Mace Windu's Return in The Mandalorian Season 2 - Star Wars Theory
Alright, I know a lot of you miss the theories, and so do I. So here’s one that at first glance will make you roll your eyes, but by the end of this video, I think you’ll be able to see a lot of the plausibility of things.
The more I write this theory, the more it makes sense, but first we need to understand a lot of lore and backstory, so sit tight, and enjoy this one with me.
In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu fell out of the window, and we haven’t seen the Jedi Master since. We saw a figment of his return in one of the Vader comics by Marvel which I have full coverage on with voice acting, if you can call it that, now this Mace isn’t really Mace, it’s some weird fragmented animated version of him....can we say he’s truly dead?
In this theory video, I’m going to say he didn’t die that day. The theory I have behind this, is that we heard his voice speak to Rey in the rise of Skywalker. You’re probably thinking, well…that definitely means he’s dead, right?
Sure, maybe, but, how did he speak to Rey? If it wasn’t for Qui-Gon Jinn, no one would be a force ghost. Qui-Gon Jinn met with the shaman of the whills, now these were ancient powerful beings, almost like priests of some sorts. During Qui-Gon’s life, they taught him how to transfer his essence beyond death. However, due to his untimely demise, he wasn’t able to complete his training, therefore only able to manifest his voice as a ghost, and not his body, until much later near a new hope which can be read in the book from a certain point of view. In Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon’s force ghost speaks to Yoda, it was cut from the film, but it was dialogued in the deleted scenes and written in the original script. That moment on Polis Massa where Yoda is meditating during Padme’s labor, to which Bail Organa, the future adopted father of Leia, interrupts Yoda’s communication with Qui-Gon. Once Padme dies and obi-wan and Yoda speak, we learn that Qui-Gon is now Yoda’s master, who has taught him how to commune with him in the force. To Obi-Wan’s surprise, Qui-Gon is still very much around in the force.
So, where did he go? The Star Wars galaxy is huge, and it’s possible that he fled somewhere, or went in hiding, just like Yoda, Obi-Wan and the rest of the survivors of Order 66.
What if he went somewhere to some unknown planet in the unknown regions somewhere to hide and train more Jedi? What if he became a Mandalorian? Nothing would suit his scarred and recognizable face better than hiding under a helmet.
This leads me to my next theory, what if Mace Windu is in The Mandalorian? What if he shows up in season2 or 3 or more? Mace Windu was unbelievably powerful, so powerful that he went toe to toe with the Emperor.
Now, if Mace is alive, seeing him as a Mandalorian would not just be cool, it would fit a lot of the story for the Jedi that could help reunite the child with his species. There is no person in the galaxy that knows Yoda better than Mace Windu. He sat with him as second in command, and in some cases, first in command. Mace in a lot of ways, was the chosen one. He used the light and the dark, he was the master of his emotions, and he had surpassed all of his teachers as a young boy, growing to become the most powerful Jedi just before Anakin could see his full potential until he lost to OBiWan.
Let’s say Mando takes The Child to Ahsoka, and she eventually tells him of someone who can really show him the way to reuniting the Child with its species, pointing him to another Easter egg hunt throughout the galaxy, to Mace Windu.Mace could be laying low, perhaps growing his crops and training those who exhibited force powers at an early age. Perfecting his abilities and learning more about all aspects of the force, and eventually along the way, learning a ton from Yoda who communed with him, and Obi-Wan after their deaths. Perhaps even, coming across Luke Skywalker and learning of the fate of Anakin and the Emperor. Teaching Luke so much about his father’s youth.
This could be Mace’s return, this could be how Mace fits into the Mandalorian. So you’re probably saying, well ok, but what about his death…well…What if while the Mando is finding the path to Mace Windu, he is followed by someone notorious flying the Slave 1 ship and once he does leave Mace, with the information on where to reunite The Child with his parents, Boba comes to him. How poetic would it be if Mace Windu’s death came full circle, and what I mean is, Boba Fett finds him, and kills him, transcending him into the force…avenging his father, Jango.

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  • Xon Dinhh
    Xon Dinhh

    Seems like no one in Star Wars dies mace got electrocuted, maul got cut in half anakin lost his arm and legs

  • Nathanjacob04

    Mace Windu is my favorite Jedi, I’d love to see him come back. Here’s to season 3?

  • Just ok
    Just ok

    Nope 😔


    I remember when i was a kid I though Mace survived. Remember when anikin fell super high and survived. I’ll probably cry if i see mace come back.

  • Brave Sir Robin
    Brave Sir Robin

    I don’t like the idea that boba fett could kill mace. I think he should try, but they come to some sort of understanding.

  • Nikeshowman

    oof he was so close the person to train him was luke skywalker

  • janson mur
    janson mur

    This video did not age well

  • Reaper294

    umm,bring back mace just to have him killed off by the mandalorian?wth?If mace had survived he would be leading a resistence of a sort,an underground movement.He was more like a warrior monk in allot of ways and his closeness to the darkside could have shielded him from any attempts to find a jedi. How about instead of him being found to have survived...just to get disintigrated by the mando,He's alive and well and VERY POWERFUL.He reclusivly and in private trains jedi how to fight like grey knights,blending and harnessing both the light and the dark side.I believe this is how the force was supposed to be used in the first equal parts. You cant ever have a whole if you at war with yourself...jedi are no different then anyone else except there told not to be human by jedi masters.Maybe mace windu lived and is now very powerful and very much a grey knight.

  • Glenn Yates
    Glenn Yates

    Jedi's don't die when they fall from great heights. We've seen it more than once before. Disney was smart to bring back Luke in "The Mandalorian". They would be wise to bring back Mace Windu as well.

  • Adambe The Gorilla
    Adambe The Gorilla

    Maybe that’s why mace didn’t sense Anakins’ saber?? Qui gon was talking to him??

  • zac mallia
    zac mallia

    The boba bit is not true

  • hayystak

    Sounds like, what everyone can definitely agree on is that a fight is in order. Doesn’t matter who wins. Mace does owe Boba a scrap.

  • LSTgamingJye

    We still have season 3

  • Droid

    He would be SUPPER old but it would be so cool to see him (why have we NERVER HAD A FORCE GHOST OF HIM )

  • Droid

    Boba Fett AND Mace Windu ???

  • Shou Hanyun
    Shou Hanyun

    Idk. The sequels are a little bullshit so maybe Disney just messed up again

  • Oscar D'Alayer
    Oscar D'Alayer


  • Mando811

    After season 2 i think at some point mace will show in mando

  • Fade _Neo
    Fade _Neo

    I like the theory but...... slight problem.There isn’t gonna be a mandalorian season 3..... sooooo..... uhhhh...... sorrryyy.?.?.?.?.???

    • Charles Koone
      Charles Koone

      Actually, yes there is going to be a season 3. It will air sometime in 2022. But don't take my word for it! bump bump BUMP!

  • Szczypior

    I'm glad they didn't bring him back. Mace Windu should stay dead. He got enough development and there's still room for him to get stories without bringing him back to life. His death was iconic and had a huge impact. It's as if we brought Palpatine back to life (Disney trilogy isn't canon, but the Mandalorian could be. I don't want them to ruin it.) If we start bringing everyone back to life, character "deaths" won't ever have the impact they had before. They won't be meaningful. One of the best scenes in Star Wars-Mace Windu's death-will not be meaningful anymore Don't ruin Star Wars for fan service! Bringing Mace back would also be unfair for other important characters who will never get that luxury even though they have simmilar fan love. Take Count Dooku for example. I always felt like Count Dooku and Mace Windu were the perfect pair. They had equal power levels and equal levels of importance and fan recognition. Bringing Mace back would basically be shitting on Dooku just because he can't be brought back (if he were it would be super fucking ridiculous) Don't bring Mace back! At least not officially. Keep it for the fanfictions, they do the job incredibly well, but if he ever comes back in official Star Wars I will be incredibly disappointed and will never be able to enjoy the best Star Wars movie the same way again


    Awesome Theory

  • Dominik Rietveld
    Dominik Rietveld

    Season 3 maby?

  • Theo Wilson
    Theo Wilson

    I have a feeling that mace is going to be working boba

  • Theo Wilson
    Theo Wilson

    mace obviously survived the lightning if a dying man could (anakin)

  • Mandalorian

    Imagine being the most powerful jedi even more powerful than lord sidious just to get thrown out the.. *windu*

  • Poppins

    Just because Mace beat Palp it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s “more powerful” - sometimes you just get bested. Take sports for example, sometimes the team who is obviously the best loses, it’s just how shit goes sometimes.

  • Jonas N
    Jonas N

    It's less of a stretch to have a Jedi fall out of a window return, than having the Emperor explode in a Death Star reactor shaft and return. Hell, Darth Maul was cut in half, fell, and returned. Luke fell in Cloud City and returned. I'd take this theory one step further: Falling in Star Wars is a necessity to return!

  • Arafat Sadit
    Arafat Sadit

    Boba killing Mace face to face is the stupidest thing I've heard in all your theories



  • A Hanson
    A Hanson

    But it is surprising that he did not come back yet because Luke was zapped way more times and he was perfectly fine

  • Samuel

    I believe he survived but likely turned to the dark side

  • Sagittarius

    Season 3 finale maybe?

  • dakota collis
    dakota collis

    Wi was hoping mace was snoke that fell to the dark side after 66 but alas here we are 😔

  • Doris Riley
    Doris Riley

    I want to see him like earth nilalas only half gone and when a n inquizitor takes his lightsaber when he force chokes him and he is distort like clone wars maul then goes on a killing spree in which he is just mowing down imperial one by one and take bobas flame thrower and burns storm trooper to crisps and Vader him self duels him and just then windu throws an atat at this Vader begges for mercy when palente laughter can be heared it turns out Vader is an iqistor in disguise and a zombie like Palpatine finishers what he started

  • Sean Crane
    Sean Crane


  • Jed Fenske
    Jed Fenske

    My only thing about this theory is Mace dieing to Boba...kinda cheesey

  • raynemikael rubian
    raynemikael rubian

    Theory:mace windu is dead bc he talk to rey in rise of skywalker

  • MoloPowah

    LIAR!!! [in a jealous vader voice]

  • Blake Purdy
    Blake Purdy

    Got to the end. Great theory.

  • Erich Velichko
    Erich Velichko

    What if Mace Windu becomes a mandalorian, then Boba Fett finds him, and Mace Windu would have the mando armour, AND the purple lightsaber??

  • Owen Newell
    Owen Newell

    When this guy answers my questions he makes me have more

  • Ruztech Empire
    Ruztech Empire

    it wouldn't make any sence to the universe of star wars, it should not be a story based upon the actors decision, but the story thats written, this will be boring to watch because you know whats coming.

  • assaf alshochat
    assaf alshochat

    didnt Qui Gon's Ghost appeared in clone wars?

  • Briana Mills
    Briana Mills

    It would be amazing if Mace Windu returned, however, already too many Jedi survived the pergue.🤭🤭 BUT I don't hate the idea. I would love to see Windu return.

  • chilichabs

    boba is dead man he died in the return of the jedi he got eaten

    • Ed

      guess you haven't watched s2

    • Øne Four
      Øne Four

      Did you even watch season 2?

  • scott rowlands
    scott rowlands

    cool man love your vids may the force be with you.x

  • cheezi gameplay
    cheezi gameplay

    Lucas films confirmed that mace windu truly died after falling out of windu sooo this video dont have Canon meaning

  • warspell H.
    warspell H.

    having mace windu in the last episode of season 2 would be so much better than Luke Skywalker

  • Alexander Pryor
    Alexander Pryor

    Star wars episode 10 SPace WiDnu

  • Sage Animations
    Sage Animations

    mace looks like a fusion of mace and nick fury XD

  • Sus Spring ranger
    Sus Spring ranger

    Well it did not happen but there is a chance he will come in season three

  • Jonathan Seguel Vargas
    Jonathan Seguel Vargas

    The clown

  • Rory

    If he had survived, I don’t think it fits his character for him to have gone into hiding. I think he would have gone after the emperor and anakin.

  • Darth Yoda
    Darth Yoda

    Sadly no....


    I like this a lot. Personally I don't think Mace is dead there is no way someone that powerful would be killed by being thrown out a window. There is so much story potential if they do it right. Could really be some good content.

  • Philip Gregory
    Philip Gregory

    Please god, no. Stop bringing old characters back.

  • Robert Nurmi
    Robert Nurmi

    disneys star wars episodes are bad. I wouldnt speculate anything based on them.

  • T Dave Tech
    T Dave Tech

    I don't remember Mace talking to Ray? When did this happen!?

  • qwerdenkerXD

    How much better the ending of The Mandalorian would be if Disney brought Mace Windu back at the ending instead of Luke. I mean, they recycled many characters like Thrawn or Boba or Bo-Katan, so why not Mace Windu who is not dead for many fans.

    • Windy Jay
      Windy Jay

      Ikr, that would have been much more shocking. Everyone will still be shocked to this day. Not only that, Mace would have been better for Grogu since Mace knows how to control the dark side as he fights and when using the force. That is what Grogu needs. And he probably should have taught Anakin (jointly with a more sympathetic Jedi).

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World

    This theory is stupid af makes no sense at all lol 😂 looks like something a 5 year old would come up with

  • Obi-Wan’s Lair
    Obi-Wan’s Lair

    Me: Well that concludes him using a force push on the ground Mace Windu: Sup homies I’m back Audience: WHATTTTTTTTT

    • Obi-Wan’s Lair
      Obi-Wan’s Lair

      Also true

    • Obi-Wan’s Lair
      Obi-Wan’s Lair

      Yeah that’s good one 😆😆😆

    • Windy Jay
      Windy Jay

      more like: Audience: We have been expecting you Master Windu

  • Vyse Arcadia
    Vyse Arcadia

    On the whole "is mace windu better than palpatine" point: Palpatine was losing to Windu's tactics. Palpatine is very smart though so he used his losing position to pretend a weakened state in need of Anakin's help. This is quite true because Palpatine says the famous line "unlimited power!" which suggest that he was never weak to begin with, he was only outplayed in combat by Windu. To truly push Anakin to help him, he used his force lightning directly at Windu, knowing it would be shot back at him *and did not stop* (that last point is important) so that the risk of his own death would really make Anakin choose to save him because at the time, he thought he would need him to save Padme. _So is Mace Windu better than Palpatine?_ In direct combat, yes. _Did Palpatine fake his weakness?_ yes. So therefore, Mace Windu is stronger in a direct combat situation while Palpatine is stronger in an underhanded situation.

  • BuzzMast3r

    If only

  • Nicole Horobec
    Nicole Horobec

    Hes not in the season 2

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    Maybe season 3 bud

  • Shubham Narayankar
    Shubham Narayankar

    So, I thought we weren't supposed to put spoilers in video titles!

  • Ola Vasbotten
    Ola Vasbotten

    Thats CAP

  • Mambo Kalunga
    Mambo Kalunga

    Mace windu will be the one that takes charge of the Jedi. Watch

  • Giga Chad
    Giga Chad

    You keep coming up with mace windu theory's but they never happen....that should tell you something

  • James Allen
    James Allen

    How tho he died

  • Ricky Marcantel
    Ricky Marcantel

    Please let Windu stay dead as he should be. The character was is a total Mary Sue! Windu offered ZERO in substance and I actually cheered with Sidious offed him. The only highlight to Rots

  • Jaxog Fantom
    Jaxog Fantom

    Sadly It did not have him😭

  • Darin Preston
    Darin Preston

    Mace's short game is better than the Emperor's, but Palpatine plays the long game (expert planning) better than anyone.

  • alanzeus1

    Like the theory great idea, and would love mace to come back, the boba theory no chance mace would destroy him.

  • rainz 4
    rainz 4


    • rainz 4
      rainz 4

      @Jon Coral okay

    • Jon Coral
      Jon Coral

      It was uploaded before the season was released

  • Donald Pump
    Donald Pump

    If Mace had spent the years training, then how the fuck would Boba defeat him? Even before this theoretical training, Boba would not stand a chance, the man fired 5 shots at Mace and was decapitated. Though, I do agree, that if we see the sequels as cannon, then Mace is alive and he was taught the power to communicate from death by Yoda and/or Qi-Gon (I say "If we see sequels as cannon", because there are so many things in the sequels that don't add up with the older movies + they are trash standalone from the rest of star wars cannon or not).

  • Kai Mikel Graham Ornelas
    Kai Mikel Graham Ornelas

    Ok bruh who is edo tenseing these dudes? First boba fett which we though was obviously dead and now mace windu?

  • Tyler Rice
    Tyler Rice

    Wouldn't you think Yoda or obi wan would have felt a disturbance in the force when Mace died?

  • ?Sunset?

    Well it was boba fett not windu

  • Gaming Norwegian
    Gaming Norwegian

    Im really wondering if "Mace Windu" is an inside joke... Since Mace died falling out of a damn window, and "vindu" means "window" in Norwegian.

  • Daryl Crawford
    Daryl Crawford

    The tidy engineering naively mug because united kingdom chiefly thank in a entertaining litter. defeated, abaft plywood

  • Joe Leasure
    Joe Leasure

    It would be a great climax for the Boba Fett show for sure. I dig it.

  • Paul Cimino
    Paul Cimino

    I wish he did show up but instead we got grandmaster Luke skywaker but I’m not complaining

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz

    Omg he is not in the mandalorion I watched all the episodes

    • FSH_Rl

      It was before season 2 was released

  • pus pus
    pus pus

    i think Mace speaking to Rey in episode 9 can be more easily be explained by Disney cheaply adding more emotional effect without consideration of the lore...

  • mannywitdathoodie

    He got cooked 😂 Lmfao

  • TylerEclipse

    When the theory came full circle, I got chills. Straight up chills

  • Ashton holmes
    Ashton holmes

    4:05 "Or went into hiding" "what if he went somewhere to some unknown planet" What if he went to the planet that baby yoda is from? He could train all the yodas. He'll have an army of Yodas at his disposal (lol)

  • GhostyClone Trooper
    GhostyClone Trooper

    ‘Cooked a little bit’ 😂

  • Kye Hosking
    Kye Hosking

    legend has it mace window is still falling, this window theory has been about for so long seems to gaining attention more n more lately, tbh we need him back, old with a walking cane on a planet like dagobah, where grogu rocks up in an x-wing asking to restart the jedi council running and jumping with old man windu on his back ;) however i feel maybe an altercation between boba and windu to make boba rethink his ways would fit better than wiping out each other

  • Fat Thor
    Fat Thor

    too bad I will not be able to see it

  • Bradyn Oken
    Bradyn Oken


  • Zes

    no such thing as fascinate or transcend etc about kill, no killx

  • Nathaniel Ternent
    Nathaniel Ternent

    Anyone actually seenthe end of mando season 2? lol. Pretty cool theory tho

  • Tiago João Pereira
    Tiago João Pereira

    I come from the future to say: "This not happen"

  • Jklmnopski

    Star Wars characters who have fallen to their “death” but survived: -Darth Maul -Luke Skywalker (on Cloud City) -Boba Fett -Emperor Palpatine Therefore, Mace Windu’s survival is highly probable.

    • Kronkey

      Well palpatine died but transferred his soul into a clones body

    • Jklmnopski

      There’s also Obi-Wan Kenobi on Utapau.

    • Tyler Brown
      Tyler Brown

      I can see it

    • Julian Hernandez
      Julian Hernandez

      Underrated comment.

  • A Lake :/
    A Lake :/

    To be honest i think he wouldnt survive, He is my conclusions, He is some what old, but very powerful, But 1st of all, He got his hand chopped off, Than Palpatine would keep shocking him for a full blown min, Fell out of a huge building, and IF he was still alive order 66 would already be taken place, so there was no way for windu to escape the clones, since he was wounded really bad.

  • Lucas Payne
    Lucas Payne

    dude in the last episode of the mandolorian Luke takes him

  • DreamWeaver420

    Speaking on the video at the end, I like it 👌

  • Mohammad Khalid A Awlia
    Mohammad Khalid A Awlia

    0:38 "Mace windu fell out the window'' lol

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