The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted!
Check out Tom Brady's draft story!
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  • Charles Drake
    Charles Drake

    G.O.A.T. period

  • Richard Stoddard
    Richard Stoddard


  • Tom Baker
    Tom Baker

    So much to learn from Tom Brady and his approach to his work....also a shout-out to Drew Henson for his wise words and humility with some tough questions. Go Blue.

  • Linda Young
    Linda Young

    Omg Brady #TB12 worked hard and earned everything he is and has!! The 🐐... People can say what they want about him but damn he's a legend already and still kicking ass!!! So glad he came to Tampa Bay Buccaneers!! 💖

  • Hooks Fishing
    Hooks Fishing

    edit the title 😂

  • Jamel Piclit
    Jamel Piclit

    He looked like Sam Wenchester when he's younger..

  • Steve Hoang
    Steve Hoang

    The only mistaked the Patriot make was select Tom in the sixth round, they should select him on the seventh round so he would stayed and gave them the seventh super bowl.

  • Artur Rofi
    Artur Rofi

    I would never have him in my team. Last comment I will ever make about Brady.

  • smashtoad

    Subtitle: The Talent Level of our Scouts is Garbage. Steve Largeant has entered the chat.

  • luca wells
    luca wells

    marc bulger underrated

  • Leo De Nardus
    Leo De Nardus

    For me.. to get picked at the 199 pick.. That's all I needed.

  • Никита Отдельнов
    Никита Отдельнов

    It is seriously astonishing how everybody missed him before Patriots took him. Imagine losing such a player? A point even more proven now, when just adding Brady to Bucs gave them their Super Bowl the same year.

  • AppleXTaku

    I'll be here til he wins his 8th superbowl

  • desecrator

    Luckiest QB in NFL history. Brady has had the world handed to him

    • Lola Jay
      Lola Jay

      Lol are you serious? if anything Peyton Manning got handed everything because his dad was a football player. Brady worked his ass off to get where he is. Did you even watch this video?

  • Mark T
    Mark T

    I was one of the 20% of Michigan fans at the time who knew Brady was the better QB than Henson and we did not forgive Lloyd Carr for screwing that season. Michigan was loaded with talent and could have won a NC had Brady played every game in full. Carr kept trying to force Henson in the 2nd quarters and almost every time, the offense would get bogged down. Then they would put Brady in to try to save the game. That was a bad coaching move by Carr.

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson

    41:25 is why Tom Brady is the greatest of all time in any sport

  • Harry Dawson
    Harry Dawson

    "What do they know? Sounds like Joe Montana to me" greatest tb12 line ever

  • Channel of Empowerment
    Channel of Empowerment

    Tom Brady’s a consistent player. Tom Brady’s a consistent player.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez


  • John Parker
    John Parker

    Im glad my Green Bay Packers are the ONLY team in the NFL that are Community-owned by the football fans of Wisconsin instead of a GREEDY private owner who sells out his fans by moving the football team to another city and state for MORE money and a better stadium deal such as it happened to Oakland and San Diego who lost their football teams to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

  • Alexander Kostan
    Alexander Kostan

    He went to “MEEECCHIGAN” University of Michigan!!!! But little does anybody realize there is seven time Super Bowl champion was the sixth round 199 overall draft choice in the 2000 NFL draft and he was overworked because of his skill level but he quickly proved it to everybody that he would be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and he deserves every achievement that he has earned, he is truly a hard-working person and he will not quit and I got a chance to meet him when I was very young and he was a very nice young man and I was super young I was about seven or eight years old and I was going to Wolverines games with my dad and Tom Brady was a great quarterback at Michigan and I believe that he deserves the title “The G.O.A.T”

  • Ole Wittemann
    Ole Wittemann

    But He is the Best of All time for ever because He is tom brady 2 -3 hall of fame caŕrier

  • SuperJohn12354

    Gets knocked down easily..... but always gets back up

  • Moroj Killer
    Moroj Killer

    Makes you wonder how many players that could have been like Tom Brady got passed over.

  • Snapz05

    Chills watching this video

  • Amplings TB1
    Amplings TB1

    That got me near the end, I thought he was not going to be drafted and never play football again.

  • Channel of Empowerment
    Channel of Empowerment

    Tom Brady has hunger 👊🏾💥

    • Channel of Empowerment
      Channel of Empowerment


  • Channel of Empowerment
    Channel of Empowerment

    ‘I’m the best decision this organisation has ever made.’

  • Vincent Nee
    Vincent Nee

    This was a very poor Quarterback draft!!!!!

  • Pablo Morles
    Pablo Morles

    who else has to watch this for school

  • Fandog Plays
    Fandog Plays

    5:37 you sure about that buddy

  • Ian Marsden
    Ian Marsden

    Lol 198 guys picked before him. If your job is finding talent for your team and you thought 198 guys would serve your team better than this guy then you are in the same league as the A&R guy who turned The Beatles down.

  • Sharath Chandra T
    Sharath Chandra T

    They should change the title to "The GOAT's Journey - Part 1"

  • name nome
    name nome

    44:58 Spergon spitting facts 7

  • Jacob Garrett
    Jacob Garrett

    3... yeah about that one

  • Channel of Empowerment
    Channel of Empowerment

    They KEEP FIGHTING! Tom Brady keeps FIGHTING!! 😃👊🏾

  • Daniel Hopkins
    Daniel Hopkins

    In a parallel universe: Richest man Worldwide is the founder of T.B. insurance: Tom Brady

  • Raphael Nuguid
    Raphael Nuguid

    Spergon Wynn “he would have some sort of success even if he didn’t go to New England” You’re right about that now.. 7th ring

  • My Other Car Is A DeLorean
    My Other Car Is A DeLorean

    Oldest QB in the league and gun slinging fools like it aint no thang. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck is younger and crippled.

  • Folzy Bear15
    Folzy Bear15

    Most of this is with Brady for good reason. Even now I still don't know what SF was thinking with Carmazzi, but I understood the Jets with Pennington. Same with some others. I don't blame Henson for his career decision. He probably cost him a lot of money in hindsight but to go to the expansion Texans might have been a major struggle too. But good on Brady to do everything to overcome the underdog label to do what he has done. But a bit unfair tbh to go on about the others when other teams make the decisions. You just hope mainly the players afterward live good lives like Martin and Wynn have done.

  • Paco A
    Paco A

    Geez so many ads

  • Ryan RJ
    Ryan RJ

    "One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time" no no, he is THE goat. Get your facts right

    • Ryan RJ
      Ryan RJ

      @Sharath Chandra T ahh right you are Harry. BGfix algo got me there

    • Sharath Chandra T
      Sharath Chandra T

      This video was done 10 years ago

  • Drew Wassmuth
    Drew Wassmuth

    He had psycho Tom look in college too

  • Nicholas

    8th 9th more 10th SB RING "I want to feel like I'm the best QB for this TEAM."

  • G.V. Fit Ma'son
    G.V. Fit Ma'son

    Nothing But Respect for the Football GOD Tom Brady

  • Johnson91

    Imaging so many Tom Brady Documentary xD Its because everytime everyone thinks hes done, but then he gets another ring and a new docu is made

  • Toby White
    Toby White

    How many people watching this are insurance salesmen? Lol

    • J J
      J J

      Only you loser

  • Bruno Maciel
    Bruno Maciel

    So here we are, ‘21... after 7 SB titles.... definitely the GOAT

  • Only Human
    Only Human

    2021 might actually be Brady's first legitimate Super Bowl ring. They cheated in New England...

  • Cliff Richmond
    Cliff Richmond

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  • Michael Raad
    Michael Raad

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  • Scott Braun
    Scott Braun

    Watching Brady play at uofm I believed he would be a good nfl qb. Obviously didn't think he'd be the goat but I could not for the life of me figuee out why he fell to the 6th rd

  • RB26 350z
    RB26 350z

    “Let’s just make sure we get a good interest rate” LMAO

  • Wang Rowan
    Wang Rowan

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  • Taiai Lamb
    Taiai Lamb

    I still cry along with Brady talking about being scared of not being picked. You can hear his compassion, his love for the game. I’m just as proud as his parents for all Brady has accomplished.

  • Chris Houterman
    Chris Houterman

    “He has five goats”

  • s sc
    s sc

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  • Blake Spier
    Blake Spier

    Bro have you heard of this new series tea time with Gary and terry?

  • Jennny Smith LutLc
    Jennny Smith LutLc

    I have always room by your side. I miss box set tickets at the Red Sox. I could not get my device's to work

  • John M. Tiu
    John M. Tiu

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  • Jonathon Daniels
    Jonathon Daniels

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  • Rob Robinette
    Rob Robinette

    They need to update the film's "*Now 6" graphic to "*Now 7" Super Bowl wins.

  • taehoon oh
    taehoon oh

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  • Jake Czajka
    Jake Czajka

    Poor carmazzi only has 5 goats lol

  • Annabella Warren
    Annabella Warren

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  • Marsha Townsend
    Marsha Townsend

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  • S.C. AL
    S.C. AL

    I feel like Tom Brady had Michael Jordan’s personality but not the talent. He had to work and work to get where he was at.

    • Taiai Lamb
      Taiai Lamb

      Stupid comment!!! No matter what sport you’re in you will always have to work hard to get where you want to get. There’s no quarterback out there like Tom Brady. He’s the only G.O.A.T of the game & his 7 rings shows that. NUFF SAID!!!!

  • Bruce Broussard
    Bruce Broussard

    More rings than the 6..

  • Bruce Broussard
    Bruce Broussard


  • yrkb jwe
    yrkb jwe

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  • Andrew Cinque
    Andrew Cinque

    bradys the goat my mom loves him and da gronk man

  • Daniel Lord
    Daniel Lord

    This whole story can be distilled into a single quote credited to Einstein but no one is certain: "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." But in the absence of being able to count what counts, the NFL counts what can be counted despite its irrelevance. We see this flaw in human nature again and again...even in the choice of our current president.

  • Zachary Torgerson
    Zachary Torgerson

    Does chad Pennington look like Jared Goff before Jared Goff

  • Milliondollar Jo
    Milliondollar Jo

    No Tom its a chip alright ever since the draft. GOAT

  • Antonio Lau
    Antonio Lau

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  • Carl Wolfe
    Carl Wolfe

    This whole documentary could just be titled "Whoops! I didn't draft Tom Brady"

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  • Jim Huddle
    Jim Huddle

    Not even one of the top 10 QB's. Could never stand up to the beating the really good QB's had to endure. Won't even go into the cheating at N.E.... Yeah, I hate him and proud of it! LOL!

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • Babs & the wrecking crew
    Babs & the wrecking crew

    If this doesnt prove that their whole lives are scripted and planned in advanced and these guys are born into their situations i dont know what does/ who just has a interview when they are "6" years old laying around?

  • Ifeoma Anagbogu
    Ifeoma Anagbogu

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  • John L
    John L


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  • Cosmic

    New documentary in the works, "The Brady 7". 7 Superbowls baby!

  • Trude Hunnicutt
    Trude Hunnicutt

    He may be the GOAT but I'm sick of him. How is he getting PPP loans?! Dispicable.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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