What if Order 66 Failed? (Animated) - Star Wars Theory Fan Fiction
What if Order 66 Failed? During Order 66, Anakin and Palpatine changed the fate of the Star Wars Universe with their surprise attack on the Jedi. The Clone Troopers turned on their Jedi Generals and wiped them out like Vader wiped out the Separatists on Mustafar.
But...what if Order 66 actually failed? What if Yoda teamed up with other Jedi to fight Palpatine? What if Obi-Wan and Plo Koon went to fight Anakin Skywalker?
The galaxy might have turned in the favor of the Jedi...what do you think?
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Thank you to @Benny Productions for animating all of this old fan-fic and @Samuel Kim Music for the awesome music in some parts of this video.
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  • Cano Lathra
    Cano Lathra

    If enough of the Jedi Council had survived, they likely would have stripped Anakin of the Force.

  • Kuzon

    There is no possibly to padme be alive, if she was, Anakin would not see his visions and palpatine would not manipulate anakin, so video is great but you missed 1 thing

  • Grilled cheese Sandwich gamer
    Grilled cheese Sandwich gamer

    Yousa did not expect meesa powerful Sith Lord

  • Michael Bogdanoff
    Michael Bogdanoff

    Darth Binks

  • Troy Ezell
    Troy Ezell

    Finally, a logical story flow...and then "Jar Jar" lol! The story was great and believable, more so than Lucas' version. Jar Jar at the end was hilarious!

  • Alex Rex
    Alex Rex

    Awesome story man. Why did you exclude Mace Windu from it tho? He was already more then a match for Sidious.

  • Grace Carkner
    Grace Carkner

    losing my mind

  • Oscar Hawkley
    Oscar Hawkley

    Have you done "what if anakin turned back to the light?" After order 66 killed everyone but before the duel on mustafar Also maybe one on what if the younglings had fled and been trained in a new secret jedi academy?

  • gaming2011

    that really grills my cheese

  • DBD

    Jar Jar the true Sith Lord.

  • faex

    I like this, but i dont think that Cin Drallig would fall so fast, he was one of the best duelists of the jedi order

  • Oliver Reynaga
    Oliver Reynaga


  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    Sure the Emperor wouldn't just sense the Jedi not dying, like Yoda sensed them dying? Of course Yoda was much more connected to the living force

  • Nicholas Patrick
    Nicholas Patrick

    I like to imagine there's a timeline where Palpatine choked on his spit midway through giving the order and somehow that leads to his death.

  • Richard Dong
    Richard Dong

    4:18 The ugly old man kills the beautiful young woman first. Seems legit, he must be jealous.

  • Simply_Canadien Roblox
    Simply_Canadien Roblox

    I got a Question for a video: Why Did Obi was in the Revenge of the Sith, Why Obi wan Did not Get Aniken Body on Mustifar after he Cut him

  • kmale76

    Padme would probably try to keep her kids as far away from the Jedi order as possible after seeing what it did to her husband.

  • Moustache Kid
    Moustache Kid

    Plo and Obi Wan stood over him, lightsabers an inch from his head BGfix: *Advertisment* Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    Please part 2

  • Jordon Behr
    Jordon Behr

    Are we just all gonna breeze over Jar Jar hahaha

  • Nenita Ibay
    Nenita Ibay

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  • A Lego person
    A Lego person

    Can we all just appreciate the cinematography?

  • Ghreiyl Quinto Gonzaga
    Ghreiyl Quinto Gonzaga

    Where's is mace windu?

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace

    I have to admit I didn't expect that ending, man. That was so good! HAHAHHAHAHHAA! Me'sa da truth dark lord!

  • Steve Edwards
    Steve Edwards

    The Jedi won.

  • Yaakov Bar Nahman
    Yaakov Bar Nahman

    I like that. Except for the jar jar bit, good you meant it as a joke

  • Anton Slaby
    Anton Slaby

    Would the Republic not fall without its great army against the separatist forces. Even without darth Sidious commanding everybody in his big marsterplan, the Republic has more than enough enemys

  • Jake Watson
    Jake Watson

    I find your lack of faith disturbing


    I would like to see a what if scenario of Rogue One if the Empire failed to destroy Jedha but Vader was still making his way to the Tantive IV and the outcome thereafter.

  • krismikewill

    I am not sure Syn Drellic dies so fast, but this is fantastic.

    • Michael Barrett
      Michael Barrett

      I couldn't resist correcting the name. Cin Drallig*

  • The Little Tomato In a Suit
    The Little Tomato In a Suit

    jar jar should free him cuz why not?


    love the music

  • MattiManden

    should have added obi wans sad words to anakin on mustafar but in the prison cell

  • Omer Bar
    Omer Bar

    Me: wow this was good I wonder what the end is Me after the end: *FUCK YEAH*

  • clamp map
    clamp map

    Order 66: Fails Palpatine: it wasn't me it was patricia

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    The dark side was clouding the Jedi's minds, and Yoda sensed the lost of many Jedi's.

  • Ukko Lampinen
    Ukko Lampinen

    But if palpatine died that ment that anakin was the sith lord

  • kyoma59 ytbofficiel
    kyoma59 ytbofficiel

    where is master windu in this theory???🤔🤔🤨

  • james lam
    james lam

    jar jar WTF

  • Okumura Bravura
    Okumura Bravura

    Loved it


    Now that makes it less fun

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Should rename the vid: “Star wars if it took place in 2021”

  • Zak Gilfillan
    Zak Gilfillan

    Mace didn't. die bc we can see ani hand get cut off he's fine we can see jedi falling from high heights and we can see Luke take a lot of lighting so he didn't die

  • Reaperthe One
    Reaperthe One

    Jar jar the sith lord

  • WolfSpirit

    Jar Jar !! I knew it that bastard !

  • Brother Kellymatthew Barnes
    Brother Kellymatthew Barnes

    What if order 66 came with Ronto wraps?

  • Declan Pomeroy
    Declan Pomeroy

    2:25 captions: while he would take kiarimundi, cinderella and ayla sakura to confront the emperor.

  • The Square of Stalingrad
    The Square of Stalingrad

    Nice art style !!! Simple yet beautiful :)

  • Jaykofett

    Can you try and do some more in this animation style by the way

  • Valentin Giat
    Valentin Giat

    Where are the clones ? Are they safe ? Are they alive ?

  • Jaykofett

    for some reason the animation reminds me of the credits from Captain America the winter soldier

  • Christopher Plays
    Christopher Plays

    When have said jar jar

  • Lincoln Foster
    Lincoln Foster

    i would watch this

  • Calum Walker
    Calum Walker

    Love this moment at the end 7:38 😂😂😂😂

  • Luck

    Anakin would have won in mustafar to both plo and obi wan. Obi wan won just out of luck, and becouse he was to pride.

    • Luck

      And probably the emperator would have killed all but joda.

  • Zach Saris
    Zach Saris

    This guy would make a pretty good DM

  • Raresh btw
    Raresh btw

    i think maul would get ani out of jail

  • poo

    i hope anakin gets out and tries to prove that he is back to the light i want them to have a happy ending

  • Bella Chavez Banegas
    Bella Chavez Banegas

    i now know what was that thing it was in season 6 epsiode 1 clone wars tup killed jedi and his thing was rotting so that could have happened to the troopers

  • Piotr Szlosarek
    Piotr Szlosarek

    Well one question. Wouldnt jedi call some support to fight off the clones? I mean there were soldiers on planets in senate space

  • K Ya
    K Ya

    Not sure if you have made this video but if Leia remained as a Jedi

  • K Ya
    K Ya

    This might be lame and stupid but like if Padme didn't come to Mustafar to see Anakin.

  • Tristan Donle
    Tristan Donle

    is it just me or is this guys voice really determanating??

  • Walter The Terrible
    Walter The Terrible

    Cin Drallig was at the temple during Knightfall so Vader killed him anyways. Also I think the original makes sense because the clones hadn't been planning to kill the Jedi, and more importantly, to them, it was just following orders. They didn't feel emotions like remorse or anger or pity or fear or even any conflict that the Jedi could have picked up on. One moment, they were doing their duty of destroying droids, the literal next moment, nothing changed except the target. Also, think about what the Jedi went through. Many were on battlefields where the droid armies were targeting them, but they had clones at their back, but all of a sudden, the Jedi were in the middle of two different sides that wanted them dead. This happened to Ki Audi Mundi, so he definitely couldn't have made it either. Maybe Aayla Secura could've made it, but remember she was only a Jedi Knight. I understand Yoda was able to sense what happened only because he sensed the death of other Jedi, NOT because he sensed his clones about to turn on him. Also, I really don't think that the duels would have changed much. Sidious would've cut down the other masters as he had with Windu and the battle with Yoda probably would've been the same. As for Vader against Obi-Wan and Plo, I'm not sure if Plo would've been able to survive Order 66 either since he was in a fighter, but if he did, I'm sure Anakin would've cut him down easily. You have to remember that Obi-Wan only did as well as he did because he knew Anakin so well AND because he managed to use Vader's anger to trick him and beating him. I think if someone like Cin Drallig, who was the master swordsman of the Jedi at the time, was taken out by Vader WHILE Vader also had to deal with other Jedi, then Plo wouldn't have done much better against Vader either. Vader was insanely powerful at that time and I think alot of people don't usually get that. By all means. Obi-Wan should NOT have won, but he did because he was able to hold his own long enough to let Vader's emotions get the best of him. In fact, I think that if Vader had more time to control his anger and dark side abilities, he would've beaten Kenobi easily.

  • Édouard Renaud
    Édouard Renaud

    can we send this to George so he changes the story

  • Mod Stuffing Yum
    Mod Stuffing Yum

    Jar Jar binks the sith lord :)

  • i am a cow
    i am a cow

    7:36 I new he would do somthing

  • A Pelican
    A Pelican

    A shame the jar jar part was a joke

  • Kossi King
    Kossi King

    damn this was good :)

  • Kyther


  • The Phantom Sith
    The Phantom Sith

    that wus a bet werd

  • Vendel Sundblad
    Vendel Sundblad

    I already like this more cus Plo Koon survives

  • Steelerste42 1
    Steelerste42 1

    Yes! Now this is the ending I always wanted!!!!

  • lethalexponent 6
    lethalexponent 6

    What about the giant army of clones

  • //Lynx

    I had to give a like for that ending

  • Logical Dude
    Logical Dude

    Haha the Jar Jar twist at the end killed me

  • Alex photographie
    Alex photographie

    I love the animation

  • KingDark Stickman
    KingDark Stickman

    I thought the thumbnail was kylo ren :|

  • Big Boned
    Big Boned

    What about Ahsoka

  • Regan Beazley
    Regan Beazley

    Dude, the Jedi would have totally survived. Ki-adi-mundi could have fled on a fighter, Plo Koon could have shot down the clone fighters, and.... Jesus, Aila Secura must've survived, cause her death was PATHETIC.

  • S. Munro
    S. Munro

    Sith JarJar?

  • S S
    S S

    Jar Jar: The Ultimate Evil

  • Spooneru

    Or the Jedi listend to Fives and removed the Inhabiter Chips making the Clones Loyal to the Jedi for ever.

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    Darth Jar Jar 😂😅

  • camerongaming

    Jar jar binks DID NOT SEE THAT COMING

  • Commander Rex
    Commander Rex

    Pt2 pls

  • Meechugg 2312
    Meechugg 2312

    One it was on my ankin and his master plus padme second yoda was not fighting Palpatine with macewindu some people are like me a star wars need and know

  • Bloggy blog
    Bloggy blog

    1:04me when my older brother’s friend comes over

  • meximerican 05
    meximerican 05

    This actually is a really dope way of rebooting Star Wars. Anakin would be the more superior version of Darth Vader as his hatred grew way beyond comprehension while he was locked away. The skywalker siblings are fully trained Jedis who would be the only ones to stop Vader since they inherit his strength- what I’m trying to say is that this would be so much better than the sequel cinematic story... *no more palpatine bullcrap*

  • Epic Music Universe Music and film
    Epic Music Universe Music and film

    What if Anakin had never been a slave

    • Epic Music Universe Music and film
      Epic Music Universe Music and film

      And I would love to work with you

    • Epic Music Universe Music and film
      Epic Music Universe Music and film

      I can’t believe that no one has done this one yet but I believe it will be a good one and a three part story as well

  • turgle

    "Yoda enters Sidious's room with three Jedi masters..." Hmm... where have I seen this before?

  • Potato God
    Potato God

    When Plo Akon and Obi Wan box anakin like a fish

  • aBerlin1945

    So Darth Jar Jar becomes the Emperor in the end? Plot twist!

  • Sarlude

    Palpatine: Execute Order 66. Clone Troopers: Yes m- *Windows Crash Sound* *ERROR_404*

  • Zod Jenkins
    Zod Jenkins

    you are really good at telling these stories!!

  • Jeffrey Coogan
    Jeffrey Coogan

    Ok! General Grievous I could definitely see. But Jar Jar Binks? LOL!!!

  • Jonny Hill
    Jonny Hill

    I doubt it would be over if they killed Palps. There would still be all those rabid clones trying to execute order 66, and the Imperial Navy would have leaders such as Tarkin who would absolutely not tolerate Bail Organa as Chancellor. Plus you would have all those pro-Palpatine senators that believed his lie that the Jedi committed treason. If anything the Senate would free Anakin from jail, coordinate with Tarkin as the new defacto leader, continue using the clones to hunt down the remaining Jedi, and depose of Organa (likely replacing him with Tarkin).

  • butch Bailey
    butch Bailey

    Maul would've had his empire ready by time luke and Leia got grown. The sith will never die. There's always someone in the shadows.... Shit look at jar jar....

  • The Beanie Guy
    The Beanie Guy

    Would've been epic in rise of skywalker for Jar-Jar to be with eternal and the most powerful Sith to ever live. But we got a character who died in the explosion of a base larger than a planet for him to say "I survived cuz cloning 'n' shit....also I'm a zombie from the walking dead"

  • Minecraft Gamer Kid
    Minecraft Gamer Kid

    Did you do this video what if anikan killed obi one of yo did not can you do it?

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