjhun

  • Edward Bloecher
    Edward Bloecher

    Those artist renderings of a "young" Yoda are simply horrid! Lol Worse than in the original episode 1 Yoda even. For God's sake they look like evil movie goblins! LMAO

  • Fortnite Slayer
    Fortnite Slayer

    May the force be with you.

  • Bruce

    The merchandise for adult Grogu will just fly off the shelves if it looks like this.

  • Rigid Review
    Rigid Review

    Yoda's age needs to be reconsidered. "800 years have I trained Jedi." Age 96 a Jedi Master? That does not add up. It is but a guess to say he was 900 when he died. He has to have been at least 1000 and that is a stretch. Consider, Grogu exhibits more like the intelligence level of a potty trained 3-4 year old. He cannot even say his own name. Compare Grogu's intelligence level with your estimate and it does not add up. With Yoda's exceptional strength in the force and training I could see him being a knight at age 14-16 equivalent. For every 100 years Yoda ages about 3.5 years. That would make Yoda the equivalent of an 85+ year old human when he became one with the force. Much more plausible. Hence Yoda has to be at least 1200 years old when he died. Yoda began training Jedi when he was about 350 years old. Otherwise Grogu was just so secluded and forgot how to talk and can barely walk yet "very healthy." I just do not see Grogu being 7-10 year equivalent. He still likes to play with the ship joystick, equivalent of a baby rattle. During Mando's Time Grogu is about 90-100 if you think less please explain.

  • JK B
    JK B

    Why yoda look like Valdimort in the thumbnail

  • Leo Flynn
    Leo Flynn

    Baby Yoda is not Yoda. The mandolorion takes place 5 years after return of the jedi and Luke trained baby Yoda so Yoda was dead

  • RAG

    canon is not canon it is a sad blunder. their is no other canon than leyends

  • Joe aquilino
    Joe aquilino

    this is so cannon its nick cannon

  • Michael Eshleman
    Michael Eshleman

    Yoda "Size does not matters, the Force IS!" Yoda vs Dooku light-sabers fight (draw). Yoda vs Dooku with the Force (draw). Dooku choose 3 option, *breaks the pipe aiming at Anakin & Obi-wan* as Yoda saved his Jedi team! Dooku *retreats* Yoda again calms his mind. Both Dooku & Yoda were smart to avoids killing each other instead, picks to fight another day. Nothing to do with coward.

  • Trold Hansen
    Trold Hansen

    A Dark yoda kind Would be insane and Awesome 😎🤟🤟🤟

  • Kyle D Bear
    Kyle D Bear

    Did yoda get chased by seagulls as a padawan?

  • Kyle D Bear
    Kyle D Bear

    Wooow imagine that. Padawan Yoda. So crazy to think that.

  • Michael Liang
    Michael Liang

    The profile pic for this vid was cringey

  • MX Entertainment - Leipziger News und Vlogs!!
    MX Entertainment - Leipziger News und Vlogs!!

    Got it Yoda is Mr. Miagi in disguise. Case closed

  • TheRealKarmma

    I personally think who ever created the character yoda should tell us his origins but when he passes alway I think it should be a gift to the long time fans of Star Wars George Lucas can tell us when the time is right or when he’s gone from the planet that’s the most mysterious thing in Star Wars is yoda thts what makes him even more special but I hope it ends soon

  • Corey Gardiner
    Corey Gardiner

    1:26 For The Horde!

  • Logan Still
    Logan Still

    I love how in the end he was questionable on if the force is with us.

  • rob happe
    rob happe

    Just a quick thought.....shouldn't jedi train with training swords so that you can spar full on and show someone their openings without slicing them in half?

  • Breaux

    All of these young yoda pictures look like World of Warcraft goblins