The Rise of Skywalker: Behind the Scenes
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker complete behind the scenes featurette.
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  • NiteOWL

    I can never stop smiling watching Star wars. Always love it.

  • Roastman97

    Having been on sets myself I can confirm - what is filmed and experienced by cast and crew is not what the final film is.

  • P F
    P F

    Daisy in that white outfit makes the almost three hours of this video really worth watching. She’s so gorgeous.

  • Vincent Noto
    Vincent Noto

    To bad the script sucked and Kathleen Kennedy fucked the story up, any one else who worked on it deserves applause, but the story absolutely sucked, it’s confirmed they made it up as they went along and it’s just a shame when you have good people working on a movie like this and they worked gets tarnished by bad writing and management.

  • gullf1sk

    what a terrible thing the new trilogy is

  • go ose
    go ose

    7,8,9. WHY? ?? Why would hijack this saga and destroy something so great and memorable?Ohhh yes.... fucking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$. YOU PEOPLE FUCKING SUCK!!!!

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    When the documentary is longer than the movie:

  • Rosala Marie Curtis
    Rosala Marie Curtis

    What a wonderful imagination and how talented these men were and are.

  • Anne- Christine Danielsson
    Anne- Christine Danielsson

    MAy THE fourth be wiith you.

  • Le sween Machine
    Le sween Machine

    Hearing Kathleen speak makes me sick

  • #SALFORDLAD craige deane
    #SALFORDLAD craige deane

    Wow I really enjoyed watching this , a lot work to make a movie, thank you, 😷😷🌍✌💖😷😷

  • Unconsciouzone

    I think the lesson to be learned in this era of episodic movie and TV projects is always know in advance where you are going and how it will finish. When you leave the stories open ended, and you don't know yourself as a creator (writer) where the story is going and _why_ it leaves too much leeway for the audience to write their own narratives. Once this happens it's almost impossible to meet audience expectations. I thought this was a pretty decent movie. I understand exactly why it is what it is.

  • Expand DeadMeme
    Expand DeadMeme

    Nostalgia: The Movie

  • Anne- Christine Danielsson
    Anne- Christine Danielsson

    MAy THE Force be wiith you. Mark hamil

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    The greatest detriment to the new trilogy was the battle of egos

  • melon husk
    melon husk

    how much did you pay for that pos? umm but it's solid gold and was expensive it's still a pos yeah but everyone was so happy while making it yeah but it's still a pos

  • Francisco Miranda
    Francisco Miranda

    Shit shit and only shit

  • Pierre-Henri Martinez
    Pierre-Henri Martinez

    1:01:15 music please

  • Deadmanstrigger

    Yea that horse thing, why didn’t the captain just tell them to tilt the ship ? Lol

  • Deadmanstrigger

    I feel like they got way to nostalgic and it got in the way of making a better film. I mean it’s sweet to have all these connections between actors and the history while giving people special moments but it does nothing for the script. The final fight scene between Luke and Vader in 1983 set a tone for the films, they were not goofy, these new films feel goofy.

  • May Tran
    May Tran


  • MARzero1

    way more enjoyable to watch than the actual movie

  • americandevil

    amazing makeup, wardrobe, sets, effects and cinematography... some good acting... awful, idiotic story... keep the camera, but please put down the pen, JJ.

  • Kenneth John Ritsema
    Kenneth John Ritsema

    There are only five " Great" Star Wars films : A new hope ,The Empire strikes back ,Return of the Jedi ,Rogue one and Solo , end of story !

  • yolo X
    yolo X

    OMG! the puppeteers for babu look like green surgeons performing brain surgery! Haaa 1:17:57

  • YoNell . Artiste Multiple
    YoNell . Artiste Multiple

    Merci !

  • silver holly
    silver holly


  • Stealthmann

    Disney's Star Wars were awful

  • Ryan Ramboer
    Ryan Ramboer

    Wait they had plans for 9 films way back then?

  • BronzeAlive

    The biggest problem with the sequel trilogy was the lack of a cohesive story and plan between films, I hope lucasfilm learns from this and actually plans out there next series in the future

  • 이병호

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  • Julian Aeylya
    Julian Aeylya

    Why is this Documentary behind the scene show just about the ending of 4-9 it doesnt even feel the ending of 9 movies. No behind the scene of Episodes 1-3 ?!?!?

  • Kroem Experion
    Kroem Experion

    1:26:12 the production stalls due to Chris Terrio's terrible script about fucking Wayfinders. Really? Someone with no Force abilities made a knife post-Jedi? And Disney execs approved this malarkey 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • KMP74

    All these wonderful sets amazing creatures aliens and new but old style droids that was barely seen in the film.

  • Shannon Harton
    Shannon Harton

    What if ray trained a very powerful kid Jedi that would be really cool

  • NaNcy K.
    NaNcy K.

    Rest in Peace Carrie, no one else could have ever been Leia. Forever in our hearts.

  • TheUnusualJeff

    Bloody hell its the whole movie

  • Miguel Angel Rivera Santiago
    Miguel Angel Rivera Santiago

    with these last 3, frustated I feel.... weak the Force is with them.... (and with must of the side stories).... George Lucas, you are our only hope.... (I think that James Cameron as director will be interesting...)

  • Brooke Rogers
    Brooke Rogers

    3hrs and We really didnt hear about the kiss or death once huh

  • alfie hood
    alfie hood

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  • Addie Boomgard
    Addie Boomgard

    i would have cried everyday if i was on set of's so emotional...

  • Beth Hayes
    Beth Hayes

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  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez


  • Shara Beane
    Shara Beane

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  • Home and Property Improvement Billow
    Home and Property Improvement Billow

    the whole movie was great accepting the character of Ray. she is a good actress but the way they develop her character was horrible and the story line of her character is shit I'm still boggles that you guys could fuck up such an easy sequel to make.

  • DNXRproductions

    They failed on a movie that was supposed to end it

  • David Lean
    David Lean

    Far too much Kathleen Kennedy!

  • Matthew Walters
    Matthew Walters


  • Sixfoursoul


  • IGRojikku

    When the dude at the beginning I’m 1982 said “When you’re done with all 9 films” did anybody else lose their shit??

  • ksj

    Adam Driver should've been the true lead character for the whole trilogy. If anything would have gotten me interested enough to actually watch all 3 of the sequels in theaters, it would be if they actually tried doing something new and told the story from the PoV of the bad guy. After all, Disney does call it the "Skywalker Saga," and he's the one with Skywalker blood in him. Also, doing that would have made Rey more bearable because she'd have made for a good seemingly insurmountable opponent because of her basic godhood -- the main character being bested by their rival in the first and/or second movies (or act 1 or 2 in a singular movie) is classic plot progression -- and we'd never have trouble with identifying with/rooting for her over Driver because, let's face it, she's not the most compelling character (though that's what happened with the movies as they are anyway). I'd normally have trouble saying 100% that switch is what I'd have preferred because Finn and Poe had such great chemistry and you might lose that, but since they squandered that and gave them like 10 minutes in a single movie together, it wouldn't be a big loss.

  • Scott Sapcariu
    Scott Sapcariu

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  • Rosemaria Hardell
    Rosemaria Hardell

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  • Hohes C
    Hohes C

    1:20:38 that t shirt is legend!


    what if Leia becomes young and gorgeous as before?

  • ツReflexyboi

    wait,so is this the last Star Wars episode? No episode 10?:(

  • George

    The worst trilogy in cinematic history.

  • Evan

    7,8 and 9 is garbage

  • kdkseven

    Remember when everyone thought that J.J. Abrams would make a great film one day? Turns out, all he can do is make crappy versions of other people's great films.

  • KlaudeFX

    where can i write "Fuck you Disney" so they can actually hear and see my comment?

  • Baguetes Francesas
    Baguetes Francesas

    31:17 lol wtf

  • XxKyroxX

    this just made me have a lot more respect for the sequels

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez

    The trash come every Thursday here. Why would I need to watch this.

    • kdkseven

      They bring you trash every Thursday???

  • copykon

    i forgot how much this so-called movie sucked.

  • Led Zeppelin Fan
    Led Zeppelin Fan

    John Williams is one of the greatest film composers of all time, Change my mind

  • Taneco


  • User619 TLSDCA
    User619 TLSDCA

    The main story line of the Ren and Ray was very corny and at times too much for a morale sub plot. It made a lot of folks wonder, wtf is their point of all this drama between the characters>?. With the killings of a Father from a son to kill his mother and Uncle then try to convince sibling to join his life. Is it that bad with families in today s real world issues? Im just glad I grew up in a valued base morale foundation of family life but understand there are other countries that make shows and movies to educate young people of their values and concerns but not in the Disney aspect...

    • User619 TLSDCA
      User619 TLSDCA

      A real live version of Ren the Character usually doing meth and Ren seems to fit the mold of his delusional thoughts of his sibling..

  • russian d
    russian d

    Was dave Filoni involved with this movie at all?

  • Rachel Jasper Jones
    Rachel Jasper Jones

    I really appreciate everyone’s profound creativity and hard work❤️ feels sacred.

  • Evan Cloris
    Evan Cloris

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  • Jane Anne
    Jane Anne

    deciding to bring Rey into the series the way they did as a "no one" they should have just left the palpatine stuff in the past.

    • Jacob Berg
      Jacob Berg

      Then she after all because it was the past and so instead she adopted the Skywalker name in order to be her person separate from her grandfather's legacy

  • Edgar Paniagua
    Edgar Paniagua

    So this is basically a behind the scenes, in depth look on how food travels through the intestines and becomes feces. Interesting.

  • Rändom

    Worst Sequels ever ...


    Look at all the work and effort put into something only for it to be practically considered garbage solely because of lazy and poor writing.

  • Timothy Duffy
    Timothy Duffy

    Heres a little challenge for the feminists behind this movie, how about not worrying to much about women characters in civilizations that are supposed to be far more advanced than ours that they are not supposed to have chauvinism in the first place and just show us how men and women do in civilizations that are not sexist- what would that look like? Indeed, you already fucked up doctor who by making the obvious feminist point of making him female just for the sake of doing it-when they could've used the pre-existing doctor who character of his daughter in which they could've killed off the doctor and his daughter lives on in countless adventures and infininate female incarnations to be played by any actress in the future as the last time lord. But, nooooooo, the feminists had to make a point to stick it to the patriarchy and with audiences knowing full well that such is a political shit show and the whole series is fucked up as a result. Please dont do this fucking bullshit with star wars. Otherwise, what do you expect from a female supremacy movement whose cult leadership are made up of asexual females who want to dictate everybody else's sex lives and would be quicker than conservative christianity to agree to a prohibition on fornication especially when an egalitarian movement wouldve been much better for their cult victims to join. FUCK! America, rest in peace.

  • buzzfunk

    This Trilogy was a complete waste of time. ROTS was a dumb piece of film making, IMO.

  • ollie

    It’s to adorable Carrie daughter is playing Leia I love this community and these movies

  • Vincent

    jj abrams saying that if you had asked him what rey's path would of been during the force awakens, he would have said the same really proves how much of a disturbance Rian Johnson was with episode 8

  • Robert Russo
    Robert Russo

    Star Wars makes me sad. I have so many feelings of being let down when I think of how the sequel trilogy turned out... I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about it. Thank god we have marvel. Feige and whoever his team is that keeps the stories of the world together is doing great work! Bringing in JJ ruined these films I think. He likes Star Wars, but doesn’t know that Star Wars is based in samurai films and westerns. His Star Wars movies reference Star Wars, when George didn’t reference Star Wars ever.

  • Stephanie Ledogar
    Stephanie Ledogar

    As a lifelong SW fan i really really wanted to love this movie. I can't. That being said i think the actors were great. The storytelling was not. Not everything needs to be explained to us like we're idiots.

    • Jacob Berg
      Jacob Berg

      But the movie didn't do much explaining remember that one of the reasons why people like to whine about constantly. If your referring to Snoke or Holdo's sacrifice, then I guess that I can understand what you kinda mean.

  • phoenixsampras


  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank

    I like how when the topic of C-3PO losing his memory, they didn't once acknowledge the fact that they had wiped his mind once before, at the end of the prequels.


    A lovely trilogy. Nostalgic and with personality.

  • Yhukie Tejada
    Yhukie Tejada

    and it's impressive, literally George starts in episode 4 in 1977 and things going really great.. imagine that? Luke Skywalker actor showing in the latest Star Wars rise of the Skywalker trilogy. that was crazy, Lucas is genius.. is not about the Story and also the actors age what they look like in the past 40yrs, then putting them again in the movie without recasting it. that was insane.

  • Josy

    the sequels are trash

  • Abbie Castaneda
    Abbie Castaneda

    This needs to be on disney+ if it's not already cause holy shit dude I feel like all my questions have been answered

    • Abbie Castaneda
      Abbie Castaneda

      Also the quality and entertaining quality of this video is almost like watching a whole new starwars movie in the interest and joy it brings me 🖤

  • K otgc
    K otgc

    What an honour and privilege to experience this...thank you. :-)

  • Blade The Jedi Warrior
    Blade The Jedi Warrior

    I wish you guys could make you more Star Wars movies

  • Arschkarten Paule
    Arschkarten Paule

    Am I the only one who becomes deep sad while watching this documentation... ...and realizing that the biggest part of the own life is connected really with the Star Wars saga? And now - where it´s fact that it has ended - asking myself when *my* time will end... I was at the age of 16 when the 1st Star Wars movie came into German cinemas, and 1977 did also a date like 2021 felt like science fiction for me, too - a period that was still sooo far away, somehow "unrealistic"... ...and this year, in July of 2021, I will be 60 - both numbers sound almost the same when spoken out, in English like also in German... ...but the difference is two-thirds of my life - years that *has gone.* And when I, and all the other fans in the same age as me, are already gone a long time ago, the Star Wars saga will live further for a long time... ...while already soon never will anyone remember to us. At least for most of us, this will be so. I have a problem with my age since the age of 40, but this moment, while I´m writing these lines, that makes me really more melancholic than ever before, so it´s better to end my comment at this point. I hope yet you all will live further a long, secure, and healthy life. Take care of yourselves!

  • Fl4k

    So much effort but star wars movie ended with episode 6

  • Chaz

    John Boyega is a totally toxic human and have lost total respect for him after the filming of Rise of the Skywalker, claims everything and everyone is against him because he is black, and is always boycotting Disney for his failed character in Star Wars. Be happy that you were casted, about 90% of the new trilogy lacked any character development for all characters. I feel like John is just a whiny b**ch most of the time these days. Kylo was probably the best character to come out of the trilogy with a decent character arc.

  • Cameron Gillespie
    Cameron Gillespie

    at 1:26:00 its upsetting to watch them debate this giant story point and where it leads while they are SHOOTING THE FILM??? surely massive parts of the story like this would have been decided in the writing room?

  • Paul

    This trilogy gets so much hate. I see people who love starwars making a starwars movie

  • Archer Ossmann
    Archer Ossmann

    Definitely the least bad sequel. I actually liked it as much as TPM

  • Archer Ossmann
    Archer Ossmann

    20:01 STRIKE!!!

  • Archer Ossmann
    Archer Ossmann

    9:30 GONK

  • onespeed

    Three hours of five second clips.

  • tech2017

    Kathleen Kennedy is the most incompetent and dumbest ceo in charge of a major franchise ive ever seen

  • Anurag Srivatsa
    Anurag Srivatsa

    So many talented and creative people working on something that was fundamentally broken from the start just makes me sad.

    • I Drink Milk
      I Drink Milk

      A shame to think they had a good start with force awakens too

    • Terra Firma
      Terra Firma


  • florencia letelier
    florencia letelier

    2:34 2:46 5:31 5:37 6:49 15:47 28:22 32:45 33:02 33:28 35:49 36:17 39:31

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